999 – Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors


Nine people have been kidnapped by a mysterious person called Zero and are forced to participate in a survival game called the “Nonary Game”. Each player has a bracelet numbered 1–9, which they must use to pass through doors numbered 1–9 to reach the exit before 9 hours run out and the ship in which they are in sinks. Various puzzles must be solved in order to advance through the ship and reach the exit, while uncovering the mysteries behind the Nonary Game.


In honour of me buying Zero Escape – Virtue’s Last Reward (I’m waiting for it to arrive, so excited and so scared, because I bought it second-hand and I always feel stressed about people deceiving me) I decided I should give my ~honest~ opinion about this game. Spoilers alert!!

First of all, I really dig it. The 2D art is really cute, without being too sugary for my tastes, and there’s a good amount of blood there to contrast with the colourful anime art. And I have no shame admitting I saw a walkthrough, just for the doors, to get each ending. My first ending was the Axe one, and it really riveted me. Seeing sweet, cute, pink Clover going all bat-shit crazy, was the best thing ever. In fact, if I’d followed what most people say to get the Knife ending first, I’d feel pretty let down. The Knife ending simply is too vague, too meh for my tastes. Having peeps go all crayzor is the best feeling. That and blood.

For some strange reason, I don’t remember the music, nor did I pay much atention to it. I think it definitely did its job, though it did sound a bit too repetitive and annoying at some points, or maybe that’s just my faulty memory working its miracles.

Look at da Lotus boobs~

Ah, yes, the puzzle parts…No shame, I went to see walkthrough to a bunch of them. I was just like “wtf, I have no clue what numbers + items I’m supposed to do, whaaat.” and it made me happy. There, I said it. I tried my best to do those I understood, I understood all of them but I’m pretty fail-y at anything Math, and as much as possible, I did them without help.

I was pretty ambivalent to the cast, specially because they screamed cliche at me, but once it got going, I admit to shed some tears at Ace’s sacrifice (and felt like a sucker for crying after we went back to get him), I really liked Snake and got pretty sad for him dying on that bathroom. Clover became one of my faves after the Axe ending, though I did become uber wary of her crazyness xD Lotus downright surprised me, pity she had such a meh backstory. Really, belly-dancing and computer whiz, yet she has the depth of a wood block.

I usually guess in most books who the villain is, who’s behind it and so on. I must admit it becomes obvious who it was after a couple endings, but I didn’t expect June to be that cold, dayum. Though, I do admit that ending was completely mindblowing. Specially, when the sudoku puzzle comes. Man, that one I was simply shocked into hell. It was glorious, dat ending <3~

I’m hoping VLR is every bit as good. I’m uber sad they went with 3D models, in a few years, it’ll look shoddy and low funds as heck (if it doesn’t already), but as long as the story, le meat~, is just as good I’m happy. I must admit to have gone and spoiled one part of the game, about the protagonist. But that’s because I was desperate to know more about the game, I didn’t have a Vita and so on. All da feels, man~ :C

Have you heard about this game before? Have you played it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!

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