Zero Escape – Virtue’s Last Reward


Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die, a visual novel adventure game, stars Sigma who wakes up in a warehouse after being kidnapped. Sigma must then play a series of games with eight other people in order to escape alive. Extreme Escape Adventure is described by the developers as a game of betrayal.


Finally received the game, woohoo!!

I platined the game, yahoo! Murders, blood, peeps going crazy, everything I’ve come to expect <3~

Also, the game corrected all the faults that 999 had. Which were:

  • You had to replay the game since the beginning. VLR has a flow chart, which you can click and it’ll JUMP right to the moment you have to choose! At any time!
  • You don’t have to replay the puzzles bajillion times. VLR has a system, which I’m loving it!, where you do the puzzles and then you get the passcodes. Once you get those passcodes, it’s SAVED on your Archives FOREVER! That’s so fucking awesome! Couple with the Flow Chart, it’s like WOOHOOO. Though the passes ARE randomized for every single save, so if you delete your save and restart, the passes never stay the same~
  • You know exactly on which route you’re, because of the Flow Chart, and you don’t have to guess or try at random to get the endings.
Dem typos~
The game had a bunch of typos, but who cares?

Now, I was a bit sad that VLR went with 3D models when it was unveiled. I found the DS game so charming, and it couldn’t go wrong without voices and 3D. But, since I’m playing the European version which only has the Japanese voices, I’ve found both the voices and quality of acting is superb. AND the 3D models are really pretty nice. It felt pretty seamless, the transition from 3D into 2D, which happened a couple times, and done flawlessly. There were some scenes where it was static 3D for scenes, but even those gave a sort of charm and vibe to the game, in the end I liked all of it’s art direction~

Virtue's Last Reward (6)

It was interesting to see the 3D models acting as sprites – flapping lips, blinking, moving. The game clearly showed a higher budget than 999 had, and really made up for it. Not only in terms of scope, 30h of a game if you er -coughcheatcough-, as in terms of quality of voices, superb, and backgrounds and models.

Virtue's Last Reward (1)

One thing the game didn’t 100% solve from 999, is the whole ‘pixel-hunting’ aspect. I was in Gaulem Bay, tearing my hair out, when I had to go to youtube and discovered I had to CLICK on a specific part of the bottom screen, or you would only go to the top part. And I’d tried so many times to go down, aaaarrgh. But it’s all good, that rarely happened, though I must say the puzzles were freaking hard. My God, I refused to let it change to easy, but my brain also refused to work, so I had to use a walk for a bunch of late game puzzles which were infuriating.

<img class=”wp-image-140 size-large” src=”; alt=”Luna Indeed it was, the puzzles murdered my brain cells ;_; Also Luna ❤

The music is really good, it really gave so much atmosphere and adrenaline, it was reminiscent of 999, but felt with better quality and production values, and never got boring nor repetitive~

<img class=”size-large wp-image-142″ src=”; alt=”Plenty of DEATH, as usual~ Plenty of DEATH, as usual~<3

Now, I was a pretty desperate housewife, in this case gamewife?, and I’d spoiled some stuffles about the game way back, 2 years ago, when I was dying to play the game. I didn’t feel like it detrimented me, heck, I think it would’ve made the game even better, but it was such a ride, an amazing ride at that, that I couldn’t possibly feel anything was against it.

What is even this? I agree ._.
What is even this? I agree ._.

I started crying at Tenmyouji’s End, it brought such humanity and feels with it. Heck, I felt like that toward the whole game, where the characters felt so…human, and even their backstories never felt like melodrama. It was masterfully done~

Luna became my favourite character. Her End devastated me, so much, her voice actress killed it. I just couldn’t stop it, the onion cutters did good on me, my feels got so messed with like putty.

The little runt!
The little runt!

Now comes the part where I have to ‘rage’. For a lack of term, of course. The game was AMAZING, everything was better and perfect and so awesome. Clover was a dumb bimbo, but I can ignore it, Clover was not my fave char of 999. But, the thing that made me feel bitter is the fact…the game ends with “End or Beginning.”

Now, I understood why. The game was massive as it was, fully plot driven, and never letting on. But, it ended open ended, heck it ended where I suppose would the 3rd game start off from it.

Virtue's Last Reward

But nope, for now there’ll be no 3rd game since the games didn’t sell very well in Japan, and so it’s 3rd installment got cancelled/put on hiatus/not greenlit. Sigh. I hope the 3rd game is indeed made, even if so because the West received these games so well, and we love them. Besides, Spike Chunsoft is definitely one of my fave game makers. They did 999, VLR, Danganronpa – all extremely good, and nice games. Even their drpgs, Conception 1 and 2, are fun and interesting. Perhaps not the best rpg’s, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The one and only~
The one and only~

I hope this love letter reaches the Morphonogetic Fields, and 4th Dimension, and shapes the future installment into being :p

If you’ve played VLR till the end, all the endings and so on. This is a good read: VLR Q&A

It's the exit to this rant~
It’s the exit to this rant~

Have you heard about this game before? Have you played it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!

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  1. My only reaction, really, is that the blood splatter in that screenshot of death(s) looks so odd. lol. And the graphics aren’t my cup of tea, I guess.


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