Digital Devil Story – Goddess Reincarnation


Jusho High School’s student body is divided: the gifted versus the normal. Akemi Nakajima, one of the gifted, is assaulted by one of the normal students, Kondo Hiroyuki. Battered and bloody, Nakajima decides to finish his Demon Summoning Program to exact his own revenge. What follows are the consequences of playing with demons…

from GR

Atlus based their Shin Megami Tensei series on this book, at least the first book was an adaptation of sorts. I’ve always been curious what birthed Atlus into being what they are, since I will not play that game because a) no IOS or Android device and b) I’m not going to emulate uber old games.

I’m not sure if Atlus followed everything 100%, I read the fan-translation, available on the blog of the guy, that got transformed into an epub. I found it in epub, loaded my Sony PocketReader, and there I went into the waves of 80‘s story.

I’d read the comment of the translator, of the fact it was very much a sub-par story, for beer and pretzels. I found it was wayyyy above that, it has potential and it isn’t scared of shocking and fucking with your ideas.


I was particularly smitten with the fact the main character goes from innocent, to evil, to repented. It was glorious seeing the bullied turn into the bully, that fucks up in the end and has a mess to clean up afterwards that may just cost his life and the ones he’s fond of. I have no clue if Atlus actually even put any of the ‘demon mindrapeing’ going on, or even the cannibalism. If they did, then they are my champions~<3

But, I doubt it. Considering how old the game is, and the mentalities of then and even of now, I’m positive some stuff was sugar-coated, painted nicely. After all, Aya Nishitani brook no punches in describing the demons, the deaths, the blood, the biting of a female student to the death…It was lovely~

I quite like when stories are not afraid, and just simply are, I think they have a charm that ‘politically’ correct stories can never hope to achieve, or maybe I’m biased ’cause I like blood, guts and swearing, lmao.

The 3rd Book

It was also a very nice perspective to the whole Izanami and Izanagi story, it wasn’t anything mindblowing plot wise, though I’m sure back then it was da shit, but it was definitely a really enjoyable book~

The only thing that makes me a sad puppy is the fact the 3rd book is not fan-translated, so I’m iffy about reading the 2nd book and it not having an ending and getting fucked up over it :C

Have you heard about this book before? Have you read it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!

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