Corpse Party


A group of high school students stayed after school to tell ghost stories. After a good scare one of them revealed that she is going to transfer school, everyone got sad but then another one told them there’s a spell to make them always remember each other. Then everyone agreed to do it, each person hold a part of human-shaped paper and to pull it at the same time.One, Two, Three! They pulled it together and about to went home but soon after something like earthquake happened and all blacked out.

When they woke up they found that some of them are missing but that’s not all, the school became a ruin and they couldn’t get out. Then they noticed that they are not even in the same school anymore and there is something lurking in the dark school not wanting them to leave…


I played this a while back, and I didn’t finish 100% but I dunno if I will (I might), and I went into this knowing it was horror, or at least fucked up, and a visual novel with some adventure elements. Which was pretty okay in my book, I like visual novels and I do not know Japanese (trying to fix that takes time, yo) so I went into this feeling pretty good.

It didn’t disappoint me, at all, but it also didn’t wow me as much as I thought it would :V

My own fault for having expectations after loving the shit out of 999 and Ace Attorney (which I need to talk about too, but one thing at a time gdi). 999 really wowed me, and messed me and my feels. Ace Attorney was so funny and enjoyable, and when the time came, really hit me in da feels. Corpse Party was good, but for some odd reason, I did not get very attached to the characters.

I really liked the art, specially when the characters started going crazy (yahoo~) and getting all possessed and crap. And the whole pixel blood/gore was surprisingly effective, not to make me sick, but I really dig it.

I think the best part is definitely the fact it’s so suspenseful, looks are deceiving, and you never know what’s gonna happen next. It had a really good tension to it, though some ‘mini-games’, if you can call them that, really annoyed me :V I kept getting killed by the dumb kid when I tried going to the lever, and that fucking pedobear crayzor was like chasing me everywhere. But, I liked the game, really I did. Hope I don’t sound like I’m shitting all over the game, ’cause I definitely am not, at all!

I’m definitely very open to the game, and I really want to play the sequel, and I know there’s the Vita game too, and the one which is romance and the one for PC, and I wanna play them all. The game definitely intrigued me, and I think it has a lot of potential to really go above and beyond, but some characters were really just flaky and did nothing for the story. So, that’s that.

I definitely liked it, enjoyed it, went to the end of it and am thinking of trying to catch all the CG’s and do all the extra stories to get more depth of the game (which is saying a lot, ’cause of my chronic *starts all da games, finishes none* syndrome), which is a big thumbs up from me. Just not as big as I expected. Curse me and my expectations, I should never get into the hype train dammit D:

Have you heard about this game before? Have you played it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!

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