Book Recommendations #0


So I think this would be a good little nifty thing. I’m intending to do one for cartoons, anime, manga, comics. And not just one for each, either. I find those are so limited.

Instead, the ones I consider 4-5 stars I’ll talk a bit about them, what they’re about and why I liked them.

It’ll be any genre I read/watch, and not straight either. I’ll put a M/M or a F/F in those cases. My links will direct to GoodReads, or to MyAnimeList. I am in no way affiliated, getting paid to, nor 

So let us begin.

  1. Darren Shan’s: Demonata, Bec – My favorite book was definitely Bec, the third book but that can be read as first or second, since the first three books are focusing on a specific different character. Demonata is about demons, the demon realm, but it is also about humanity and sacrifice. Shan doesn’t skimp on gory details, on killing characters, nor in horrifying demons.
  2. Rachel Caine: Weather Warden, Ill Wind – Fast paced, kick-ass female protagonist that is on the run? Yup, approved. This first book, to me, ended perfectly and all the ones following it got shorter in what I wanted out of it. Jo became little more than a glorified Deus Ex, and all the things happened to her. Stay by this book, specially if you loved it and felt it was complete. It is, ignore the rest.
  3. Markus Zusack: I Am the Messenger – He’s better know for the Book Thief, I haven’t read it. This book came at a time when I needed to hear its message, and it’s the journey that truly counts. Ed doesn’t really have prospects in life until he becomes a hero. From then on, he receives missions to help people in need in his town. People he knew, from sight, but had never interacted. It’s a story about heart, and what is around us.
  4. L. Frank Baum: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – I know, I know. We’ve all seen the movies and heard what’s it about. Except we didn’t. The book is so much more. it’s graphic, bloody and violent; it doesn’t shirk from it. The Emerald Town really isn’t, and more than just a tale about finding courage or heart, it’s about standing up for your beliefs and demand more than you are given.
  5. Juliet Marilier: Sevenwaters, Heir to Sevenwaters – This series is spotty to me, thank heavens they aren’t so connected you can’t get into it from the beginning. This book, to me, was the one I really liked. The other before this one, felt so-so. Intriguing, but didn’t live up to my expectations. This one blew it out of the field. Why? Clodagh is human. No powers, no mysticism, no fighting person. A regular girl that is used to do house-chores, she’s good at sewing and cooking and cleaning. Clodagh, though, is the only one that notices that her brother got changed by something other and she enters the Otherworld to retrieve him back. Without powers, without needing to be special, because what’s truly special is her heart and fierce need to put everything right.
  6. Scott Westerfeld: Midnighters – He’s better know for his Uglies, perhaps because of the whole “controversy” that he “stole” the plot of Persona 3 (he didn’t!), but to me this is the series that made me remember his name. Each book gets better than the other, the characters gain so much and grow with each book. 2, specially, made me fall for the “side” characters and expanded the world.
  7. Ursula Le Guin: Earthsea – Wizard of Earthsea was hard to get into, admittedly. The first…3 chapters felt like I was swallowing cotton, it was confusing and bewildering. It took me a couple tries to really do it, once Ged reached the school, it flowed and enchanted me and gave me so many feels. The ending was perfect too.
  8. Mario Puzo: The Godfather – The movies are classic, but the book should be read if you are a fan of the movies.

Have you heard about these books before? Have you read them? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!

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