Shifting Gears


I’ve disappeared for a while. I got bored of Android games and I didn’t feel like talking the games I was gaming. Also I find I’m not the type to want to review a thing but more give my opinion/my thoughts on it without going into major details unless I’m deeply passionate and even then… I’m a woman of few words, so I decided to shift the focus of this blog to a thing I’ve been thinking seriously since December.

There’s a lack of blogs cataloging the difficulty and/or requirements for playing games, particularly otoge (otome games), and since I started and finished my very first game, I think it’d be a nice thing.

I don’t promise to be punctual or prolific, which are both things I am not, but I do promise I’m making one about Amnesia.

I have been toying with it since I finished it in January.

One of the things is I do not have are screenshots, and what I had was from taking photographs. So this is pretty much going to turn into an almost no pretty artwork, and just whatever I say.

I’m going to be editing/changing my profile and such to reflect this change.

Happy new year and good goings to everyone! ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.


  1. If you don’t know how to upload screenshots on the vita all u do is press start and the ps button on the left next to the screen. then plug it into ur computer or ps3 and upload.

    I really appreciate that you take into consideration teh difficulty of language barriers. I really wish more ppl did this and I will definitely be coming to ask you about certain games if possible! ^^


    1. Sad thing is I don’t have a PS3 or working laptop (┳Д┳)
      So I decided use good quality covers for the posts, and I don’t really like sharing CG’s to start with either, so it’s fine (○´3`)ノ
      Ah thank you so much, that’s exactly what I felt! I searched everywhere and nobody would tell me games when I specified my needs. I actually got recommended Starry Sky as my first game in JP ages ago but I couldn’t play it because I didn’t understand anything. It was frustrating and I quit a bunch of times thanks to it ^^’
      Right now I’m not much help for questions, but I’ve only really played Amnesia in JP, but I definitely hope in the future I can, and pave the path for other learners without as much frustration! ~(^з^)-☆

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      1. Ah I see. Still, it’s fine cuz screenshots don’t make a blog-it’s how you write it;)
        Not at all haha! I also was recommended that but since I don’t have a japanese 3ds or a psp, I have to wait for the vita release. And there’s no planned release STILL lol
        Uta Pri is supposed to be an easy game too. And Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s side. Though the kanji are hard to read bc it’s a ds game but it has voice acting.
        No you are definitely a lot of help! We’re all beginners in this and I really wish I’d found you sooner. We can encourage and motivate each other and as long as we do so, we should continue to make progress^^


        1. Screenshots do make everything prettier and more professional, I make do with covers and their variations, they’re super pretty ~(^з^)-♡
          I have a PSP and a DS, I haven’t bought 3DS because of the region lock. I’m waiting for Nintendo to release a new portable and hoping it’s region free. If it isn’t I won’t buy, simple as that >_<
          Oof, I've read UtaPri you need to understand because there's a lyrics composing you have to do/choose. It's in my backlog (my backlog is big, so it's why I'm not entering into Vita territory. I do want to buy KLAP ;_; )
          Did you know Tokimeki Memorial Girl's side 1 to 3 got fan translated? The DS and PSP versions. I really like following that community, they're so passionate! They even translated Storm Lover Kai, which is so big from what I've read, and are now translating Brother's Conflict Passion Pink.
          If there was more localisation we wouldn't need to either learn a new language or wait for fans to translate :/
          DS is definitely murder for the eyes in terms of kanji. Give me PSP any day |°з°|
          Aw, thank you, you're making me feel all gooey and nice inside! ヽ(*´з`*)ノ
          Let's keep on learning! /cheer squad dance moves

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          1. I heard they got banned from Starry Sky and Bros conflict (0r that might be another group). I really wanted to try the game in Japanese on my own so that’s why I didn’t download the translation. If it’s a game I know won’t ever get translated, I might pick it up but I’ve the worst luck with viruses so I don’t 😛
            Well we won’t be getting many localizations due to buttheads not buying the ones that are localized and just stealing it.

            Lol the ds is insane with kanji and yes!!! We can do it! XD


            1. Starry sky spring has a full translation, the rest I have no idea.
              No, Brother’s is still getting it. It’s almost finished and evetyhing! I think maybe in 6 months or so it’ll come out haha
              I figure I’m learning Japanese for the game that won’t get translated, so I don’t feel bad if I play translations. Though since I don’t have a laptop, I’m stuck to my 3 consoles~
              Well Ozmafia is in preorder right now, and they did try Beast master. Mobile otome games are also really popular, so they’re clearly selling 😛
              There’d a few DS exclusive games I want to play but I’m not looking forward to because of the screen. Like the Ouran game ;_; and Fushigi Yuugi ;_;

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              1. Eh I’m not a fan of mobile games. I do like Shall We Date. Those ones are pretty good and the heroine usually has a face lol and personality. Voltage games aren’t my thing but there are some good ones too.
                I just preordered Ozmafia!!! You get 30% if you preorder so if you can do it! XD
                And omg you’re so right. That ds is a nightmare lolol


                1. I’m not a fan of mobile games. The free ones are so horrible with the ticket system. I haven’t played any paid ones, the whole buying each route is a bit money sucking for my tastes but I know girls very happy about them, so all the power to them!
                  Oh, I really don’t like the faceless MC trope >__< )
                  I have a DS Lite and really wish I'd gotten a bigger one, but it was cheap in second hand so I just went for it ^^'

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                  1. I agree but then again it’s what’s been informing other game companies about the interest in otoge. I just hope they don’t leave us with JUST mobile ones…
                    But Aksys at least seems onboard and isn’t afraid to give us girls games. I really like them for that.
                    Lol hey sometimes u gotta save $


                    1. I’m fine with mobile games if they’re good ports from console like Amnesia got one.
                      Aksys…I’ve heard so much polarizing on them I have whiplash /sobs
                      I really liked Sweet Fuse, my favourite otome game in English, but their Hakuoki translation wasn’t all that good (I found it boring and couldn’t even do more than one route but I’m planning on replaying the game to give it a fair chance but, dunno when x_x )
                      Then there was also the whole of Norn9 having a super shoddy translation and Code Realise having some minor problems. They’re track record is a bit all over the place. I wish Xseed brought otome games too, they’re pretty fearless and have an amazing localisation theme.
                      I’m actually really wary about Ozmafia, I want to see reviews about the translation before I commit (when I get a laptop).
                      I definitely need to save. I was going to buy KLAP, until I realised it was like 45€ digitally or 70 physical. So for now I’ll just focus on the PSP and hopefully buy KLAP when I’m better financially/raised money for it~ ~(^з^)-☆

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                    2. I hear you. Well they’re the only ones so far willing to do it so I support them. Not their shady norn9 translations but their previous works were good. Code might have issues but I honestly couldn’t complain. I adore it.
                      Same with Ozmafia but again, I want to support them. I’ll for sure make a review.
                      And lol try amazon. Otoges will be expensive but they usually aren’t bad. Amnesia world and memories are suuuuuper cheap in Japanese there.


                    3. I want to support very badly, and I do clap my hands at Aksys for trying! I remember that horrible Alice in the Heart translation Quinrose brought to Android ;_; I played the demo and got horrified. Some people bought that, I can’t even think how disappointed they must have gotten (◎_◎;)
                      I do want to support Aksys. When I get into money I’ll keep my eyes out on sales (we know they’ll happen when it’s the holidays ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) to nab them ~
                      I’m super happy Amazon got international shipping, but that price tag in KLAP is from Amazon sadly, ports to Portugal are high it seems (⌒_⌒;)
                      I have Amnesia Later to play, but tbh I don’t feel like it. I want to let time pass between both games~
                      I checked UtaPri Repeat there and it was super expensive compared to other websites, so I’m definitely wary and will only buy when it’s a good investment ~(^◇^)/
                      (nothing worse than me buying Virtue’s Last Reward at 25€ and then a week later it being 10€ and feeling like with those extra 15€ I could’ve bought another game ╥﹏╥)

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                    4. Oh I meant Amazon US they really have cheap otoge. Just type in the title of the game. Try sevearl games cuz some titles are more pricey than otheres.
                      Awwww sorry about that lol but if u can def get VLR. It’s really as good as ppl say it is.
                      And get Code Realize. Like srsly. Its super cheap on Amazon US right now. Like it’s amazing all the guys are lovable. And the heroine and story are great too!


                    5. Importing from US to EU is expensive too ;_;
                      I reviewed VLR back in 2014 and it’s one of my favourite visual novels. I specially liked the branching! It saved so many headaches!
                      One day I’ll buy it. I’ve been poked to buy the JP version, but I want to support the west side of things /pets
                      I’ve seen the art and it is amazing (´ε`*)

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                    6. Eh, Portugal isn’t that close to America and importing is expensive, be it from Japan or even other countries. Shipping + taxes hurt ╥﹏╥

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