Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God


To graduate from the magic academy, Pupuru has to retrieve the Madokyuu from the Mado Tower. However, instead of the relic, she finds a book full of curry recipes inside and releases Ku-chan, a strange creature. For this, she is suspended from school.

However, she isn’t the type to mope around, since a curry restaurant near the school is facing a crisis, she decides to use the recipes in the book to create Mado-Curry to save the restaurant, and for that, she needs four legendary ingredients.

But standing in her way is an evil lord determined to marry her, a jealous witch who sees her as a rival and perverted wizards and heroes.

From GameFAQS

You have a cute, pink sidekick; make delicious (and yucky) curry; meet perverts that like to get abused by the heroine…Sorcery Saga is a cute rogue lite visual novel hybrid that is charming and very, very cute. Seriously.

Nevermind that.

Moving on.

I bought it in the PSN store when it was on sale because it looked cute. That’s it. I knew very little besides the cover and the screenshots. I must say I liked all the characters and it was honestly funny + cute without devolving too much.

A problem:
This game hangs sometimes. It happened twice while I was on a dungeon and so lost my progress and items. It seems ridiculous they didn’t patch those hang ups, because outside that the game is solid and enjoyable.

I’m not one to like dungeon crawling or grinding.
Not to worry: there’s no grinding because of it’s a roguelike. The dungeon crawling was enjoyable, with a bit of difficulty but not entirely unforgivable.

Another thing:
The game was short. Sure I bought it at 11€ but when I think I bought Zero Escape for 25€ (2 weeks before it went on 9€ sale ORZ) that lasted me for 50 hours, while SS was only 8h? Yeah…

This game is enjoyable, I’ll give you that, but I didn’t do the extra epilogue/tower. The game was slowing down a lot there and it crashed once, so I didn’t feel like trying it again.
No matter how random the dungeons though, it’s not like there’s a huge variety of things besides starting to gather all the items and equipment.

Nobody got time fo’ dat, bitch. Or patience (・∀・)

Happy gaming and if you played the game, drop a note about your opinion! ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.

Have you heard about this game before? Have you played it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!

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