Emma is Approved


Emma Woodhouse, re-imagined as a bold, smart, idealistic, and audacious young female entrepreneur with an expertise in life coaching and matchmaking. Emma partners up with lifelong friend Alex Knightley, whose straight, logical, business mind clashes against Emma constantly, yet is exactly what she needs.


I didn’t really know what to expect because Lizzie Bennet had been low budget (and it showed, really), so I was really surprised and delighted at how wider and livelier this was from the outset.I watched The Diary of Lizzie Bennet halfway, stopped for a break because it’s a huge series and discovered this made by the same team (with different actors).

Mind you, completely helped by the lovely actress playing the role of Emma, Joanna Sotomura, that has so much camera presence. She’s beautiful, and I’m a sucker for cute and beautiful. It helped that the cast kept growing with each episode (unlike Diaries which until halfway was when they started bringing in anyone outside the sisters).

Mind you I’m not bashing shows, I liked Diaries it’s just after watching it, it was very refreshing to watch this because of how much more there was (from stages, actors, props, changes of place every episode).

I was completely riveted to Emma and binge watched to the end in a ridiculously small time. Helped by the fact it was not only finished, but fully and freely available in YouTube (which still are, and I adore this new format for shows!).

Each episode was from 5 minutes to 10, short but it goes to show how good writing doesn’t need to happen in drawn out 40 minutes episodes to be successful. Because let me tell you: the characterization happened and was on point for the characters, I grew to love them and care for them very quickly.

I’ve never read Emma, in fact must say I’ve only read Pride & Prejudice and Persuasion, so I didn’t know any twists. I saw comments that it was wonderfully actualized and was in fact following the story and cutting the drollness of the original.

I tried reading Emma after watching this show because that was how much I loved it: I wanted more of these characters. Sadly, very disappointing because the book bored me and I couldn’t continue.

Returning to the show: I must’ve watched the climax episode like more than ten times because of how perfect it was. The acting was ridiculously good and every single tear shed was so good. I give my utmost props to the whole team.

I really liked the ending, and how it was sweet but didn’t go over the top.

I definitely recommend people watch this: it’s short, beautiful, wonderfully acted, and you’ll fall in love just like I did (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Happy watching, everyone! (●♡∀♡)

Have you heard about this series before? Have you seen it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!


    1. Thank you! I like raising awareness for things I liked that aren’t very much talked about. I mean, yeah I could talk about big shows I liked but there’s so much content about them, I prefer to focus on things I really enjoyed and don’t see much support.

      I guess it’s that I’ve always rooted for under dogs and this is a really good show. Everyone knew the Lizzie Diaries, and went crazy over them, but I really did enjoy this one and got sad people skipped it.

      Once you watch I’d really love to see what you think! (Be it a post or a comment to me or on Twitter ❤ if you want to, of course!)

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        1. Lizzie Diaries is so big, why I stopped halfway because uh yeah, too much at once xD

          though I must say my favorite adaptation is the Keira Knightley one from 2004 because of Matthew M…something, he plays Darcy in such a cute way. (And he’s hot, his tighs! Oh my good lord, I stared forever. I rewatched just those scenes lmaaao)

          P&P is my favorite of hers, but I need to read more of her work /sweats because she hopes they’re not like Emma
          (Psst, secret: I don’t find Colin Firth attractive so I can’t for the life of me even watch the 90’s adaptation, even though fans say it’s the best ^^’ )

          No, I haven’t seen that one >_< is it good? Which book is it? XD

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          1. Lol omg^^
            And I have to agree with you on Firth. I watched it though and he made me swoon a little, so maybe give it a try if you’re bored?
            OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! North and South is based off the book by Emily Gaskell and dare I say Thornton is better than Darcy?


            1. The 90’s series is so big/long /weeps

              Interesting! My view of Darcy is very colored by Matthew/2004 one so he’ll always be so cute (and hot)~ I need to give a try then! ^^

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                1. !! ❤

                  Is it? I love reimaginations into the present like what Sherlock did, Emma Approved, so on. It feels refreshing to see it happen in a what if it was written/happened currently that I really enjoy.

                  Though for me period dramas have to be well done, or I'll get bored if they start dragging because I don't have much patience ^^'

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