Ensemble Stars


Ensemble Stars! is a touch-and-go, CCG game created by Happy Elements. Its main attraction is a Cast Full of Pretty Boys performing various idol activities and semi Otome-Game like features, and also a story involved as background to many of the cast.

From TVTropes

So I’ve been Love Live crazy since I discovered the app in Google store and today I decided to search for a male version of Love Live. Big mistake, I discovered a couple and I’m falling down the hole. I also had very dear enablers telling me names via Twitter. I’m blaming them! XD

Either way, I quickly discovered this game is not in fact like Love Live. It’s not a rhythm game at all, it’s a management just like Idolmaster. You’re tasked with training the idols, deciding which classes they take and can battle with others via stats of the cards you draw.

The game looks good, and I really liked the 3D models that moved and looked just like sprites but much more emotional. This game, however, does not have voiced dialogue and I did find it confusing to try to find where things were, but that’s just me.

To be honest, I’m going to desinstall the game because I installed it by mistake, I didn’t check the genre. Idol simulations where you train idols is not what I wanted: I just really wanted a rhythm game but with cute dudes to grace my eyes.

This game shows quality, and I couldn’t speak badly of it, it’s just really not what I wanted. If I ever get into simulation like that, you bet I’ll check this game again!

Until then, I’m clearing space and falling down the whole that is Ichuu (Aichuu) and Idolish7 that are in fact rhythm games like Love Live. I’ll make separate posts for those.

Happy gaming everyone! (●´∀`●)

Have you heard about this game before? Have you played it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!


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