Yume Oukoku to Nemureru Hyakunin no Oujisama(夢王国と眠れる100人の王子様, “The Dream Kingdom and A Hundred Sleeping Princes”) is a mobile game developed and published by GCrest.

The lands are plagued by dream-eating monsters known as yumekui (ユメクイ, “Dream Eater”); causing the princes of the many kingdoms to fall into deep sleep. You play the role of the Princess of Träumere and journey through the lands to awaken the princes in order to save the kingdoms.

From Yume100 Wikia

Is one of the games I downloaded thinking it was a rhythm game a la Love Live. It isn’t. It’s a cross between visual novel and RPG battles that are fought using bejeweled. I wasn’t expecting that, to be honest.

The art is pretty, but just like Ensemble Stars, the game sadly isn’t voiced at all. I’m not at a stage where I can just read text without help of audio, so that was a bit of a bummer. I’d have liked to understand what was going on more.

I do like bejeweled and I think it’s an interesting mix, but it isn’t what I wanted. I have PSP games to complete , Love Live (+ Idolish7 and Aichuu) and Japanese studies consuming my time, I don’t have time currently to spend a whole afternoon like I did trying to get anywhere in all five games at once.

So because of this, I’m scaling back and uninstalling this and Ensemble Stars. Not because they’re bad games, they’re fairly interesting, just that I can’t cope with this load.

If you do like bejeweled, like cute guys and don’t mind the language barrier (or know the language) then go ahead and play it. I really liked what I saw of it!

Happy gaming everyone! (⌒▽⌒)


  1. To be honest, I don’t think it matters if you don’t know enough Japanese. There are a few (okay, maybe only one) online guide that translates the basic menu buttons into English. As for the storyline, it’s actually really really weak. I end up skipping all the text for everything anyway. (Unless it’s the story of a prince voiced by my favourite voice actors. )

    But I guess that brings forth the question of: then why play it. And I don’t really know, to be honest. The gameplay is indeed addicting, so if you’re busy with other games, it was probably the right decision to drop it. To be honest, the biggest appeal, in the end, is just the voice actors. So if you’re into that, this is a great pass time. But otherwise, it’s just an rpg with a mediocre storyline(but addicting gameplay, I guess).

    Sorry I swear I had a contention before I started rambling. But yeah, this is just my two cents, that’s all.


    1. It’s fine, I tend to ramble too!
      For mobile gaming knowing or not Japanese isn’t that important, but I thought it was important to note it in case some people did have issues/might think it was in English too~
      Ah the story is weak? That’s a bummer. I’m not really a VA centric, I’m more about story haha
      Yeah, I couldn’t commit to these mobage because they really suck all my time >_<
      And my backlog which is pretty big. I haven't even been playing Love Live because it's another time sink and I need to finish my console games (╯3╰)
      Thank you for the lovely comment ❤


  2. OMG they are so sparkly! I would so definitely want to try it, but being realistic, I also have my hands full with Million Arthur 2, IDOLISH7 and other games of the sort that I don’t even have time to play XD But I’m glad you posted about it, I’ll keep it mind for the future XD


    1. Thanks!

      God, I haven’t even been playing Aichuu and Idolish7 because I want that SR in the event that’s going on Love Live, so I’m pouring my time into that and neglecting everything. I have problems xD

      I don’t even want to start Million Arthur cause I know I won’t do anything but play these games and I need to finish the games I started. My poor PSP and DS are being neglected ;_; /pets them

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      1. What is a PSP? what are even consoles??? No, seriously, you’re right. With these online cellphone games I don’t even know how can anybody still knows TIME for other stuff if they want to actually do good in these games lol


        1. Right? I’m mastering Live Love at the expense of everything else haha ORZ and that’s just LL if it was more…I don’t know how people keep up.
          I haven’t played idolish7 or aichuu since the first day I installed, I just login the reap the daily benefits and don’t even play. I can’t imagine playing all 20+ games at the same time some people do. Where do they make time? ಠ_ಠ
          I want to know the secret dammit!

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          1. Maybe more devices at the same time? :O like, some might use Bluestacks for one game, phone for another, tablet for another game and play all 3 simultaneously! Then switch to others when they’re done XD That’s some multitasking XD


            1. (・∀・)that’d be some insane multitasking. I’m the type I focus on only one thing and the rest gets left behind or I end up not doing any of them haha x’D

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