Puzzle & Dragons


AWARD WINNING, #1 PUZZLE RPG IN JAPAN!!! Great adventure with casual puzzle gameplay! Explore dungeons with your Monsters and Friends! Enter dungeons spreading the world of Puzzle & Dragons and hunt the legendary dragons!

From GameFAQS

Is a bejeweled-like game like Yume100, but with monsters like Pokémon. Perhaps that is why it didn’t captivate me and I proceeded to uninstall after a few minutes of playing. I was never into Pokémon, I didn’t have a Nintendo until a DS a few years ago when I bought it with my own money. I never watched the series either. I did watch Digimon but never watched after Tamers/3. I think I remember distantly playing Digimon World for PS1 but I don’t think I understood how to play or the story.

This game is so popular in Japan it spurred copycats and deviations.

Monsters are gained from fights when they turn into eggs, in the form of cards, which we can use to level up other monsters.

I can see the polish and care given to the series and the monsters. I definitely thought it was cute, but it didn’t grip me. Mind you, I’m swamped with games to play and to finish and can’t just be draining time down Android apps ;_;

Either way, if you like the gameplay or monsters, consider this game. It’s only in Japanese, but it’s hardly a deterrent, really!

Happy gaming everyone! (☆^ー^☆)


  1. Puzzle and Dragons is really fun, but it can get hella frustrating. The difficulty really spikes for higher-leveled dungeons where you need to build structured teams that focus on combo multipliers…it’s a bit of a pain, but when it works, it’s freakin’ beautiful! I play on and off again, but I know other people who are way more into the game than I am.


    1. I guess it just didn’t captivate me :/ I’m not very fond of games with energy/restrictions. Love Live I can get into so hard because it’s rhythm and it did a special voodoo on me because I’m so hooked on it ಥ⌣ಥ
      I know P&D hooked a bunch of people. It’s so popular in Japan it’s crazy! (´・_・`)
      I think it’s more I don’t have patience anymore >_<


      1. P&D require soooooo much patience, lmao. That’s why sometimes I have to take a break for a long time before I get back into it!


  2. I couldn’t really get into this either and I am a big fan of pokemon. If you want to get into that franchise, I thought Black and WHite were really good. Tho ppl don’t really like it cuz of the pokemon, this was the only game in the franchise to have tried to give a good narrative. Pokemon is literally defeat gym leaders and bad guys, take down the elite four and champion and you might have something in the way after.

    Black/White has the same formula but the way the story went, it made things seem more urgent. The antagonist became one of my favorite characters and there were several instances of an implied romance between him and the main character (it’s hilarious if u play as a guy cuz it sounds like N’s coming on to him lol).

    I even cried at the end lol. If you want a recent one….X/Y really didn’t have a good story at all. ORAS was good and nostalgic for many. Honestly, some games just won’t grip you-the whole aim is to make u bcome addicted to capturing pokemon and beating the elite four, but I completely understand that it’s not for everyone.

    Tho, if u want a more story heavy game with implied romance, Black and White is great!


    1. Oh really? Okay, I’ll add it to my wishlist to try them out. I’m more into story and the “defeat all these guys to get some badges that aren’t much” never much inspired me (⌒_⌒;) I’ll check out B/W then (´∀`)
      I don’t have a 3DS ORZ I’m kinda waiting to see what next portable Nintendo is coming out after NX haha

      Yeah, I never myself really into capturing cards or any of the sort…until I fell into Love Live hell. But that’s because it’s actually a really good rhythm game and it’s fun, unlike most of the other card android games that end being “search this area” that gets exhausting/boring pretty quick OTL
      I was always bummed I wasn’t into Pokémon, cause I felt jealous everyone loved it and there I was just not feeling interested or understanding the appeal. Truthfully I still haven’t played nor understand it, but I know the whole catch them all is a strong compulsation to people~

      I guess I expected more from Puzzle&Dragons considering it got popular everyone was doing artwork and wanting their characters there. Even from famous manga/anime. It was okay but nothing special (^_^;)

      I’ll definitely check B/W, though I wouldn’t know which version to get (◎_◎;) /has a hard time with choices

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      1. Hey, Pokemon isn’t for everyone! XD You might like Fire Emblem tho. That game is AMAZING and if you can get Birthright, I highly recommend it since romance and armies and stuff.
        Lol never got into Love Live but that’s cool!
        Haha just choose which pokemon on the cover you like best. The black dragon has electric powers and the white dragon has fire. ^^


        1. /sobs
          Fire Emblem is SRPG/TRPG and I’ve tried entering the genre but ultimately found I don’t have patience for strategy games ORZ
          (I tried Final Fantasy Tactics, Ragnarok Tactics, Jeanne D’Arc, Disgaea 1+2, Advanced Wars. Never been able to finish any of them OTL)

          I didn’t think I’d get hooked on LL either, but once I started it really sucked me in. Doesn’t help they’re pretty gay and so cute, the songs are catchy and it’s in English haha
          Oh, I’ve always liked fire! I haven’t looked at the covers, I need to. I don’t want an ugly one ORZ

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