Guide to Learning Japanese with Otome


So I did a page about it because I figured a post would get lost in time and too long really.

If you have an interest in what I wish I’d been told from the beginning, then check it out. I also included some stuff I did and some advice about the ways you could go about it.

It’s not very long yet, and it isn’t exhaustive, so if there’s any question or information I’d be glad to provide, just ask! (≧∇≦)/

If my Japanese studies trip interests you, then I’ll be glad to tell you on the Japanese Studies History page I’ve added that information (still ongoing because I’m still learning). I also talk about my Japanese studies when I play a game in Japanese and rate their difficulty based on where I am on my studies. The reason I do that is that as I improve and learn more, games will start decreasing in difficulty for me, but for a newcomer that doesn’t mean it’s so! (⌒_⌒;)

This is more of a poke so people know I did it/it’s up than anything else (*´∀`*)

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  1. I agree with point 6 a lot! If you’re having trouble with something, look it up. But don’t stress youself to the point where you give up.

    How do you go about learning radicals? And do you have any tips on learning grammar? Lol I suck at it.


    1. Thank you! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
      Learning radicals I learn the same way as the other kanji. A mnemonic with SRS app (Memrise in my case). Lone kanji are easier to learn them compound/intricate, so I think you’ll learn them pretty well.
      Grammar…actually haven’t started on it. I have plans to start soon. But I’ll use Memrise because by seeing them a lot I’ll start seeing the pattern used for grammar. Just like numbers were~
      Sorry if I couldn’t help more :’)

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      1. Awesome! I’ll have to look into memrise. Lol grammar is evil. Not at all you did help!!! If I have any more questions I’ll let you know! Maybe you could write a post using a game as an example (like Starry Sky) and detailing how you went about playing it?


        1. I did a review about Memrise, if you want to see my thoughts/opinion about it with the pros and cons~
          Grammar…so far I’ve been able to understand fine without an intimate knowledge with grammar, but I’m dreading it a bit ^^’
          Starry Sky I’m still playing, but a post is in the works. Amnesia( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
          I did the same with Amnesia post, detailing my studies and what I did (since I played the PSP JP version). If you haven’t seen it, it’s how I’m going to be doing the Starry Sky game~ (≧∇≦)/

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          1. Lol def checking that one out!!
            Hmm yeah I can too but it’s like when the sentence drags on or I think they said one thing when really the particle switches the whole meaning around lol
            OOO I still am looking forward to it!! XD Omg do you have a link?


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