Sequel to Whistle! announced!


Omg omg omg omg /deep breathes while tearing up

Whistle! made me cry profusely once it finished and to know that now after all these years it is getting a sequel, direct sequel? I don’t even have enough words! I’m a huge sports anime and manga fan, it is my favourite genre for various reasons: there’s no true villains, they’re passionate, they have goals, they’re all cute, I can slash them together. I don’t really talk a lot about it here, though I did a post on Whistle!, because I don’t know how to express my love.

I’m doubly ecstatic and tearful over this announcement, and I hope so hard that he does give me closure after that ending broke me up.

To read the news go here, I’m glad it is not April’s fools anymore (hate that shit) because I’d be really devastated if it was a fucking prank.

I haven’t watched the anime because it is old looking, and it isn’t the complete manga, it stops halfway down the manga, but if you haven’t read my post about it, do it, and if you haven’t read the manga? What are you waiting? ;____;

They also announced a stage play for Whistle! and I am so happy, so happy ಥ⌣ಥ

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    1. Thank you! O(≧∇≦)O
      The manga is definitely fantastic, so I’m hoping they announce a brand new anime for it. I’m happy it’s at least getting a stage play, but doubt it’ll cover the whole manga (if it does, I’ll totally cry like I did with the manga (。・ω・。) )
      Sports are definitely too strong, once hooked, you’re hooked forever~ x)


  1. Never heard of Whistle, but more sport anime is fine by me. I recently got into the genre thanks to Haikyuu.


    1. Whistle is more known for the manga than the old anime :’D
      I’m super ecstatic it’s getting a sequel, and I hope they animate the manga and the sequel, I’m spoiled by new sports anime so I can’t watch old without getting bored Dx
      Haikyuu <333
      I'm watching so many sports series, it's crazy, but I can't help myself since they're my genre weakness :')

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