Daiya, Hell, Sadist Mangakas and Masochist Readers



Rant incoming about Daiya S1 and S2, with spoooooilers.


Let me describe the picture of why the mangaka is a sadist and I’m a masochist for watching and reading this show.

Eijun is the protagonist and starts as a pretty bad pitcher, with lofty goals of becoming the ace. That’s all he wants, to be the ace of Seido and well, lead the team to victory. Eijun is really, really bad at the beginning of the story. Like LVL20 bad, where he can only throw fastballs, has no control, speed, strength…or anything, besides mental fortitude, guts and endless stamina. He’s also good at bunting, but horrible at fielding and batting. Like, atrocious level bad of batting.

Furuya is his polar opposite. Furuya is a genius, rookie monster that has everything, besides stamina and mental fortitude, and ball control, but what he lacks in control he compensates with humongous brute force and speed. Furuya starts the show as a LVL50, he needs to polish to be even more reliable, but that’s it. He’s really good at batting, he’s incredible at pitching. His problems feels like a paper thin excuse just so he doesn’t stomp all over Eijun from the start of the Daiya.

Obviously, Furuya becomes the ace of the Seido team after the third years leave. Tanba was the previous Ace and Kawakami was his reliever pitcher, which is a second year and is still there. So Eijun becomes the reliever of the reliever, since Kawakami is still there.

Image result for ace of diamond

Here’s where the sadism part is at: each time Eijun improves? So does Furuya. If Eijun gains a new pitch? So does Furuya. So where does that leave us? Where Eijun will never become the ace unless Furuya dies, leaves the team or has a grave injury, which I don’t see happening.

Eijun goes through hard times, the hardest of times. He improves, he gets set back by problems, he improves in other ways, becomes stronger. In season 2 he has become a LVL50 pitcher, still bad at batting, still good at bunting. Better control, more pitches.

Furuya became a LVL80. He’s even stronger, better, faster, has more pitches, improved stamina, mental fortitude. What he lacked? He has. So what is Eijun’s role? Relief pitcher. No matter how Eijun improves, if his rival does so too, at the same space he does, he’ll always be outdone.

Daiya is an exercise in frustration, because yes I am rooting for the underdog MC. I like him, he works so hard, the hardest out of them all, goes through so much, but he still can’t beat a genius that, truthfully, doesn’t go through a third of what he does.

I don’t hate Furuya, it just baffles me the decisions the mangaka has done. I could’ve understood if this was a “let’s show how much a person can grow through hard work and then become a bamf later in life”. Daiya 1 was 418 chapters, Daiya 2 could’ve started with Eijun as the ace of a college team and gone from there, facing Furuya as a rival as payback. But instead, it starts right where it left us at the end of Daiya 1. So why consider it finished, and give it a new title if the story is simply continuing??

Image result for ace of diamond

The show even tells you straight to your face that as long as Furuya is there, Eijun will never be the ace, and that Eijun being there pushes Furuya to become better. That’s his purpose in Seido, their rivalry pushes each other, but Furuya is pushed to go from a good player to a great player. Eijun gets pushed to go from a bad player to a good player.

I have no faith, belief or otherwise, that Eijun will ever be the ace. So now comes all my questions. If this is an underdog story, the underdog has to win at some point against the topdog or he’s not an underdog but a failure.

After 400+ chapters, and going, chapters of Eijun never being the ace and never winning against Furuya…can you see why Daiya is the most frustrating sports show I’ve ever watched? Or how sadistic the mangaka is?

I know this isn’t a typical shounen sports, it’s targeting high school and college students, but ffs, this is a constant circle jerk of “he’s doing it!” to “oh, Furuya levelled too, never mind then”. I don’t think HS and college students can take this much frustration and anguish. I know I can’t, because here I am ranting what I ranted in my Twitter back in October when I read the first manga.

Daiya is addicting, so I’ll always return to sports hell with it, but I wonder how far I can stomach before giving up…again. That’s right, back when I read a few initial chapters of Daiya 2, I quit out of anger and frustration that everything was still the same shit.

Image result for ace of diamond

There comes a point in time when this will get old. I can only take so much of this “Eijun improves, Furuya upstages him by improving too” so many times. I understand Eijun can’t be the only one improving, but TBH, I’d prefer if the fighting for ace position had been with Tanba and Kawakami instead. They’re characters I can get behind, they both struggled a lot to improve, and Kawakami is still improving too. Furuya by contrast, I’m sorry to say, comes by things far too easily and that leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

In that sense, I guess I can say this manga is very realistic, because it sure as fuck shows life isn’t fair (༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ) /salty as fuck

But mind you this comes from me binge watching the two seasons in four days, and besides the first 8 chapters of Daiya 2, I have no idea what is going on or will happen. But I am curious, considering there will be new team members as the first gears become second, and the second third years.

I’m not ready for the second years turned third years to graduate too ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

Image result for ace of diamond

All in all, I guess this means I am invested and this series is really good. I just wish I’d known and been prepared to not have Eijun as the Ace anytime soon. If I’d known I’d be able to calmly accept it, because I really enjoy seeing his progress as a player and pitcher.

If Eijun ever becomes the Ace in the future, I can honestly say I’ll cry, because of all his work and fighting. Truthfully, if it’d been me, I’d have succumbed to defeat and seen it as impossible. But Eijun is not a quitter, he won’t ever go down. He’s a good character, and I respect the fuck out of him and others in the Seido and other teams. And that’s why I keep coming back to it, rant or no rant. Because I cried and laughed with them, and so I’ll proudly wave the masochist flag for this series.

Now I just have to wait for either Daiya 2 manga to finish or for it to get animated. No way I’m reading it ongoing. Frustration + cliffhangers makes me cranky as fuck Ψ(`◇´)Ψ

This became a rant + love post to this series 😂


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  1. Daiya no Ace!!!!! Wohoo!!!! Love this series. . .most of the time. Hmmmm. I read similar rants regarding about the mangaka’s “sadism”. I can see where you’re coming from, but I’m from the camp that believes that Eijun will become the ace someday. Eijun has a lot more room for improvement than Furuya when you look at the bigger picture. If he perfects his control and learn more pitch variety, he’ll have more weapons than Furuya. He can also work on improving his speed, if he wants to. As for Furuya, yes, he develops his talents at a faster rater than Eijun, but there will come a point where he’ll reach the peak of his talents if he continues on riding the momentum. But I agree with you that right now, Eijun isn’t even near qualified to be the ace. He’s too insecure, especially when he sees his rival Furuya’s success and fame. Anyway, good post. Keep it up. Cheers!


    1. Daiya, woohoo!! /chants SPORTS ANIME! SPORTS ANIME!
      I haven’t read any rants about it tbh, I’m not very involved in communities (except WP and Twitter) xD;;
      I believe that too, but in the dark moments of pessimism, I do wonder xD
      I agree with you, Eijun has so much potential, definitely the one with the most potential and I really wanna see him improve and teach that potential. I wanna see a showdown with Mei and Him, so so bad. Tbh, I’m a bit peeved that the focus is more on Furuya vs Eijun, I like team vs team rivalry the best. I don’t like in team fighting and rivals, I want them all to be friends and not fight ;_;
      Furuya has just…speed and power, which is why is current role as Ace is baffling me. Nothing is as important as control, specially for the game when it’s so important. But this is me speaking as a big sports anime that watches a lot haha (>y<)
      If only Oofuri had gotten more seasons, it’s so good too ;_;
      Yeah which sad but I understand, Eijun’s insecurity also comes from not being approved by the coach and the rest of the team. Ah, when the coach called him a relief pitcher, his face/expression… 😭
      Thank you! ❤ ( ˘ ³˘)❤

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      1. (Joins the chant) Daiya! Daiya! Daiya! Sports anime! Sports anime! Sports anime!

        You can read a lot of rants about it on forums and on other blogs too. There are a lot on Tumblr from what I saw. I was so surprised by all the hate.

        As of right now, the ace title belongs to Furuya because he’s the most confident among them, the other teams fear him, and he’s growing to be more dependable, with “dependable” in quotations since he hasn’t completely conquered his stamina problem 100%. Sawamura is also becoming more and more reliable but his confidence issues & insecurities can be liabilities when he can’t conquer them especially in important moments. We can say that the team doesn’t have a true ace yet so the title fell on Furuya by default. Kawakami is not even up to the challenge because he gets too scared easily.

        And I super agree with Oofuri! GOSH, I want another season! I’ve been hoping for one for years now. So goooooood!! High-five!


          I don’t much search for rants, I don’t want to fuel my own negativity, I wanna see positive posts so I can keep hanging on to all my hope and desire to see Eijun fight it out with Mei as Ace ;_;
          Furuya is also unstable, he’s a moody pitcher. When he’s feeling good, he pitches good, when he’s not feeling good, he doesn’t pitch good. I do agree that both of them need more work, but I see Eijun as being the one that is now stabilising and not only being s contender for the Ace, but also as the better pitcher of the two.
          I’m just not fond that the rival is Furuya, in team rivalry sucks, I love when teams fight against each other and have rivals from the other side, but when it’s in-team it makes me a bit aggravated. I don’t want to end up feeling salty towards a member of the team because of the rivalry ;_;
          Aww, I think Kawakami could have a lot of progress and actually contend for the Ace title, I’d love to see him enter the arena, I’m really fond of characters that struggle and went through a lot to get better like Eijun, Tanba, etc (✪㉨✪)
          I can see what you mean about Furuya not being the real Ace, but I was so salty/wounded when Kataoka called Eijun a relief pitcher, the poor baby aaah ;_;
          Oofuri is soooo good, I don’t get why they haven’t continued it, it’s such a satisfying baseball anime and really balances Daiya out, watching both at the same time brings the despair/frustration (when they happen because plot/happening) and make it the perfect duo of baseball…
          I’m really looking forward to the new baseball anime this season, Battery I believe?, I want it to be good, so good AAA
          /falling deeper into the sports anime hell every day
          Every season should have a sports anime to feed my soul while I wait for the others to continue ( ˘ ³˘)❤
          /high fives

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh my gosh. Same here. Looking forward to a showdown with Mei. He’s so cool even when his personality isn’t so great. But he’s a strong pitcher, that’s for sure.

            Ahahaha! I understand. It just destroys your own enjoyment level if you see others dissing the series that you personally liked. But reading rants can be interesting too especially if you’re interested in writing about them in your own blog. Makes for an interesting discussion.

            That’s true about Furuya. But it would be dull and more frustrating if he was some kind of perfect pitcher. If that was the case, I would also be one of the first people to protest and complain about this kind of unfair rivalry between Furuya & Sawamura. But at this moment, I think it’s just right because it’s going to be more delicious for us fans when Sawamura is able to overcome Furuya and triumph over him with his skills fair and square.

            Oh, is that so? I actually like in-team rivalry. It makes it more competitive. As for the scene where Kataoka called Sawamura a relief pitcher, omg! I was ready to throttle that Big glasses-wearing Shogun even if I love that coach. Sawamura was heartbroken. He shouldn’t just readily accept the title relief pitcher and keep on fighting for that ace number. He’s still a long way to go from it, but of course he’ll get it or I’ll curse DnA without end until lightning strikes it into dust.

            Oofuri! Omg! So gooooooood! I watch it again and again. I know, right? They should adapt the rest of the manga and make a new anime season. I heard about that new baseball anime, but I’ll be waiting a lil bit more time before I watch it myself. You?

            Yes! Sports anime rocks!


            1. Showdown with Mei is gonna be so DAMN EPIC AAAAH
              Mei is an acquired taste haha~ (⌒▽⌒)
              Maybe I should read some rants, but I know I’d probably get mad/pissy and have to defend my homeboy (Eijun), so let me live in ignorance xDD;

              True, Furuya isn’t perfect, I guess what I dislike is that whenever Eijun is catching up to Furuya, the mangaka makes Furuya level up too, so we never get that sweet satisfaction. But we will indeed! It’s gonna be so glorious aaah (≧∇≦)/

              In-team rivalry makes me frustrated, mostly because I just want to like everyone and see them win, and if there is someone has to lose (^_^;)

              Eijun took it so hard agh, Big Glasses is a super meanie ORZ


              Oofuri needed more seasons for sure, the manga is good but still going so I lose interest in following them until they conclude, which is suffering 😭

              I’ll wait till the new sports series end before trying them out, I’ll probably watch the first few episodes to see which resonates with me and then watch. I really want that new baseball one to be GOOD, give me good or give me HELL.
              Sports anime gives camaraderie to those that watch it for sure! /high five (★^O^★)

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Indeed, Mei is an acquired taste but I like him. He’s much more realistic rather than a perfect high & mighty out-of-reach mega ace pitcher.

                Eijun needs to be stronger emotionally & mentally, then his team mates and Big Glasses won’t have any choice but to acknowledge his skills. Then. . . .he can be the ace! Finally. Crossing my fingers.

                Same. I like to wait out until all the episodes/chapters are released so I can marathon trlhe series.

                Thanks for the lovely discussion. I love sports anime & I’m always delighted to gush about their awesomeness with fellow sports anime fans. I really appreciate it. Keep on watching. Cheers!


                1. Yeah, plus Mei is shown as a hard worker that isn’t a genius or talented, he’s just patriced and tried very hard. Which I always love!
                  High and mighty…reminds me that Furuya changed after acquiring the Ace number 😅
                  Definitely, Eijun once stronger will kick super ass and I’m gonna scream of happiness seeing him OWN IT LIKE I KNOW HE WILL 😭😭(。♥‿♥。)
                  Big glasses got tunnel vision once Furuya got the Ace number and started sacrificing the team for him, tho he said he wouldn’t, which weirds me out is dang much, I currently like the Snake better than him. His decisions are craaazeh.
                  Marathoning is the best!!! /high fives o((*^▽^*))o
                  I’m such a binge reader/watcher~
                  You too! (≧∇≦)/
                  Always a pleasure go gush and talk with sports anime fans (specially Daiya)~
                  You too, stay strong and keep holding out for Eijun killing it 🔥💪🔥

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