Think Mana Khemia feat Atelier with a bit of otome, with cats and only in Japanese, and you get NoraKoi.

Warning: this might not be the nicest thing I’ve written.

This game is cute, though the CG art can fluctuate from cute to ugly, but where it shines is on making the cats themselves look all bamf, cute and badass. I quite enjoyed that aspect of it, didn’t mind the gatcha since they are very giving of points for it.

No, the problem doesn’t lie in there, at all. I quite like the idea of the game. You equip the cats, send them on missions to retrieve materials so you can make presents to raise their love for you. While they’re out on missions you can’t equip them or upgrade their equipment until the time has gone by (or you spend points, a lot of them, to make it end quicker).

I played for a week or two, and 99% of the time they fail the missions once you’ve gone through more of the game. And when they do succeed, they might not bring enough materials for the presents, so I find I can’t even raise more of their affection.

I suspect it’s because the game wants me to pay for either the money equipment or to do the same missions multiple times in a row.

The game isn’t satisfying because it feels pretty broken, but it might also be me that has the luck of a hedgehog caught by an eagle every single time 😅

The game is only in Japanese, and isn’t voiced besides one or two lines when there’s a CG. It definitely is cute, and if you have more patience, or luck, or both, than me then I say try the game out. I’m sure you’ll find it very cute and entertaining, but I’ll sadly be cleaning my hands from it.

Happy gaming everyone and pet your kittycats! (≧∇≦)/

Have you heard about this game before? Have you played it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!


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