Promises, Hiatus and CLAMP

For those that don’t know, I’m a huge Clamp fan. I love most of their work, I was an avid fan of their old anime, and couldn’t get enough of them.

That is until some 15 years ago the fuckery with X 1999 started and has never stopped since. So this might come across as salty and butthurt, and I won’t deny it probably is and I am. But fuck it, my blog, my opinions, my thoughts. I can say whatever the fuck I want to 😠

So, far away in the distant lands there was X, and it was a marvellous, twisted, fucked up manga and anime that I haven’t blogged about because I wouldn’t know what to say because too much feels for it. In that distant land, X was the best manga I ever read from them, and still is, and I couldn’t wait for the story to continue.

In that far distant land, Clamp put X on hiatus because of the earthquakes. Fair enough, they wanted to respect their people and homeland, since X talks about the end of the world through earthquakes. That was all well and good, until year after year they kept saying they’d continue it. Then they started TRC and XxxHolic, Kobato and Gate 7, and promised if people supported their newest work, once finished, they’d go back and finish their series on hiatus.

Image result for clover clamp

For those that don’t know, Clamp are a bit of a serial hiatus and dropped mangaka. Their Gohou Drug was on hiatus, their Clover was unfinished because the magazine died, and some others too.

So they finished Holic, to my disappointment it was a lukewarm conclusion, finished the trainwreck TRC was, thank the fuck, Kobato had finished off already and then said they were bringing back Gohou Drug as Drug and Drop.

I rejoiced, I liked that series and couldn’t wait for what next they’d do……….

I had not expected them to then announce a sequel to TRC and Holic, and put Drug and Drop on hiatus.

And now have there’s even gonna be a new CCSakura manga. Excuse me I’d I say that I don’t have much faith on them for anything they say or promise.

My trust has been broken and I’ve realised they’ll never finish X. I can munch on a carrot but don’t take well to sticks. In my eyes X are their magnus opus, but if they’ll finish it off lamely, then I prefer to leave it as it is.

I haven’t read their newest work, their ongoing sequels, and I don’t suspect I will either. I’m just really tired.

I’m not sure I’ll forgive them either. All I wanted was closure, even if it was a “we’re not finishing it”, but I suspect I’m not getting that either.


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  1. I also used to be a huge CLAMP fangirl. And it’s no wonder: they’ve made a lot of really good series. But somewhere along the line they’ve…I don’t know, become whimsical? (And that’s putting it lightly.) They get an idea and decide they have to do it, and then either when they get bored or just so caught up in their twists, they end it.

    X, out of all their series, seems like it would be easy to finish in a shounen magazine.

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      1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        That was on point πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
        They used to write real good things, but since then it’s been hit-and-miss, and their sequels of Holic, TRC and CCS have been weird decisions. They’re a serial quitter/non-finisher/hiatus machine (Β¬_Β¬)οΎ‰

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    1. Me too :/
      Indeed, they’ve become fickle. Kobato got started three times until they finally finished it. In the old days they wouldn’t have done that, at all.
      Their new Holic, TRC and CCS baffle me, specially because they started Drug & Drop, put it on hiatus, started Gate7 and haven’t concluded it either. Plus they haven’t finished Clover and X, nor some others.
      They said X only needed 3 more volumes, and multiple shoujo mangas would take it (considering the popularity and where it was originally serialised), but I don’t see interest in their side.
      It’s a case of they were great in the 90’s, but have since become a hit-and-miss :/

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  2. I have a love/hate relationship with CLAMP…. they broke my heart with X and then they stomped on the pieces with Legal Drug…

    I am still extremely salty about what they did with Legal Drug! For me CLAMP is right up there with Yukiru Sugisaki or the author of D Gray-man…first hiatus shame on me…second hiatus shame on them… third hiatus… screw this I’m moving on!

    I actually went to a con panel about CLAMP and their tendency to put good series on hiatus… it was just as ragey as you would imagine lol


    1. Yup, yup, same πŸ‘
      Ditto for DGM, and others of the sort. Berserk and Hunter x Hunter (also coined as Hiatus x Hiatus) are other offenders, mangas that have been serialising for 30 some years and no end because hiatus.
      Reason why I stopped reading series, and only sometimes fall for it when its shorter series. No way I’m reading a 300+ ongoing manga that takes forever and then never finished notyvm /middle finger
      Wow, that con panel must have been on fire, I know I would be salty + burning up over the issue. I used to love them a lot, but after all the fuckery my love has been twisted. Sometimes I can’t see Clamp without groaning about what they’ve done /stares at the new CCS sequel that will tie to TRC
      πŸ’’ β›” 🚫 😀

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      1. Exactly! They’re part of the reason I have series commitment issues as it is….

        But somehow I always have hope that eventually they’ll reward us fans….

        Oh yeah that panel was a hoot! People were ranting and others were defending CLAMP… Definitely an experience


        1. Ditto, when I’m asked why I don’t read ongoing series, since I react as if I have an allergy to them, I always point to Clamp and their fuckery.
          Oh yeah, I used to. Until they outright baited fans with X on Holic/TRC and still have no intentions of concluding it.
          Sounds like it was an awesome panel, I would’ve loved to have heard all the salt and resentment πŸ˜‚

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      2. Thank you! I wasn’t the only one annoyed at holic’s ending the eff was that?? This is why I started one-shot yaoi I suspect. well, that and Ten Count.
        because Ten Count.


        1. Indeed you weren’t the only one, I guess because it was seinen they didn’t go down the BL route, tho all their shoujo have them /shrugs and glares at them
          Specially because I never saw Yuuko and Watanuki as having remotely any attraction to each other, so his choice was the weirdest but I digress, it’s not like it needed a BL ending, just real weird regardless.
          Finished works >>>>>> Ongoing without a doubt, just for the sake of mental health and knowing it’s a done deal.
          Ten Count is indeed good, as is Crimson Spell, I always end up reading and rereading them tho I know I’ll suffer ;_;

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