No Polyamory on Starry Sky Makes No Sense


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So I finished Starry Sky in Spring. It was a cute, no plot, sweet thing of a game. The guys, specially Kanata and Yoh, fought with each other like crazy to get papa Tsukiko attention while mama Suzuya whipped them into submission with food, and also totally snatched Tsukiko because he distracted them with food.

The thing is, I liked them four together so much, so so much. Their dynamics super worked. Plus Yoh and Kanata might as well be fucking with how much sexual tension, fighting and arguing they do with each other. They actually focus more on each other 70% of the time than on Tsukiko. But I really wanted an harem ending, a poly ending because they work together well, I love seeing their interactions together, and not many games do it. Or when they do it it isn’t a good ending.

So why do galge get harem endings but otoge don’t get them?? I mean, the game had a forever alone ending, but god forbid she shacks up with all 3 dudes, or what???

Poly needs to start to happen more in these games, games like Amnesia and Starry Sky would’ve been vastly improved with them.

Plus, how could you choose between cute boys?? My favourite was Suzuya, because he’s such a mama and he was hilarious with the age/mother jokes, while Yoh had a gap moe (with a beauty mark) because he tried to appear mature but was a huge kid, and Kanata was a huge kid that had some hidden maturity thanks to his sickness. It’s like telling me to choose between three very cute dogs/cats/animals!

I say we demand polyamory endings!


  1. I think Ninkoi (I played the PS Vita port, not sure if its in the original PSP ver too) has a “harem ending”, well it was more of a route where you hang out with each guy in turns and then in the end Kaede gets her own “harem” because its hard to choose between the guys, tho it seemed like Sanada-sensei gets main dibs on Kaede lol. It was definitely interesting but seemed innocent at the same time.


    1. Oooh, nice! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
      /slowly adds it to the pile of games to check out
      I think it’s great to see endings where she chooses more than one dude being portrayed positively, instead of as the bad “slut” end I see around (⌒▽⌒)

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      1. The game itself is pretty cute, so I recommend it. If only a company can pick it up and localise it to the west because its a pretty fun game.


        1. /chants
          More otome localisations!🎵

          I’ve been waiting to see if more games get announced/localised, I’m rooting for someone to localise KLAP. I want it ;_;

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          1. Ah yes KLAP, truly a game that everyone has to experience at least once in their life. I hope it does get localised, but kinda worried that the ‘whipping’ minigame stuff might scare away companies from picking it up lol.


            1. If KLAP doesn’t get localised it’ll probably because of the whipping, which is ridiculous since other games where you whip girls have already been localised /coughs
              I want it so much aaah ;_;

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  2. I think I am the opposite. In anime I get irritated when harem shows end with the main character not picking a winner. Then again, sharing is caring.


    1. When there’s blatant fighting/or the dudes don’t get along at all, sure, but their relationship was the best when they were all together instead of her alone with one of them (´ε`*)
      Sharing is caring indeed!
      In some harem shows it is annoying when there’s no resolution, but I think a love triangle or polyamory is not a “no resolution” but actually a resolution 😛

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      1. Amnesia would be good with a poly ending i bet, or at least you could nope out of Ikki’s route and into someone else’s.
        Plus I was half shipping Shin and Tomo in my head so yeah…I’d be down with both. XD


        1. Right? It’d have solved all the Toma and Shin issues “ψ(`∇´)ψ
          If we could ditch Ikki it’d be great!
          Shin and Toma are such a couple pair, they + MC were the perfect couple ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

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