Korean language Resources


The lovely Crimson brought to my attention she loves these type of posts, and so do I!, so I’ll be listing/talking about them.

These are all things lovely people linked me, or told me about, so the credit goes to all of you (ฅ`ω´ฅ)

The lovely Lilli was the one that told me Korean from Zero book is available for free from their website, as a PDF, so if you want a textbook, you might want to check it out~! It comes with a audio pack too, and if you’ve heard about Japanese from Zero or YesJapan, it’s by the same team (´v`)

The lovely Nozomi shared with me these resources:

Talk To Me in Korean – They have books and video courses, tho those are paid!, but you might like poking around in it to see what’s free/available

For those that like videos/youtube learning GoBillyKorean is such a thing, and worth a check out (*´ー`)

Another free resource is the King Sejong Institute website, and you might want to check it out too~

The helpful Meg shared with me  Learn Korean Language which has free lessons for learning how to read Korean, grammar, and how it all functions, for beginners so do check it out, I quite like it!

From me personally, I’m sticking with Memrise, as usual, so that I learned how to recognise and read the alphabet. It also compliments the other things~

I’ll admit my studies have been going super slow. I blame anime binging + playing xD;;

I hope this is helpful to any of you language learners! (*´▽`*)


  1. Cool. Free stuff is always nice, especially when it is educational. Haha, like you I can often attribute my lack of progress on watching too much anime.


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