My Pokemon Gym Tag – Where The Cutests Reside


So I’ll admit right now I haven’t played Pokemon or watched it, I’ll work on it one of these days, I promise :’D

So what do I know about Gym Tags? F all, but you know what? The lovely TwoHappyCats nominated me in her post, which was so sweet of her, and this sounds like a cute thing to do, so why the heck not?

So let’s start this party~!

As one cannot choose a bishie pokemon type, and by that I mean the prettiest/cutest of all the Pokemon, I will have to go with:

Fire Type Gym

My gym would perhaps be the first of them, instilling in Pokemon trainers that hard work conquers all, and never to give up on their dreams. I can’t help it if I’m super influenced by sports anime ya know (´∀`;)

Town Design & Gym Design

The town would be one where all the elements are naturally available, and would teach trainers about balance and ying-yang. It would be very down to earth, but with a certain quaint where when arriving people would feel healed and peaceful. A safe harbor to heal all wounds, like a resort.

The gym itself would be in the center of said town, and wouldn’t have any trouble arriving in it, after all, it’s there to teach the most fundamental values to all the newcomers. Or maybe I’m just not imaginative enough to do a kickass gym :’D


They’d be grandmas, grandpas, and all ages, from the town itself, having grown so much and seen so much, no better people to pass wisdom. They’d nurture them right up! 米^-^米

Gym Leader Quote, Clothes and Badge

“Believe in yourself, you’ve tried hard to reach here haven’t you? Get ready to try even more, your dreams are just starting!”

I guess that’s more a challenge-type of quote than anything sweet, but I was trying for encouraging!

Normal clothes would be the best. Why? Because to instill that even before Pokemon, we’re all simple human beings, and are on equal footing~

The rainbow would be rainbow coloured ying-yang symbol, to represent the balance and harmony of life and pokemon.

My Pokemon Team

This is where the bishie pokemons enter!

Well, there’s no actual bishies, but in my eyes there are some pretty, charming and handsome pokemon, so I’m going with them~!





I have no idea about lvs for a first gym, so I won’t even try :’D

I hope this was fun to read, I know I was clumsy through it all, forgive my ignorance plz


I have no idea who has done it already, and considering how much work this was, I won’t exactly. I nominate anyone who reads this but hasn’t done it, if you’re one so, then I CHOOSE YOU! x)


      1. You’re welcome! To be honest, as much I like Pokemon and enjoy the games, I had trouble making my gym. The only Pokemon I have good knowledge was the first generation. Besides that, I would visit your gym and win lol.


          1. The only thing I knew best was playing the game and knowing some of the Pokemon. Who knows, maybe you could defeat me if you trained hard enough.


  1. What a cute idea! I love the idea of a united village. Towns in Pokemon tend to be pretty small, so your idea is fitting. Hope you get the chance to play Pokemon sometime!


    1. Thanks! (★^O^★)
      I’m glad I didn’t mess it up too much considering my lack of knowledge! ヽ(^Д^)ノ
      I will, I will…backlogs tend to be hell б(>ε<)∂

      Liked by 1 person

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