Helpful Mystic Messenger Links Compilation


This game has puzzled me a lot, I’ve had to search guides, how it works and all the shebang. It’s hard, and I keep thinking: sure wish someone had done a compilation of links to make the ride smoother, instead of having to dive into this blind and tied up in someone’s dungeon and…well, you know… xD

So, since I didn’t find one, I’ll just make it myself and eff the rest~!

Click if you wanna check out what I thought of Yoosung’s, Jaehee’s, Zen’s routes. You also find updates and news I’ve written for it, on Mystic Messenger tag, here. I’ve also done a Cheritz tag for when I play their PC games, here.

So, before playing you’d do well reading this, explaining the basics of the game, the costs of the deep route + after stories, click here

A good one to read is this one from Yssa from MyuMint, talking about the total cost of Hourglasses for the whole game, but also telling you how to play and where to save to cut time (and hourglasses) doing routes and bad endingsclick here.

This is a FAQ about the game, very comprehensive and explains in detail how it all works from OtomeSapphicclick here.

I like to cross-ref answers for the routes/hearts, to make sure of my choices so I use this one from OtomeObsessed, click here, because it’s very simple and clean, and this from WonderfulsWorld, click here, because it shows which answers have additional CGs.

This is one explaining how to get different endings the best way and with the less effort, in the case of bad endings, without any spoilers~, from Lehstclick hereShe also did this Phone Call Guide, click hereLehst also did a Party Grade Guide, so you know how many guests you need to get the Normal and Good ending click here.

Lehst also linked me to this helpful guide, that breaks down how to get all the bad endings, chat times, etc, from Dorchii, click here, and to this one is a guide about the calls from JonghyunsDejabooclick here.

Annete has also done extensive guides for MM, like Prologue, covering suggested play order, Affection, Endings, click here. She also has one for Emails, click here. A spoiler-free list of Chat Times, click here, and a list for CGs and where to get them, click here.

This one is a brand new Phone Calls guide from YumeMiruSekai, so check it out! click here.

There’s also this Email responses ordered by when they’re available/you first get them, which I prefer, from WonderfulsWorldsclick here.

Ramencreep linked me to a schedule sheet, just the times of the chats, and party guests emails, from Sabalet, click here.

Corinne and Riceball from OtomeDreamWorld did a bunch of walkthroughs, like Emails of the Characters, click here; Party Guests Emails, click here; you can find others for each character and days, on their walkthroughs.

Edited in 2017:
Christmas DLC

OtomeObsessed did for the Eve and Christmas Day, here, and for bad ends, here,  with a certain Unknown being involved in them.

If you know of more/good ones I haven’t listed, tell me, or see mistakes/dead links!, I’ll be very glad to fix/see/add them to this list 😉


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    1. Thanks, Lehst! I thinking I forgot to link that one, because I think I saw it before, shame on me :’D


  1. Great idea! The game intrigues me a lot, but like you I feel I’m fumbling about. I’ll link to your blog in this Friday’s cup of gaming coffe, as I’m sure more people have the same problem!


    1. Aww, thank you! ❤
      The game definitely has a learning curve, it doesn't help Cheritz didn't exactly explain or give a manual, or anything of the sort :'D

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thanks, I’m glad it’s helpful ❤
      OOh, need to add that to the links in my post then~!


      1. should probably remove your time roll back guide. some people don’t read and might try it without seeing your warning. that’d be a tradgedy. >>;;


        1. I think it’s because tumblr links get embebed by default here :’D
          If you want me to delete, I will, but it doesn’t bother me~


          1. T_T the formating of the tumblr link on my tablet and phone kind of messes up the page. so it prolly page stretches some other visitors too. plus now I feel ridiculous. such is life~


            1. Oh, okay, don’t worry, it’s fine! I edited your comment so now it isn’t embebed, so it’s all good~
              Don’t feel ridiculous, you’re helping others, AND ME, and you’re super supportive so all you deserve is love <333 /insert Seven heart-eyes chibi here


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