Autumn 2016 Plans


After doing the Summer Plans and Review, and quite liking them, I’ve decided to make this a tiny bit of a tradition (for as long as I can)! (★^O^★)

So as you might know, if you don’t go read those linked posts, I highly failed in achieving everything I set out as my plans, but at the same time I still accomplished things I’m happy and proud to have! (◕◞౪◟◕✿)

This time around, I’m going to be less ambitious with my goals. After all, I want to feel good if I accomplish all of them! ٩(●ᴗ●)۶

So here they’re~


Fan translated

I’d like to continue Storm Lover Kai and actually finish it, but it’s such a huge game that it’ll depend on my willpower!


I’d like to actually to play all of Hakuoki, and finally make a proper thought/review post of it (๑✧∀✧๑)

In Japanese

I’ll set my sights on Starry Sky in Summer, since I checked Norn9 up and my japanese is nowhere near enough to withstand a plot heavy game. I need moar powerzz ⸍⚙̥ꇴ⚙̥⸌




I have 20 posts scheduled till May of next year, which is pretty exciting, but I’m hoping I can be a bit more on top of news and fill in the slots for Impressions and Rants б(>ε<)∂

As also you might know, this blog now has a schedule, which really is helping me. I can laze around and not worry about it (⌬̀⌄⌬́)


I’ve successfully done what I wanted on my Summer to-do list, so now all I’m left with is playing more games so I can make posts about them d( ・ω´・+)



I’m hoping to improve my Spanish enough I can read novels without the need to check too many words up. My Spanish is good by default (Portuguese is a blessing for Italian and Spanish) but there’s still a lot of gaps.

Once done that, I want to jump to starting Italian, which I have weaker basis for.

I also want to try deepening my English, with some advanced courses, because I feel my English can improve further than it is~ .*:゚(`・ω・´)ゝ゚:*.

For Japanese I’m hoping to get firmer bases on grammar /shudders (ノд`@) I just haven’t felt like grinding vocab or kanji o(;△;)o

I’m leaving French and German for later… they’ll be harder (இ﹏இ`。)

And that’s it really, I hope this time these aren’t too ambitious of me ( ´_ゝ`)


    1. LMAO, nah not too hardcore. I used to have one post per month to November of next year, but since I’m going to try to get one manga, anime, and game post per month now, I pulled back posts and only have to May now xP
      I’m still learning and growing~

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks, but since it’s only 1-2 posts, I need to write more to actually scheduled into the future more :’D
          We’ll see how it goes, thank you for all the lovely encouragement~!

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      1. Well I already know all the hiragana and some basics because it was compulsory for us to learn it for 5 years in primary school. And I’m learning Chinese during high school so I won’t have time for Japanese yet. 😅😝


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