How to Play a JRPG Without Knowing Japanese


That’s right, you CAN play Japanese games (RPG for example) without actually knowing Japanese… most of it. What I’m about to say doesn’t mean you’ll get to know how to read the story, or any of the sort. Imagine you’re a big RPG or adventure games fan, you’ve this exclusive game in Japan but you’d love to play, even if you don’t know any Japanese. so you open it, but get overwhelmed when you don’t see any English anywhere.

So this is where this comes into. there is a way to familiarize yourself to be able to play them~

So I present to you a course in Memrise called Video Game Japanese, it’ll help familiarize and teach Menus, People and Characters (such as classes, if they’re enemy or allies), Statuses, Items, Weapons and Armor, Battle menus and choices, Environment and Places (such as world map, towns/castles), Monsters. This course does have a con: it only teaches the English meaning.

With this you can tackle any RPG without being daunted by the menus. Even if you know some JP already, I’d still advise doing this course.

If you want to learn more I’d advise Japanese Video Game Vocabulary or even better Japanese Video Game Vocabulary Readings which has the Japanese readings. Both this and Video Game Japanese cover more or less the same content, tho with differences.

I’d advise looking at both, starting with the one you like the most, then after finishing it check if the other has things it didn’t cover, and only do those.

I hope this was helpful~


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  1. Links look very helpful!

    The first RPG I played in Japanese was Final Fantasy X-2. It was tough in the beginning, but I managed to get through it. Helps that it was from a series I was familiar with, and there were a lot of translation guides available.


    1. I’m glad!
      WOA, that must’ve been focusing, considering X-2 is confusing EVEN in English haha :’D
      That’s awesome that you managed through it, I bet it felt great to accomplish to win over a challenge~
      Yeah, if it’s a series you’re familiar with it’ll help in the enjoyment, and guides/walkthroughs always help!

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  2. It’s nice knowing we can play JRPGs without knowing Japanese! The links look to be very helpful, thanks.

    Too bad the same can’t be said for visual novels unless you’re explicitly playing for the explicit scenes ;___;


    1. I’m glad these were helpful~!
      Well…you can play VN’s without JP too, it’s just you’ll be looking at them talking and CG’s, that’s about it 😛
      With this technique/way it’s not like you can understand the plot either, it’s just really helping with selections, nagivation and menus :’D

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      1. Yeah!

        Well, I feel like players don’t lose out too much if they don’t understand the plot behind or the conversations that happen in JRPGs. The same can’t really be said for VNs, imo (unless you’re only interested in CGs and we both know what kind of game that entails hahahaha).


        1. BWAHAHAHAHA, true, if you’re in it for the CGs, you’re in it for the P-O-R-N ;P
          Depends if the JPRG is plot-heavy like the Trails series :’D

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