Nes Translates: Diabolik Lovers Line Stickers

So this is my first attempt at translating from Japanese, my previous stint was English to Portuguese, so if you notice errors or that I got something wrong, please do point it out and correct me!

I decided to do this because some girls I talked to on Line said there weren’t really any translations of the stickers for those that bought it because they like the series/games but don’t know Japanese for it.

Well, this is just me trying to help by translating Diabolik Lovers Line stickers, so I tried my best doing it and I hope it’s helpful. Even if it’s not 100% right, you can know it’s around those lines that I translated as :’D

This actually took me a while, an hour of translating + editing, so I hope you like it and if you do take it, credit me with a link to my blog, okay? :’D And don’t remove my watermarks/username/blog URL from it~

I used the English dub terms that Ayato and Laito use, such as Little Bitch for Bitch-chan and Pancake for Chichinashi/No boobs/Titless, because it fits better inside the space constraints and amuses me (´∀`)

Just click on them to see each picture in full!

Edit 26/9/2016: Iris very kindly pointed out some flaws in my translation, as did Krystallina, which I’m very thankful for! <333 So I updated these~!

You can find and buy them here.

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  1. For the “Do you want pain” one, it’s written いったい何事ですか right? Wouldn’t that be something like “What the heck?” or “What is it”? Last one is like “Sakamaki approved” or award or something. I think.

    Anyways, very nice! Line has some awesome stickers.


    1. Thanks~ I asked more knowledge friends than me yesterday and I’m adding the changed pictures/translation because I did get some wrong :’D
      Yeah, I’m actually really surprised no one in the fandom translated them already @_@

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