Nes Translates: Hakuoki Otogisoshi Line Stickers

After doing the Diabolik Lovers stickers, I’m back with these Hakuoki chibis stickers because again, it seems no one has given translations for them, even tho fans that don’t know Japanese have bought them. So, here I am with a bit of a rough translation for these, because I don’t even know all the Joyo kanji so I had to do kanji searches :’D So if you notice errors or that I got something wrong, please do point it out and correct me!

I hope it’s helpful, and ya’ll can enjoy your stickers a lil more thanks to this~!

I seem to take one hour per sticker set of translation, probably because my knowledge isn’t enough and I double check to see if I’m understanding right or not (even tho I still do mistakes oop) T_T

This actually took me a while, an hour of translating + editing, so I hope you like it and if you do take it, credit me with a link to my blog, okay? :’D And don’t remove my watermarks/username/blog URL from it~

Just click on them to see each picture in full!

Thanks to Iris for double-checking my translations were right this time around~!

You can find and buy them here.


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