Mystic Messenger – Yoosung

I missed a couple days, so I was surprised to get the Good ending still~

I’ve also done posts on  Jaehee, Zen .

So I know fans don’t like Yoosung all too much because of his V rants and his Rika obsession, so after finishing his Normal, Good, and After Ending, (also one of his bad ends) I felt like I wanted to give my thoughts about him and his route. I’ll say first that I was disappointed a bit by it, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Yoosung is the shota of the game, he’s 21, in college, lost in life and the most adorable sad bean ever. He’s my first route, and I’m glad it was too. I’m a big fan of character development, and you can find it in his route in spades.

I’m not about to explain how the game works, but let’s just say that just like in real life, Yoosung isn’t how he seems.

When we first meet him, Yoosung sounds like a cute, cheerful boy that has never had anything bad happen to him. He’s just so sweet, caring and supportive, but once you drop down into his route, Yoosung is really a depressed shut-in, game addict, stuck in the past, and without clear goals for himself, or what to do. As someone that IS a depressed shut-in, tho not addicted to anything, without future goals or what to do with my life, I’ve vibed a lot with him.

Yoosung is stuck in the past by Rika’s death, by the fact he had no closure about her death or even the parties. He adored her, and she did such a big impact in his life that he went to college to be a veterinary because of her. When a sudden death happens, and there’s no way to grieve, it’s very common to both rage towards the person you feel has blame, which in Yoosung’s case is V, and to also feel unable to properly grieve. He didn’t have a body or anything, just statements that she died, but not in what way or why.

Yoosung isn’t a child, he isn’t a kid, and tho he might appear and try to mask his hurt and pain, they’re there. He never stops being sweet or caring either, and tho he’s stuck in a rut he’s hanging in there as best as he knows. Sometimes all we can do is grab our hobbies with both our hands, teeth and feet, in order to float because there’s nothing else buoying you up.

I feel exactly like this

So his route was him coming to terms with Rika’s death, that V didn’t have blame, with the fact he has to move on. So he grieves, he grows, he changes, he matures. Yoosung becomes a strong little man, who protects the MC, even if it harms him and his future. He starts relying on others, because he wouldn’t and couldn’t open up and say he needed help, and asks for help when he knows he can do it all alone.

His party speech showed how much he’d matured since the beginning of the game, and that even going through pain, sadness and hurt, he still wanted to be there to support her. So no, Yoosung is not a child neither is he childish, he’s a young man lost in the ocean holding onto a decrepit raft who’s searching for a light. When he finds that light, he does the necessary things to reach and protect it. Can’t ask much else from a man.

As for what disappointed me, had nothing to do with him per se. I just felt the ending for the Good ending felt like a let down after all the building up and days spent going through it. I felt there wasn’t really a resolution to it, and so got really disappointed. Thankfully, Phya told me to do his After ending, because I wanted resolution, and I’m glad I in fact did it.

The After ending happens way after the Good ending. Yoosung is an adult, a megane, has a cute pet, and is clearly smitten with his boo ~<3 It was really sweet and made me so content to finally see the end of his journey.

I was thinking that since it’d disappointed me, I wouldn’t continue playing MM, but I got suckered right back in. So now I must do more!

Have you done this route? What did you think of it? I’d love to know if your opinion and perspective are different from mine or not, so feel free to comment!

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  1. I keep on getting Yoosung’s route and always end up getting the bad ending no matter how hard I try to think carefully of what to send ;-; But reading this, I feel like I kind of understand Yoosung’s route ^^


    1. Ooh, really? You can’t be possessive of him, nor tell him to think of you as Rika, also don’t support his addiction and scold him properly! He’s a total Do-M, so he’ll like it xD
      If you need additional help/guides, I made a post compiling links to guides to help others, you can find it here.
      I do hope you get to experience his route, it’s so great in character growth and development~


  2. sounds like an accurate account of Yoosung to me.

    lol I think my only problem with Yoosung was, deep inside, I wanted him to be Yeonho (Nameless). no wait, on the surface too LOL. I wanted Yoosung to go more into being an M lololol. but he’s still striving to be a real man and stand up strong and stuff even in the bad endings, while Yeonho would tend to cower and submit in bad ends lolol. plus it didn’t help that I want to marry Yeonho’s voice actor (his regular speaking voice and singing voice are to die for.)

    I know, they’re two different characters, but I couldn’t help to see the overlap. xD
    I enjoyed hanging out with Yoosung. but I also liked his story, and how we saw more of V! (I had played Jaehee right before then, and V is less talked about in her route.)


    1. Thanks!
      Ooh, Nameless… I haven’t played it yet, MM is my first taste of Cheritz games :’D
      He definitely is an M, which I love! *_*
      Yoosung definitely tries his best, the cutie ❤
      V disappears from most routes…I think only Yoosung, and maybe Jumin (haven't played his route yet) get to see a lot of V because they're directly related. Even in Seven, which I'm doing rn, he hasn't shown must…
      I have complicated feelings towards V tho :'D


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