Labels and Misconceptions of Fujoshi


I don’t call myself a fujoshi anymore, I prefer the terms slasher or shipper, because fujoshi started having certain connotations that I didn’t want people to assume as soon as I said the word.

I also started seeing people saying fujoshi are clueless, fanatical and the sort, which I guess made me want to distance from the term. But I don’t agree with them. There’s rotten apples everywhere, so to base an entire term around these more outspoken and extreme actually pisses me off.


The typical representation of the fujoshi with love paddles, attacking boys, calling them names and etc, is to me an extreme that shouldn’t be used as the default view of fujoshi.

I don’t like when I see people say fujoshi are all delusional, and that they spoil their fandoms, because I think that’s plain wrong. There’s extreme fans in all the fandoms, so I wonder why fujoshi got such a bad view. Is it because they’re females? There’s extreme otaku, yet they’re not seen as the normal/base representation of their group, so I wonder why fujoshi got this level of treatment? (¬▂¬)

If you search the term fujoshi, you’ll see in the meaning/definition that it’s simply a girl that likes to pair male couples, so I really wish people would go by that instead of having all these misconceptions on the term.

I’d like to explain why I’m a slasher/shipper, instead of using the term fujoshi.

To me, shipper already has the term fujoshi inside it, shipper has no gender attached to it, be it either M/M,  G/G or M/G, so I like it. I tend to ship MM and GG in shows, so fujoshi to me doesn’t cover all that I like/do.

The other is that I didn’t want people to assume I’m delusional, because my type of shipping is one that is AU (alternate universe), because I know it’s never happening in the actual shows. I am aware that it’ll never happen, that it’s just wishful thinking, and I’m fine with it. I don’t need the mangaka to cater to my ships and make them real, as wild as they can be.

Now I’m not saying that fujoshi’s do that, but people certainly like to assume and slander, and tbh, I prefer to stay away from any kind of drama nowadays. I don’t want to fight, or try to protect myself over what I like, do or wtv else. I just want to be left alone, fangirling over my ships, and sharing them without having stress.

I guess I should apologize to everyone that uses the fujoshi term, since by not using it, I’m not helping clear/show that fujoshi’s are far more than the bad stereotypical people like to show.

So this is a confession, of sorts, I AM a fujoshi but I feel shipper/slasher branches everything that I like to do, so I hope I get forgiven but know I support you all! ❤ б(>ε<)∂

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  1. It’s tough being a shipper. But I’m glad that you’re proud to be a shipper/slasher. Too bad the term fujoshi has become twisted in regards to its connotations.

    And yes, the (well-deserved) salt was amusing.

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. Can’t really relate personally, as I’m not one for shipping, but I know of being labeled something with negative connotations. I still refer to myself as a “weeb” despite all the preconceptions that come with it. It doesn’t bother me too much personally, but I feel it’s easier to define my interests with the term instead of an alternative “Person interested in anime/manga/visual novels.” Good post, and sorry that things may have been tough for you on that front.


    1. Thank you!
      See, I prefer the term nerd or otaku over weeb, I don’t want to identify with words that invoke negative feelings from seeing so much backlash, but ofc that’s me ^^


  3. It kind of amazes me sometimes how terms and labels can get distorted over time.
    It’s gererally because of ignorance and laziness. People see the extreme definition and just accept that. I honestly wasn’t sure of the definition this whole time since it seemed to have a different meaning wherever I went.

    That said, I always kind of felt that being “an anime fan” was super looked down on, until more “regular” people watched it. then I didn’t want to be called a fangirl, because if you are then you are a nut. then the next term, etc.

    Stereotyping is fun and easy so it’ll always happen, but then there are those that will always make a big or small effort to understand the people around them. I totally get where you are coming from, you are just a person that doesn’t want to be misidentified. And it’s a shame that we have to dance around certian words and misconceptions.

    I really like your post. You are polite and explained the situation. I guess technically I am a fujoshi as well, but it really is only a small part of what I ship. I guess I’m a general shipper. but Lol I think I usually just referred to myself as an all-around dork. xD


    1. No wait. I know the title I want.
      I wanna be a storybook princess! Princess Lehst! with my hat and tassels!
      yeah that sounds better.


    2. Yeah, it’s really sad when people twist terms and labels, making them negative just to be pricks :V
      Agreed, being an anime fan or otaku in the west is still seen as a bad thing, just that now it’s more mainstream so there isn’t as much stigma :’D
      Yeah, first it was a fangirl, then fujoshi, then it’s now slowly becoming targeted at shippers since the term is growing more in the community…Like just leave us the fuck alone, we don’t go into their turf and say they’re loli fuckers ffs =_=
      Oop, my saltiness shower there, sorry :’D
      Thanks! Yeah, I don’t have a problem with the fujoshi label, I just have a problem with the people that start attacking and being rude over the label, so I tend to steer away from negative terms. I only have so much patience…
      Aww, thanks! I’m glad I explained myself well~
      Yeah, it’s like that for me too, but I eschew to shipping BL and GL more 90% of the time~
      Hehe, dorks unite! \^o^/


  4. Yeah! Preach it! I don’t even know how to describe myself. On one hand, I have strong, and I mean really strong, fujoshi qualities which appeared only quite recently. I just call it my fujoshi sensibilities. As for shipper, an image of a sailor keeps on popping up in my mind. I was so confused when the fandom started saying “I ship this or I ship them”. I was like, huh? What the heck are they talking about? They must be loaded, shipping all of these goods from Japan every week. Ahaha. Now I know what it means and I’m like, huh, okay?

    And slasher? Seriously? You sound like a mass murderer or something from the movies.


    1. Thanks!
      It’s definitely hard to describe ourselves when the words available are all kinda…like you said T_T
      Fujoshi sensibilities…I like that, sounds sensitive 😛
      Man, I know exactly what you mean, but I prefer being thought to be a mass murderer or a sailor, than getting judged as “one of those crazy ones that paddle everyone” which irritates me and then I correct people, evolving to a salty fight xD
      I wish I was loaded to ship goods from Japan every day and week! XDD
      So your fujoshi sensibilities are a new discovery, heh? I wonder exactly what it was that made them come to fruition /hint hint nudge nudge 😛
      Maybe one day I’ll find the right word to describe myself, but until then I guess I’m a mass murderer sailor xD


      1. Yes, I like the sound of it, too. And I think it softens the connotations surrounding the fujoshi label as well. Aw, Cat! You’re terrible. Ahahaha! You’d rather be called a mass murderer sailor? But that’s way more horrible a label than fujoshi…I think. But if it’s you, I bet you’ll wear it proudly.
        Hmmm. I’ve watched some BL when I was in my early teens, but never really got into them. I think it’s only around the time that I started blogging for my site 2 years ago that I began to feel comfortable about the genre. Perhaps because I became more exposed with felllow bloggers who are very comfortable writing about their passion for BL. I think blogging helped open my mind into these fandoms and before I knew it, I began seriously taking their recomendations to read/watch some BL series and ended up liking them. But it’s a very gradual process. I still consider myself to be a new BL fan.


        1. I know I’m wonderful ❤
          Yes, I would indeed wear it proudly. I sail as I mass murder, you don't know what I'm murdering, it could be anything so it's not horrible 😛
          So blogging has been worth it just for you to fall into BL hell wooo! *_*
          I'm glad it helped open your mind and be more comfortable with it, and I hope you keep growing as a BL fan ;P
          /laughs evilly
          You'll fall even harder, Arria, just you wait. MUAHAHAHAHA

          Liked by 1 person

          1. BL hell? No way. For me, it’s BL paradise. 😉
            Indeed, I’m becoming more and comfortable with it to the extent that I watch Junjou Romantica & Sekaiichi Hatsukoi on our family TV with my dad shaking his head at me, but still letting me do shriek in delight as I watch in front of my entire family. Ahahaha!
            Well, you temptress. You just don’t tempt me with those otoge but with BL series, too. What’s next?


            1. It’s hell because it’s so good we suffer ❤
              OMG, you watch BL in front of your parents, I tip my hat to you! I'm deeply in the closet in RL when it comes to being a nerd for anime, manga and such :'D
              Shrieking with friends is always fun, so own it!
              My life goal is to tempt you with everything, I wanna be the biggest enabler in your life 😛
              /rubs hands maniacally
              Just you wait (・ωー)~☆

              Liked by 1 person

  5. So true. I don’t identify as fujoshi. Because, yeah, yaoi is cool, and a lot of my ships are yaoi. But fujoshis have this aura of crazy fans. I’m not saying it’s true. But people think so. I’d quite prefer to NOT be associated with that group


    1. I am a fujoshi, it’s just that it’s a smaller part of what I like to do, which is slashing and shipping regardless of genders.
      Unfortunately, fujoshis do seem to have bad connotations, even tho it’s a small minority :V


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