Hakuoki is Best Experienced the Second Time Around


The first time I played Hakuoki I clearly remember getting the common route/forever alone twice in a row, and didn’t know about guides so… I didn’t get anywhere. This time around I got a game over on my first play… my powers of getting bad endings has gotten stronger! xDDDDDD;

If you saw my first post about Hakuoki….then I’m really sorry. I was young, immature and also wrote worse, even tho it was only 2 years ago /cries of blood

For countless years I’ve been biased against Hakuoki because of that first experience with it, I was also really new to otome games (AND STILL AM, OI), but it was like my second otoge after YoJinBo, so I wasn’t prepared for it.

I kept seeing people talking so well about it, and how it was their first otoge and set their standards, and tbh kept thinking I needed to give it a fair chance. An honest, open-minded try. And the time has come. Whether it’s my age, my patience or me being prepared to what I was gonna encounter, I enjoyed it way more the game this time around. I also didn’t find it boring or that it was dragging.

I tried to find a route order, after playing blind and getting the game over, but couldn’t find one, so I just did the common route following this lovely guide for the 3DS version (which also works for PSP) by Angel/GrumpyCat, which she has guides for other games.

As this game covers a range of years, from 1865 to 1868, it was really interesting to see that frail, weak Chizuru grow from meek to someone that stands for herself, and is more resolute. Seeing her mature, grow and even start fighting and killing enemies was great. I was glad I gave her a chance, and this time around I really liked her. I must’ve been on a bitchy phase when I played Hakuoki the first time around, because I always like MC’s from games and series!

Chizuru suffers a lot, getting choked a bunch of times, forced to blowjob glass vials, watch her comrades and friends die and desert the Shinsengumi, so all I wanted throughout the game was to wrap her in a nice, warm blanket and give her a cup of warm milk with toast, because geezus! She’s my little, precious bean now ❤


Okita is fuckboi1 from the game, because of that and already being spoiled about his…uh, condition, I decided to play him first (after getting the game over and the common route). I was actually really surprised by him, mostly because he wasn’t the fuckboi I expected, tho he did keep promising to go all yangire on Chizuru :’D I think the thing that most surprised me wasn’t him though, it was Chizuru maturing and becoming a fighter, killing enemies alongside him. That felt so great, I was super impressed! Okita likes his blood hand/finger-fed (^_<)~☆

Hijikata being the poster boy is weird, tho he’s very beautiful, Chizuru is just the errand, tea maker throughout his whole route, and does not fight alongside him, like she did with Okita! Tho I must admit his choice of place to suck blood from was very interesting (^_<)~☆ He went for the back of the neck and damn A+ (●´艸`)ヾ

Saito was an interesting route,  and when he blushed…HNNNNG, YAS BOY, COME TO ME, COME TO MAMA’S BOSOM /SQUEALS. Tho what I really wanted to do was undress him AND /lewd ensues… (●´艸`)ヾ His choice of place was behind the ear, and damn if he didn’t slurp and whimper into her ear and made Chizuru all hot and bothered! (^_<)~☆

Kazama was actually really disappointing, I was expecting something a bit different than just that tacked on “final” chapter they did for him, you also basically learn nothing with it (´・ω・`)

Heisuke was the delicious shota I was looking toward to, and damn if he wasn’t worth it! /fangirl scream. When he bluuushed MY GOD, YEEEES, SO ADORABLE. And when he cut his hair???? LIKE MY GOD, SLAY ME IN, MILL ME DEEP, HE WENT FROM “SO CUTE” TO JEESUS, LET ME BANG YOU!” hnnnng Chizuru slaps him and tells him how it is, go girl! She’s pretty carnivore in his route, she confessed first AND kissed first, YEEES, DO IT. That ending CG was CRIMINAL, HEISUKE ALL MATURE AND ALL? HNNNNG, LET ME BANG YOU HEISUKE (●´艸`)ヾ His choice of drinking from her was AWESOME, lots of licking arm CGs

Sano was a big surprise! I left him for last because in the guide GrumpyCat said it was the most resolute of the bunch, and it is true~ When he cut his hair he went from fuckboi2 to HOLY SHIT MAMA, PAPI DO ME IN. Plus those clothes HNNG. And when he blushed? OHLALALA /deep breaths. The thing I liked the most on Sano’s route is he stays human, never becomes a fury, and is still able to both protect Chizuru, and stay with her. It felt so fresh! AND THE ENDING, IT WAS SO AMAZING, I FELT SO COMPLETE. DADDY-O! SANO BEST BOI /more deep breathes

I searched everywhere for a router order, but there was none to be found, which is weird since I’m used to always seeing route recommendations :’D, so I decided to make my own: Kazama > Hijikata > Saito > Okita > Heisuke > Sano

I think if there’s anything that I wanted more from this game, it would’ve been some THIGH SUCKING, WHY NO LICKING HER THIGH AND SLURPY SLURPING? T.T I felt really content after playing the game, and no impulse to get any of the other games. Tho I’m sad I didn’t get to experience the extra content of the PS3 and Vita versions, I’m okay with it. If there was someone that needed banging to chill out it was Sanan, but he’s not an option in the remakes either way :’D Tho Shinpachi and Yamazaki are newly added options T_T

I hoped you liked my traverse and second attempt at going through this game, and that this was fun to read as it was to both write and play~

Have you heard about this game before? Have you played it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!


  1. Wait wait! Seriously? I didn’t know there were remakes where Shinpachi and Yamazaki was an option! I want Yamazaki’s route…
    Even though I have the ps3, I bought it on my phone so i didn’t get the extra content (even tho i badly want it) cause my family members could walk in on the wrong time and embarrass me.
    I haven’t done Hijikata and Sano’s route yet so i didn’t read those 2 sections. I did the order completely different from you! I planned on playing Hijikata last cause apparently it gives the most info and is the longest route.


    1. Yes, seriously! Aksys brought the PS3 remake, but I’d love them to bring the Vita remake too T_T
      Ah, you bought the mobile version! Yeah, portables are great because of being able to play stealthily :’D
      Hijikata is the longest route, so to learn best about the history of the Shinsengumi, you could play it first to have basis for the rest of the routes. The game isn’t really set in stone, so play it like you want to~
      You’re in for a treat with Sano! *_* He’s SO BAE <33

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The reason i left Sano for second last was because i had a feeling Sano was going to become my favourite. It was hard to hold out man.
        And gosh i dont know if i regret buying on my phone instead. Hopefully they bring to vita so when i buy my first handheld console vita in 2 year’s time i can buy the remake. Gotta play the ninja’s route!


        1. Sano is the one with the best ending, so you definitely have good intuition!
          Don’t regret it, you’ll still be able to experience one of these days. You could always just see a LP of it, it’s what I’m planning to do. A kind soul in Twitter linked me to it, so I’ll see. Yamazaki deserves it ❤

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  2. Aww, too bad you couldn’t play the PS3 version. It’s awesome! It especially helps Kazama’s route.

    If I remember correctly, they wanted to do a thigh/leg blood suck, but it was rejected for being too sensual or something.

    Personally, the order I recommend for story purposes is Hijikata –> Saito –> Kazama –> Heisuke –> Sano –> Okita. The three long ones that cover roughly the most history and their journey first, then the ones that split off. Enjoyment-wise, it’s Okita > Sano/Saito > Hijikata > Kazama/Heisuke.


    1. Damn, really? I did hear good things about the remake fleshing out more. I wonder if Aksys will bring the Vita version/remake too or nah :’D
      Tho yeah…it’s real sensual but hnng, I live for it T_T
      True, true, but the story-heavy ones were also the ones more disappointing ._.
      Sano’s route was so good hnng <33
      Oooh, you're a fan of Okita! I liked his route because of how much growth Chizuru did *_*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Probably a tough decision to bring over Shinkai. Otomate doesn’t even want to license SSL, and I’m sure a lot of people will either complain about a) yet ANOTHER version of Hakuoki instead of something new and/or b) having to buy two games for the full story.


  3. Hakuoki was my first otome and I loved it! I mostly used the guides after the first play through though.


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