Wikibooks is an Amazing Trove for Language Learners


So ya’ll know I’m into learning languages, if you didn’t notice… you’re very unaware 😛

I had no idea Wiki had a version called WikiBooks to teach things, as in with lessons and some are even PDF’s and can be downloaded, but that’s right.

Particularly of interest to me, it has a bunch of languages! Tho it has for other things, I’m not going to list them because I haven’t searched that side of things xP

Most surprising is that it has a very diverse wealth of languages, including Asian languages!

Of particular notice, there’s a Japanese one, click hereKorean, click here; German, click here; Spanish, which has a PDF version to download, click here; Italian, click here; French, has a PDF version, click here;

I also has uncommon/harder to find languages like Swedish, click here; Finnish, click here; Chinese, where you can find MandarinCantonese, Classical, Pinyin, Hokkien and more, click here; Malay, click here; Arabic, click here; Modern Greek, Ancient, Koine, click here;

And many more that, I can’t list all because it’d be exhausting.

You can choose to find languages by their Continents/Area, click here, and so find the rest. It’s truly a trove, and I think anyone that loves languages will be amazed by this.

Of course, do notice this is made by volunteers and people like me and you, just like in Memrise courses not done by the Memrise team, so be aware it could have some errors and are also works-in-progress.

If you’ve used any of these before, I’d love to know your experience and what you thought of it!


    1. Hehe, I’m glad to be of help, and introduce others to helpful resources :DDD
      It is my calling in life /innocent, angelic face

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  1. wow I didn’t even know people teach Hokkien. But I suppose it’s a pretty big dialect. (I grew up listening to Hokkien so I understand it, but can’t speak it)


    1. I had no idea there was this many languages to learn, Wikibooks is like a treasure box for me, if I could, I’d learn a bunch of languages all my life and that’s it hehehe
      Ooooh, you know Hokkien! That’s great, I love finding people that are bilingual or more! 😀

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  2. Oh, oh my goodness. This sounds like a fantastic resource–was a big fan of memrise for German back in the day. And I really want to brush up on Italian again. *o* Thanks for sharing!!


    1. Memrise is still amazing, especially after all the additions they’ve been doing! For vocab grinding, it’s really great.
      You’ve studied German? I’m gonna make you my German-senpai in the future then!
      Ooh, nice to know another person wanting to learn Italian, yay \^o^/
      RN I’m studying Japanese and deepening my Spanish knowledge, so Italian, German, French and Italian, and Korean too, have been set back until I progress more, but I’m excited to learn all of them!
      I hope it helps you, cause I’ve been using their spanish one, and it’s really well structured~


      1. In school I’ve studied French and Italian. Unfortunately since it was school from a while ago I forgot a lot :(. But I really loveddd it when I took Italian (I had a really geeky teacher, too, so bonus!). I really want to brush up on it. French is also v nice–really like the langauge, so I will look into that too :)!

        As for German, I lived in Germany for a year to do research. I kept myself busy with other things instead of language learning–not a good choice!–so I had absolutely zero German and was thrown into the environment, haha. 😀 I know a bit. I did take a few classes there and was valiantly trying to learn the language, so memrise was a godsend for vocabulary. (I got pretty good on the foodstuffs for the most part :P.) I’ll try to help you as much as possible!

        Wow! You’re so motivated. I’ve only looked at a few of your posts so far, but it’s been really enjoyable reading. 🙂


        1. I studied French in school for 3 years and remember fuck all, schools aren’t really into teaching you stuff, they’re more into making you memorize temporarily tbh
          Ah good teachers are so hard to find!
          Oooh, thrown into a country you can’t speak the language is always scary :’D
          Aww thanks and that means a lot to me, I’m glad you’re liking my posts and what you see >////<
          Naah, I'm not really all that motivated. Hence me just focusing on actually learning Japanese for now, and Spanish is more of a deepening because I know a large quantity of it :3


          1. Yea I definitely agree. I know a lot of folks who’ve studied languages for 9 years but because they didn’t practice with a native or good speaker/weren’t in the country the language wasn’t there.

            Well you seem like you’re immersing yourself in languages so you’re already a huge step ahead :3

            Did you teach yourself Spanish too?


            1. You don’t have to be in the country, you just need the media. Movies, series, books~
              Hah, immersing myself in languages… only a little xD
              My main language is Portuguese, so I can understand Spanish since being a child, but I’m deepening to be able to use and think in it, plus there’s some differences to the languages, so I wanna cover those :3


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