Helping Uncover the Truth in Liar! with a Compilation of Links


As most of you know, Solmare, Cheritz and Voltage are boxing in the F2P rank currently, duking it out with Guard me Sherlock, Mystic Messenger and Liar. Which is delightful, seeing companies each other for better products? AWESOME, A-GRADE, DOUBLESAUCE.

Liar doesn’t take as much adjustment as Mystic Messenger did, but you’ll find yourself surprisingly needing Cool Points, A LOT OF COOL POINTS, like CRAZY AMOUNTS of them. In fact, I had to quit 6th Liar route near the end because not enough points, and I wanted to take advantage of the 5 tickets = 50 coins campaign that is currently on,in order to amass coins for at least one lover’s route which is money only/coins only~

Plus at some times I had to look at a guide to see if I was choosing the right dude, because I want them full Savvy Points to get S Rank and unlock all the endings in one go!

So for that reason I had to search for some guides, and now I’m compiling them, I hope you enjoy them~!


EverLastingButterfly did a lovely FAQ and Tips, click here, to help smooth the ride as you go into the game, do check it out! (thanks to Rain for point out I had the wrong person). She’s also done from the Prologue to the 9th Liar, click here for 9th.

You’ll definitely need a Flirt Time Answers guide, to get all them points the best. Corinne and Riceball from OtomeDreamWorld have one, very easy to peruse, click here. They also have for Liar 1, Liar 2, Liar 3, Liar 4.

OtomeObsessed has from the Prologue to the Liar 7, click here, also Flirt Time Girl Power and Seduction Questions, she does great work so do check it out!

Annete from WelcometotheWonderland also has one covering the Prologue to 8th Liar, click here; Flirt Time answers, click here; Lovers Routes (which are the guys that are liars starting from Liar 6, SO BEWARE THIS), click here;


Gossip or Truth!? By OtomeObsessed, here.

If you know of any others, or you spot mistakes/errors, do tell me!

I hope this helps anyone coming into the game~


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  1. This is so useful, thanks! 🙂
    Btw, the “FAQ and Tips” is originally by everlastingbutterfly (tumblr) not OtomeSweetheart and she also has walkthroughs up to the 9th liar.


    1. Ooooh, thanks! I didn’t notice that, oop I’ll fix it rn :’D
      Ooooh, I’ll have to look to see where her walkthroughs are then, I’ll need them! >_<


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