Mystic Messenger – Jaehee is a Burnout Workaholic That Needs Your Love



I’ve also done posts on YoosungZen.

A lot of people don’t like Jaehee, nor do they do her route, because they believe she’s jealous and wants Zen’s dick. Well I’m here to tell you NO, SHE WANTS MC, REAL BAD. Also, ya’ll don’t know what you’re missing by not doing her route!

Multiple times she says in her route that she doesn’t want Zen, and Zen complains that all Jaehee can talk is of the MC when they’re together. So if anything, Jaehee is jealous when MC gets with the other dudes, and not because she wants any of the other dudes. SHE IS MY LESBIAN QUEEN, AND YOU CANNOT REMOVE HER GAYNESS.


Jaehee, or Baehee because she’s bae, and Yoosung are both me, seriously. They’re both characters lost in life, without dreams, paths or future to look forward to. I’m really glad I did her as my second route, she really compliments Yoosung’s, they’re similar routes but in different ways~

This game is too real, really, because Jaehee is a washed out assistant, doing work she doesn’t like, and working her life away because she knows nothing else.

She’s tired all the time, barely eats because of the demands of the job, has to deal with unholy expectations and situations, without rewards or appreciation.

All I wanted to do was wrap her burrito style and hug her close, because Jaehee didn’t have an easy life. From her parents, to her uncles, to then her job which demands to spend all her waking hours on it, she’s a boat drifting in the sea, without lights to guide her.

That’s what we become, in a way, we shower her with love, appreciation and compassion, and Jaehee slowly starts to bloom and come into herself, realizing the life she’s been dealing with isn’t what she truly wants, nor one she deserves, considering all the stress and personal demands from Jumin.

One of the moments I most liked aside from her, was when Seven broke the 4th wall saying we were on the romance, oop nope nevermind, friendship route with Jaehee. Clearly indicating this is gay, AND IT IS. GAYEST ROUTE, BLESS.

I had to wait a while to be able to do her Party, cause Cheritz’s updates broke the party on my system and made them crash, but it was so worth it to see her take the reigns of her life and gives a big FU to Jumin and totally proposes to the MC!

Plus her After Ending was Jaehee doing what she wanted, and she returned to being BEAUTIFUL, AND SO GAY WITH MC. I AM BLESSED EVERY DAY BY THEM. Plus the plot thickens with some V remarks, and also made me ship Jumin x Yoosung. I’ve been a V x Yoosung shipper because in Yoosung’s route their moments were beautiful and made me all gooey, but I can see this pairing now too~!

If you’re a Jumin fan, let me tell you there’s Jumin CG’s to get here, and there’s loads of him, plus you get solicited by him with a CG involved in it ;P /hint hint, nudge nudge

Have you done this route? What did you think of it? I’d love to know if your opinion and perspective are different from mine or not, so feel free to comment!

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  1. 😮 amazing?? no… I just.. was really curious about Rika. Our friends in the RFA love her, so I couldn’t help but want to know about her.

    Echo Girl~ I saw her as a rival and villian for sure. At first I was like, “oh god… cliche bratty girl just arrived.” Until I realized just how far the writers took the cliche trope that she is. Then I just thought it was hilarious! I was really surprised to find out so many fans hate her (and Jaehee in this route) with a passion. After I read her description in the artbook, it was confirmed for me, that she was meant to be entertaining lol. (But then, that applies to all the characters in one way or another~ lol)
    oops, this post isn’t even about Jaehee…


    1. Of course you’re amazing! <333
      The RFA crowd sadly doesn't have much taste, specially the males, considering 3 of them are whipped by her pussy smh
      Echo Girl…can't even /rolls eyes at her Don't hate her, but the drama I could've done without
      It’s fine, we’re having a fine conversation, I have no problems going out of topic since I do it all the time 😛


      1. LOL ! they have bad taste ! XD ah hahaha~
        I have bad taste too tho. well, at least in fiction. cuz its not real. Kind of hard to meet guys with bad personality that also truly love you. Usually the bad personality prevents that LOL. (Toma, I luv u~~~!)

        Hmm, there are good reasons why each character liked Rika though. But I fear it is spoiler territory to discuss them. Still, this has given me something to think about. I want to do a spoiler-heavy post about MM, and this is giving me ideas for what I wanted to mention.


        1. In fiction you can do everything, that’s the appeal to start with, that’s why I don’t approve of people shaming people over what 2d waifu they are into. It’s not real ffs!!! Smh
          In reality Toma would have murdered you after the capture tbh ww
          Ooh, I’m interested in those reasons, I’m on Jumin rn and feel like he liked her but never got on her because she was V’s.
          I’m looking forward to your spoiler-heavy MM post then! I should be done with all the stuff by day 7, cause I want to unlock the max speed button for free, but we’ll see if I have enoughhourglassess for that :’D


          1. “In reality Toma would have murdered you after the capture tbh ww”
            ROFL !! Well, he is kind of into murder… lol I have him all over my walls and the thought that he’s here for murder just makes me laugh harder! xD
            ^^ good luck with MM. ’til next post~ lol


            1. Nah, Toma is only into murder if he’s pushed, caging is hardly life threatening haha Tho he did kill the MC in one end……… Smh, on Halloween’s he climbs out from the posters to kill xD
              Thank you!~


              1. Oh man, that’d be a good horror movie! your idol posters become possessed. you’d have some reeeeally sexy monsters, and the perfect excuse!
                plus Toma does actually murder some ppl in another route (obviously a bad end LOL.) I personally thought it was the creepiest part of the game. “um.. Toma? why are the walls red??” LOL

                (wth I thought I was done word blabbering at you =_= I blame the good movie idea. let’s make that movie lololol! )


                1. Yeah it’d make a great horror movie…BUT I HAVE POSTERS IN MY WALLS, HELL NO SOB
                  Toma murders people, he also murders the MC in one route /rolls
                  Blabber at me, I love talking hehe ;P /winks
                  It would be a great horror manga, or story, or comic too! A franchise based on it, we’d be rich!

                  Liked by 1 person

  2. Yup she’s totally your girlfriend. They just shy away from saying it outright to “play it safe” with users that just want a BFF.

    Jumin’s the villian in this route, and you gotta stand up to him for your Baehee! And because of that, I put off Jumin’s route til later. I thought it’d be weird to play him next.

    Though by the end of her route, I wasn’t having too much fun. One reason, because I thought Jaehee would be a bit more of a kuudere, but she really wanted to be different. I understand character growth and stuff but sometimes… I just want the person I first met. XD
    The other reason I felt sour halfway through is cuz the heroine is even more of a support character than usual, and not so much the MC of the story. I live my own crappy work-filled life so reading about it is just depressing. Lol I play games to forget the workplace. xD

    But it’s still a well-written story, and it’s super cool being a trio of friends with Jaehee and Zen. Hearing Zen talk on the phone in this route is really interesting (as someone who played flirty Zen route first.)


    1. I do know that in Korean it seems they’ve made it more obvious she was gay for you, so I wonder why they adapted it to be less gay T_T
      Jumin was a fucking asshole in Jaehee’s route, I can’t even ugh
      I didn’t feel like doing Jumin’s route either after her’s, just really turned me off
      I think it’s because Jaehee was smothered for YEARS under Jumin’s rules, so she was all F THIS SHIT, I’M GONNA GO WILD NOW THAT I’M FREE, but she was still the bun she was when we met her, just more chill. I do understand what you mean tho!
      I agree, but it also felt nice that Jaehee bonded with Zen and beyond being a fan to being a friend, but yeah, I wish we had more scenes with her T_T
      Zen is totally third-wheeling it on this route www
      I’m in the midst of Zen’s route and he’s such a cinnamon roll, so far the only characters I’m not liking at all are Rika, and the bitchy female girls like Echo Girl, just NOPE at them ugh =_=

      Liked by 1 person

      1. *GASP* you don’t like Rika?! how .. how could you!?!
        I didn’t have feelings about her either way for a long time. Just the RFA is so enamored with her, so… XD
        yes, we are supposed to hate Echo Girl so it’s all good! until you hate her so much you become a raving lunatic over it. XD
        lolol “Zen is totally third-wheeling it on this route www” That made my day.


        1. I have a feeling Rika is like Kikyo so I’m not stoked about that sigh
          How could you stay neutral for so long?! You’re amazing! :0
          Naah, I dislike Echo Girl but she was just a dumb teenager, we’ve all done dumb decisions and things. She’s still gross for doing it tho.
          Lmao, it’s because it is true!


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