Halloween Reaches Mystic Messenger as does Paying For Loading Saves


That’s right. The free period of loading saves has ended, now you have to pay 5 hourglasses per loading. I figured it’d come soon because they’ve added the scapeship rewarding from 3 to 5 hourglasses per day, which is a lot!

I love the Halloween illustration, they’re so cute!


Cheritz has also done an announcement that if you unlock the Good endings, After endings and Secret endings until November 7, we’ll get the Max Speed button for free, so get on that!

Which means the max speed trial has indeed also ended, which I knew was coming.

Don’t forget they’ll soon remove the free save slots too, and make only one free slot unless you buy more!

You can read Cheritz’ post here.


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  1. and so I will delay updating for as long as possible… lol
    I posted this on FB but it sums up how I feel about the load cost:

    Personally I think they already make enough money from calling cards and ppl that need HG for missed chats (which is like… everyone cuz we all have work and school lol). and they kept selling out of the VIP.

    the paying to load a game is mostly just so you don’t cheat by slowly racking up HG that get granted in some chatrooms. if you have to pay 5 HG to reload then you wouldn’t gain any HG in the end. I think they should have just removed the free HG in chats, instead of paying to load… but then some users would complain about that instead so it’s unlikely it’d ever happen. x’D

    Of course the other reason is to just make money, by taking our “shortcuts” away, to retry days for different endings. The game is a money sink for completionists. I wouldn’t have played it if they hadn’t lifted the cost to load shortly after launch. They are focusing on making a bit of money, from lots of people that want to pay as little as possible, instead of making decent money from people that are used to paying for $60 games up front. It’s a smart tactic but annoying for people willing and able to pay (as opposed to lots of people that want games for free, or nearly free.)

    That said, I am glad the game got ridiculously popular so we can get more content and merch. I’ve been wanting to buy useless cute things lol, and I keep urging fans to send in official suggestions to get a good route for V. (i think they are working on it, but more fan requests the better I think, so that put a lot of effort into it.) My point being, I still want to throw money at Cheritz lol.


    1. Can you delay updating tho? I thought all updates were forced xD;
      I’m not too salty about the load pay, they’re giving free hourglasses every day with the spaceship!
      I think they’re just trying to get more $$$$ for doing the extra character routes, more voice acting, or another game, who knows~
      TBH….maybe I’m a demon and a souless bastard, but I don’t mind the missed chats and just continue xD;;;
      I feel like while MM is really good and interesting, I also feel like that 60$ tag isn’t reflective. MM is only 11 days per route, that’s insanely short, I know the game has a lot of content, but I also feel that for glorified 2k hourglasses, some extras, and call cards, that price tag is a bit of a robbery xD;
      I think a lot of gamers would’ve felt happier if buying the VIP package meant you were free from using hourglasses at all, so in a way, missed chats wouldn’t cost anything for them.
      But I dunno how hard that would be xD;;;


      1. yeah, less salty cuz they implemented the spaceship lol.
        and I’ve been playing since launch so I got a lot of free HG ^^;; for glitches that didn’t affect me much.

        well, I’ve delayed updating for a few hours to a day before, by just leaving the app open. If I leave it too inactive though, it’ll want to restart, and then at the login I have to update. which unfortunately I have to do at this moment… T_T

        I’m a completionist and I want to try every option and get the Extra menu filled lol. If you do every choice, it’s almost like being able to replay it via the Extra menu. ..minus the profile stats and changing avatars and texts… I’m a nut so I screenshot like everything. except guest emails I don’t care about them LOL, unless a really funny one appears.

        The game is really expensive. They have been having trouble with piracy (like any other developer really.) They tried DRM on Steam with their previous games, but that didn’t work. So they went mobile to make it harder to crack, and still have checks throughout the game to see that you are connected to their server and to validate your copy of the game and stuff. I have no idea how much it costs to maintain their servers, that sort of thing depends on a lot of factors. and like you said, they need money to stay employed and working on the app- fixes and new features.

        The game also does have like 3 times the content of their previous two releases, which were 30 USD for a digital-only game. I bet MM cost them a lot. Honestly, Cheritz games are expensive compared to other otome released in the States, but then VN’s tend to sell at a lower price point here than in Japan (at least for otomate games.) It’s hard for me to say what the fair cost is. I wouldn’t compare it to other mobile games either…

        When I pre-ordered the game, I was really really upset to learn how it worked AFTER the fact. Cheritz didn’t really explain the game mechanics. I thought I had bought a whole game; I’ve never paid to get partial access to something. Finding out it cost HG to load a game was the deal-breaker back then. I debated returning the VIP in the mail, and didn’t open the box for the first week. I tried the game out as a free user. Then they lifted the load cost and granted a ton of HG for a really awful bug at the beginning. So I figured… eh. I’ll try it out, I’m already in for it!

        ((sorry… my posts are always so long…)


        1. TBH, I wish I’d started playing MM when it first came out, I could’ve already finished all the content on it, like this it’ll be harder :’D
          Oooh, I had no idea you could do that! Dang, if only I’d known, but it also sounds like a hassle :’D
          MM is hell for completionists, I’m thinking of only getting all CG’s and that’s about it, because it’s way too much. You’re really hardcore, hehe!
          I do tend to be a completionist if it’s a VN on PC or console, without stat-raising struggles X_X, but it’s not something I do for all games. If it’s a hassle I’m like, BYE, after finishing it xD
          MM is definitely their money maker, Cheritz wasn’t well known until MM exploded, so this has done wonders for their reputation~
          I know they’re already making another game, so they’re milking MM to fund it, maybe, who knows~
          Yeah, price tags are really murky, but maybe they saw sales bumps from MM fans going to their PC games?
          Yeah, the game mechanics are a bit fucked. Plus Cheritz should’ve done so that the VIP didn’t need hourglasses, AT ALL, instead of what they did SMH
          And no worries, I LOVE LONG COMMENTS <333


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