Impressions: Butler Until Midnight

This post is only covering the Prologue of the game, and so has spoilers related to it.

First let me say that this premise is one of the most fucked up I’ve encountered, but I’m not very experienced with otome, and if you know more fucked up, then please tell me so I can avoid them :3

Our MC, which has eyes in the OP and I’m hoping has eyes in the rest of the game, is moving from her hometown to Tokyo for her new work at a fashion magazine. She’s shopping for apartment rentals, and gets suckered right in by a too-good-to-be-true deal. She signs the papers without reading, really she just skimmed, and then a month later she’s moving in.

After almost getting killed by an eccentric dude in a limo, that turns out is a butler, she gets taken away to their mansion and changes clothes, that fit her perfectly, has a lovely afternoon even tho supposedly she was hurrying and stressed about going to her apartment because of the moving van /squints

Bla bla bla, she’s very smitten, returns to the apartment where everything has already been unloaded even though how it is possible, she doesn’t know. She doubts her safety because the butlers seemed to know she was moving and blabla, NEVER IGNORE THESE SINGS IN REAL LIFE IT’S STALKERS ALERT PLS, and then goes home and gets butlers in her face.

Turns out they manipulated her and the circumstances for her to fall for their trap and have no other choice than accept living with one of them. Coerced, manipulated, lied to… JUST RUN, SCREAM AND GO TO COURT, THEIR ACTIONS ARE NOT LEGAL

/huffs and puffs

This was the most disturbing prologue I’ve encountered, IT IS NOT OKAY, SHE DID NOT FEEL SAFE, ALL I WANTED WAS FOR HER TO RUN TO SAFETY BECAUSE JFC, SMH
The reason why I even am trying the game is because Voltage is having a campaign right now where you can read for free some dudes routes to chapter 5, I believe, for certain games/characters and I wanted to see what it’s all about, BUT THIS GAME I CAN’T EVEN. Horrible first impression, I never forget bad impressions @_@

You can find the game for android here, and Voltage’s games in the campaign here. It’ll only be available to read till day 13 of this month, so if you’ve been eyeing them, take advantage of this!

Does it get better? Did it disturb or creep you out, or nah?

edit: Turns out this isn’t one of the games in this campaign, and only the first chapter of each dude is free to play! Sorry :’D


  1. I’m laughing, all I could think about while reading this was ‘Hadaka Shitsuji but for girls’. Definitely a strange premise but I guess they were trying to find an excuse to make it justified that the heroine has to be forced with a butler dude.


    1. I definitely want to play Hadaka, but if it’s similar to this….smh xDD
      Right? Most contrived premise, I can’t even

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      1. For your own sanity I suggest not to play Hadaka Shitsuji, it has far worst shit going on (like messed up shit, one butler dude gets raped by a dog?) Just don’t do it man.


        1. Ooooh rape by dogs! I’ve read some mangad with that, it doesn’t disturb me, I’m really hard to disturb haha I just tend to laugh and shake my head x))

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