Mystic Messenger – Zen Hides His Hurt Under the Narcissism


I’ve also done posts on Jaehee, Yoosung.

I wasn’t really for Zen, during the Casual route he just put me off a lot, and so I skipped him for Yoosung and Jaehee, but I kept being told he was a good route and was worth it, so I was like why not? Plus Cheritz is giving the Max Speed button for free if we finish the endings + after + secret endings till day 7, so down i went.

I must really say I was surprised by Zen. Once you enter his route, his narcissism drops and he turns into a lovey-dovey cuddle-bear. He was really sweet and made me aww a bunch of times with his calls and even messages. You could really tell how deep he went for the MC, and he was also a total savage to Echo Girl, gave me years of life from those put-downs!


His route didn’t have a lot of meat in terms of plot-related instances, mostly it was just about Zen, but it was a really good route to just enjoy the ride of the lovey-dovey moments. Plus you can totally tell that he’s one of those that turn stupid during romance and do all those stupid couple moments. I LOVE stupid couples, and they definitely are because they got really cute and sweet~!

Zen’s past was pretty sad, and I could see why he turned narcissistic in order to hide, it was just a mask to hide the fact he had low self-confidence and hurt. His mother was a crazy hoe that belittled him since young, calling him ugly and untalented, since he was born and his father and brother didn’t help at all. He also got taken pictures and people trying to touch him since young, which is JUST FUCKED UP.

You definitely need the After ending because otherwise you might feel disappointed it was only that for the ending.

After doing Zen, my theory that V dies in the routes where he disappears solidified in my mind. In Jaehee’s, V has been MIA for 6 months, in Zen’s he’s been MIA for 2 years. It just makes it very suspicious to me, and is standing out. But I repeat, IT’S MY OWN THEORY, AND NOT BASED ON ANY FACTS BESIDES THAT.

If I have a slight thing to point is that it wasn’t as mind-blowing as hyped, and there isn’t much character development when compared to Yoosung’s and Jaehee’s route, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying it regardless!

Have you done this route? What did you think of it? I’d love to know if your opinion and perspective are different from mine or not, so feel free to comment!

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  1. Hi! I know im late and all;; but i accidentally got a broken heart for zen when i was playing his route on the 6th day…. does that mean i will get a bad ending?


    1. No, you get bad endings if you have low amounts of hearts. A broken heart just means you lost 1 heart. I made a compilation of guides for Mystic Messenger in my blog, linking to good ones if you ever need them.
      Good luck!


  2. Hi, I’m new in the game. im following Zen route,he is so sweet(*_*)
    I have a question about the after ending, I only can do the after ending before get a good or normal ending?
    and after I end the day, it’s don’t change the color (green or yellow) it’snormal?

    thank you so much! awesome blog


    1. After Ending only unlocks after you get the Good Ending.
      Yeah it’s okay, the color isn’t important.

      Thanks, and good luck! 😄


  3. Zen is fine in his own route, but he’s awful in the others especially deep story. On Jumin route, zen is unbearable and he’s such a petty asshole it negates everything I liked about him in his own riute. In sevens route he acts like he’s the only perfect person and everyone else should just listen to him. What an ass. I hate zen so much.


    1. A lot of the characters had different personalities out of their own routes, which was disappointing for sure.
      I don’t hate him, I just think he was mishandled by Cheritz, just like what they did to Jaehee. They made her a total sweetheart in all routes, including hers, except on Zen’s 😦
      Who did you like the best?


  4. Hi, i’m new in this game. I haven’t play Zen’s route yet, even he is my favourite character in this game. I think his character is really fun, even he’s so narcist. Hahaha.. Right now, i play Yoosung’s route, i just can’t wait to play Zen’s route…

    Ps: I’m sorry for my bad english, english is not my first language.


    1. Heya, Sarina! Oooh, you’re new to the game, how are you enjoying it?
      Zen is definitely a good character, and route, tho Yoosung is my fave, so you’re in a for a ride~!
      Don’t worry about your english, mine isn’t my first language either hehe 🙂


  5. Zen . Zen. ZEN.

    I love his voice. So manly and friendly and fun. He is a person that sounds very genuine. When I heard him I was reminded of Tei’s voice from Nameless, but he has more Yuri’s personality cuz of the narcissism, haha~ To me he is somehow a perfect blend of those two. ❤

    I was totally fine with lack of character growth. He is who he is, and the more I got to know him, the more I was in love. Apparently Cheritz designed him with the trait of "perfect boyfriend" lol. I think they nailed it lol.

    I played him first (and this was back on release so like, no biases floating around about anyone yet) and really didn't know what to expect. So the fact that his route didn't have much to do with the main plot didn't phase me. I ended up playing Yoosung third (after Jaehee), and had no idea his route would actually have a lot to do with the plot. By the time I started my third route I was also convinced V disappearing was a common event… By the time I started the last route I was like… thinking about V a lot. ^_^;; I was so happy whenever he showed up after my first 2 tries (routes) lol.

    ❤ Oppa~~~~ One of my favorite calls is the one where the MC calls him oppa. The dialogue box said "Zenny~!" but he was shocked and repeats it back to you in the form of a question. "Oppa? (did you just say that?)" and it made him melt lololol.


    1. Zen is so cute, he’s also easily flustered which is hilarious and super awww
      Yeah, definitely agree that he didn’t have space for too much growth or development because he was already well rounded, which is also good. They can’t all be fucked up and in need of intense healing, or it’d be angst fest :’D
      OMG, did they really say that about Zen? I do agree he’s super sweet and definitely deserves that tag, hehe. I wasn’t into him before the route started, but then he was so so cute, I ended up really liking him *_*
      You’re reminding me I need to play Dandelion, and then Nameless :’D
      Jaehee and Zen really are more of an outsider’s route, because it involves them a lot, but not the other characters as much.
      I’ve been thinking about V a lot, because the dude never appears. He’s like a damn ninja xD
      OMG YES, or when you flirt and he just melts/gets super embarrassed, OHOHOHO!


      1. tee hee, so full of warm fuzzies thinking about Zen. ❤

        I didn't even finish Dandelion LOL. It's different from Nameless, but both have very endearing writing. Which is why I started following Cheritz and waited for MM to come out, the writing is the best. Oh and Nameless has Easter Eggs of Dandelion, so they will makes sense if you play at least one route of Dandelion first. I really should finish it, but my games backlog is so long it just kind of fell behind. -_-;;

        Hehe Ninja V~! I want to hang out with hot photographer-nim. Honestly I want to hang out with him and Jumin too, since they said they were old friends or something.


        1. I’ve heard so much about Dandelion, that I have to play it :’D
          I know that MM has some easter eggs too, which I love to see happen!
          If V does become a route…I wonder how they’re going to do it, considering he appears mostly in Yoosung’s route :’D


          1. I want a route for V so badly. But I am on “pins and needles” wondering how it would turn out. Also I wonder how fans will react to it, because I think everyone wants it written differently lol. I’m trying to hope for the best~
            All else fails, I can go back to Zen. XD


            1. Everyone does have different expectations for it, so I bet they aren’t going to do it, but maybe will do an Unknown one :’D


              1. Well, it would be weird for them to mention that the top suggestion they received was V and Unknown routes, only to not do one. Usually companies stay quiet unless they plan to do it. If they aren’t dumb at least lol. *coughpetermolyneuxcough*


                1. No one has ever said Cheritz is smart tho XP
                  Just kidding, but I think it was more of a “look how interesting” because other companies have done polls and yet never bring the top voted game :’D


                  1. right. I’m on the fence, but it’s not like they did a poll, I don’t think. I think they just got suggestions all on their own, so they could have hidden them. It might happen and be amazing, lol or might not. Either way I bet it’ll be a long time before we see anything.
                    I want to know more about their merch plans 😮


                    1. Yeah, they could’ve hidden it, so it makes me curious if they were already tinkering with the idea of doing their routes or not.
                      I do hope they do a good job tho, if they’re to do an half-assed job I prefer if they don’t add the routes >_<
                      I'm curious too!


  6. Hmmm… I used to think that Zen’s route was just another casual route, but when I read this, I guess I should also give it a try ^^


    1. Aww, nah, his route is really sweet and romantic, if you’re into that then you’ll like it~
      If you do play it, I wanna know what you think afterwards!


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