Guest Blogger TwoHappyCats: Top 10 BL Manga We Love

The lovely TwoHappyCats was asking on twitter if anyone wanted to do collabs, and I thirst for collabs cause I haven’t done many (just one so far t.t) so of course I volunteered! Hehe x)

I haven’t spoken much about BL here, aside from mentioning one in my Top 10 Anime That Made Us Cry , and neither did she, so we figured it was time to fix that! ~(^◇^)/

So I pass the mic to her:




It’s Two Happy Cats here, Hijacked Cat and I are doing this awesome collaboration together. We each choose our Top 5 Boys Love manga, which was so hard to do! I couldn’t choose just 5, and my heart broke when some series just didn’t meet the cut. Below is mine, I hope you all enjoy it. I tried to get a bit of spread – some shounen ai, some yaoi and some VERY sexy.



Work In – Suzuki Tsuta

‘Work In’ is the title of a volume by Suzuki Tsuta (one of my all time fave mangakas). There are 2 stories in the volume, the one I love is in chapters 1 & 2. The story follows office worker Iizuka, who struggles to fit in at his workplace. His co-workers know he is gay, due to a rumor started by his ex-lover, and he feels isolated and alone. In comes a handsome, young, new boss that Iizuka develops feelings for. After a drunken night together, that Iizuka can’t remember, their relationship will change forever.

This was one of the first BL manga that I ever read, and it’s stayed in my heart all these years later. The struggle of Iizuka, with his relationship with co-workers is incredibly heart wrenching. I was so glad to see the new boss sweep him off his feet and into happiness! This manga is a really great intro to BL and also the sweet and soft style fo Tsuta.



Lonely to Organdy – Ogeretsu Tanaka

After a traffic accident, failed singer-song writer Haruto is able to see ghosts. Well, not all ghosts, just one in particular. He can see Akira, a young guy who was killed almost 16 years ago. Haruto is initially freaked out (as most of us would be), but after getting to know Akira, feelings begin to blossom. As Akira dreams every day of his life, their romance is on the clock – what will happen when Akira dreams of the day he died?

This series was only released this year, with 4 chapters currently translated. Every month I anxiously search for a new chapter release, right from chapter 1 I was hooked! The sweetness of Haruto and Akira’s relationship, was so heart warming. Akira was always there for Haruto, even though Haruto couldn’t see him. This series is , like all of Tanaka’s works, very smutty. Prepare for lots of heart racing moments and sexy kisses!



Mou Ichido, Nando Demo – Aniya Yuiji

Fuji Takahiro is suffering from amnesia after being hit by a car, he’s missing the last few years of his life. Wanting to give his lover a chance at a ‘normal life’, Kotou Tarou tells Takahiro that they’re just friends. Takahiro buys it, and they continue an everyday life, that is, until Takahiro finds a sex tape he made with Tarou. Unaware that he was the one in the video he begins looking more closely at his ‘flatmate’, particularly at his sexy beauty marks.

I laughed and I cried with this wonderfully sweet manga. The story is perfectly paced, with just enough gags in it that it’s not a ‘heavy’ read. But not so much, that the emotion and tension of the story is lost. Again, this manga is another sexy read, the characters are just absolutely gorgeous. Highly recommend for any BL fan!



Honto Yajuu – Yamamoto Kotetsu

Honto Yajuu is another long time favourite of mine. The story begins with local cop Tomoharu, helping Yakuza ‘aniki’ Aki, chase down an underwear thief. Aki is desperate to repay Tomoharu, and in fact has pretty much fallen in love with him at first sight. Tomoharu, surprisingly, takes it into his stride, and soon discovers his own feelings for the young yakuza leader.

This is honestly one of the cutest series I’ve read. Aki-chan is such a sweet boy, and just has so many little character traits and funny moments. The series is just such a joy to read. It pretty much just follows the pair’s ‘day to day life’ – which usually involves dealing with mobsters – and how their relationship progresses.



Petite Monster Panic – Kanda Neko

This series is definitely one of the more fantastical of the bunch. The series follows two high school boys, who go to a special school for those with strong ‘kago’. Students with ‘kago’ have the abilities of strong demons or monsters, and the two boys are polar opposites one with water abilities and the other with fire. The two are part of the school’s moral committee, and as they run around solving monster troubles, their relationship develops.

It was refreshing to see an interesting fantasy BL, without toning down the romance aspect. The two main characters were quite interesting, but since the series was short, there wasn’t enough time to fully develop them. I could see this series one day being developed into an anime *fingers crossed*. If anyone is questioning whether they should check this series out, just look at how pretty one of the guys is!! Look at his face!!

Thanks so much for collabing with me TwoHappyCats, it was so much fun! ❤

I hope you enjoyed that, and check my post on her blog, here.

I’m really curious if y’all read BL and if yes, what is your top 10?



  1. Ahhhh they all sound so sweet! I swear, you two together have already got me spoilt for choice for when I have my first adventures in BL manga. Now I’m thinking it will be sooner rather than later.


    1. 😳😳😳😳 /blushes 😳😳😳😳😳
      Do it soon, and start slowly, it’ll definitely enrapture you once you find stories/themes you enjoy experiencing 👌✨
      Maybe start on the soft BL spectrum, like Sumomo Yumeka works and Earthian, until you decide to tackle the more graphic side, but it’s up to you ohoho ✨

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh, maybe Earthian first then? I’m sure once I start I’ll fall just as deep in love with the whole thing as the two of you clearly are 😉


          1. I certainly will. Maybe some of my Christmas money will go towards starting my BL collection 😜


            1. YAAAAAS, I’m looking forward to it then! 😼
              BL for Christmas is the best of gifts! 👌👌👌👌
              Thankfully BL series don’t break the bank, few go over 10 volumes….sadly 😭

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Aww, that’s some double-edged sword. Can see why many BL series wouldn’t do long runs, but I’m sure that sucks when you find one you love.


    1. Honto Yajuu and the other mangaka’s work are really nice and funny~!
      Have you read the ones I mentioned on TwoHappyCats blog? They’re real great ~


      1. well I haven’t read any of them but when I checked it out I decided to try Earthian and I quite liked it. Haven’t finished it cuz still studying for exams so no time, but is it just me or does the chapters do a whole bunch of time skips back and forth. Because I’m confused.


        1. Oooh, yes Earthian is so good!
          Yes they do, basically the first volume the stories are a bit out of chronological order, I think it was supposed to be just some one shots instead of a full fledged manga, hence why it is. But I find it’s still really great despite that ^^
          I hope the exams go well!
          I’m curious what you’ll think after going through all of it ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

          Liked by 1 person

          1. If I remember I’ll tell you once I finished. I tend to get sidetracked too easily while reading manga though. For some reason it only happens with manga…so might take a long while ><


            1. /pressures gently
              Doooo it, remember the sin that awaits you
              Just kidding 😹
              That’s fine, that happens to me when mangas are ongoing or are long and I do breaks and then I forget everything xDD
              You’ll definitely enjoy it once you get through it, so take your time! 😊

              Liked by 1 person

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