Autumn 2016 in Review


Remember my Autumn Plans post? No? Well…go read it!

I kid, I kid! Let’s recap what I said about the games (to see the rest go read it!):


Fan translated

I’d like to continue Storm Lover Kai and actually finish it, but it’s such a huge game that it’ll depend on my willpower!


I’d like to actually to play all of Hakuoki, and finally make a proper thought/review post of it (๑✧∀✧๑)

In Japanese

I’ll set my sights on Starry Sky in Summer, since I checked Norn9 up and my japanese is nowhere near enough to withstand a plot heavy game. I need moar powerzz ⸍⚙̥ꇴ⚙̥⸌



If you paid attention, I succeeded with my goal for Hakuoki! \^0^/ You can find it here. The rest I…didn’t even touch oops :’D


I was taken and dragged into mobile otome hell with Mystic MessengerGuard me Sherlock and Liar! Uncover the Liar, which I did not expect! T_T You find the posts I did for Mystic Messenger here: YoosungJaeheeZen.

Also decided it’d be fun to do a bunch Impressions about mobile otome games, thanks to Liar making me curious about other Voltage games, and did for Butler Under Midnight, hereand Star Crossed Myth, here.

Also ended up plugging into Dramatical Murder hell, and Birb Hell with Hatoful Boyfriend, thanks to finally having a functional PC! :’D

The lovely Mana also sent me Persona 4 Golden and I dived right in, even though I haven’t finished P3P, cause I’ve wanted to play and finish it since my PS2 died when I was going to do a certain cute loli dungeon /coughs



Did math to know how to divide my Japanese studies to be achievable without burn out, and put my target goal for May/June to finish all 2k kanjis aka Joyo Kanjis ٩(^ᴗ^)۶ Also started studying Japanese grammar, and deepening my Spanish.


I had an allergy reaction to one of the medication I was taking, so I had to quit it, and it really messed me up. My sleep schedules got all messed up (´;ω;`)

I have yet to fulfill all the games I’ve wanted to and I suspect it is because my eyes stray easily, I tend to start up a bunch of new stuff and never finish :’D

This coming Winter Plans I’ll definitely be tweaking to feature less games as my goals haha /rolls


  1. I know all about starting and never finishing! I can say I’m a master at that. But I don’t mind, my motto is to go where the gaming mood takes me!


    1. I’m a master of It too, oops! :”D
      Aww, that’s a great motto! I do it too… Then spend years without playing, return to the game where i was midway or near the ending and have to restart from beginning, and the cycle begins anew 😹😹😹

      Liked by 1 person

    1. ^same
      That’s why I haven’t played any of the others, just ended up losing interest.
      I might continue once I feel like studying Japanese again with games, but until then meh :’D


  2. I always start new stuff without finishing too. Really need to fix that.
    Because I can’t play P4 I watched the anime instead. Still playing P3 FES though. Where you up to in P3P?


    1. I’m a serial starter, jeesus, I have issues really 😹
      You and me both, sister! At least just so I can finish some games and anime 🙏
      Ooh, how’d you like the anime, and which version? 👀
      I’m nearing the end of P3P, I’m on January of next year, and need to do the side dungeons before I can move on, just because I wanna finish everything on it and then never play again until a lot of time passes and I play Minato and date the girls 👀👌
      Where are you in Fes? Have you finished Journey yet? :0
      Definitely recommend getting P4 if you get a Vita, or get for PS2 or do it in illicit manners if you don’t have any but have a decent PC 👀


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