Very Flawed Christmas DLC for Mystic Messenger

I was really excited when MM got the DLC, and I still am, but I’ve noticed there’s a lot of things that are standing out, in a bad way.


Cheritz is not using the same artist for the CG’s and the art does not hold up at all, nor does the coloring! The characters don’t even look like themselves to be honest, there’s just something highly off. Ditto for the coloring, hair, of them. While I’d noticed Cheritz used two artists for the main game, the second artist did only the side characters sprites, which was very noticeable because they tended to be 90% ugly. But that’s okay, they’re characters we don’t give a fuck about. But then we get our main boos this weirdly different? It just doesn’t sit right with me! I mean they got really weird proportions, hair doesn’t look the same, they have meat cleavers for hands, when it isn’t yaoi hands resembling crabs

Some examples (warning that they’re CG’s cause those are the new additions to it, but I cropped them so they’re not spoilers!)


The translation is…crap. Less than stellar. While I can still fangirl because Zen is a horny beast, Yoosung the cutiest cutie bean, there were a lot of moments where I didn’t know what the fuck I was choosing or what they were saying, the translation is that broken. Let’s also not forget that some parts are still in Korean, not the chats themselves thankfully!

Some examples (no spoilers)


I get the feeling that the writer might have changed because the characters didn’t act all that much like in the main game. But that can also be me being distrustful because of the art being changed πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ Mind you it’s not a bad thing, and it could also be because of the very dodgy (current) translation.

Fourth is a nitpick:

For the price it was, 100 hourglasses, part of me doesn’t feel like it was worth it considering the issues, part of me doesn’t give a fuck and loves the good parts, and the other tiny part is being distrustful if Cheritz is going to fix these current issues, or they’ll repeat in the future for all their DLC…

Now, this does not mean I’m not enjoying this DLC. I am, trust me. I’ve screamed and squealed because Zen is horny, Seven calls one character Master repeatedly, Yoosung is as cute as ever, Jaehee super precious, we get to date Unknown…you get my point 😹😹 Β It’s just these have been annoying me a little, and I felt the need to warn/unload here hah.

I’m wondering if anyone else has gotten annoyed or noticed/gotten irked by these issues too, and if you’ve noticed something more I haven’t! πŸ‘€πŸ‘€


  1. I agree, but you didn’t have to be /that/ mean about the art style. It is a bit sloppy and un-proportional, but you don’t have to go and say it’s ugly or other insults that isn’t nesessary.


    1. Sorry if I upset you, I wasn’t trying to be mean but I can see how it can come across as such.
      It’s really that it makes the experience of the game itself wonky, to me of course, and I like the characters and the game itself so it disappointed me. I tried to be constructive about it, but alas I might not have been.
      Thanks for your comment!


    1. Thanks darling!
      Lingo is hard, sometimes i forget too xD
      That art style is so sloppy, the only ones that have looked good was Zen and Jumin, so maybe bias from the artist? …

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        1. Zen and Jumin were the ones that looked more like themselves, but not 100% no xD;;
          I haven’t seen daddy Unknown or Seven’s yet tho πŸ‘€

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    1. Good luck! There’s more positives than negatives, without a doubt, some just stood out enough for me to have to call it out.
      I’m real curious and interested in what you’ll think and say, so if you don’t do a post on it, do come back here and tell me! 😼😼

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        1. Nah, don’t start over and get the normal/non romantic ending since you can only restart at midnight if you want to catch all chats either way.
          Good luck trying to get time for it again! πŸ™πŸ™

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  2. I definitely agree! For 100 hour glasses the whole DLC seemed a tad… sloppy. I know the hour glasses are free, but it takes me months to save them all up! I never really liked the design of MC but the DLC took the ugly to the next level ;_;


    1. Sloppy is definitely a good word for it! The art, translation, even bugs, were not perfected as they should have been before launching. I got the sense this was a rushed off DLC just to bank on the holidays 😦
      I had hourglasses saved up, but yeah definitely felt steep when the deep mode isn’t even as expensive as this! πŸ‘Ž considering deep mode leads to all the answers and also to the secret endings, I’m really wondering why they would charge so much.
      Thankfully they’ve released a new patch giving out 50 hourglasses because of how bad the bugs and glitches/issues were on the DLC, so it only became 50 hourglasses yay!
      Oh man… Preach! The mc was cute/nice as much as a eyeless, eyebrowless character can be, but the DLC really made her fugly, yikes!
      Plus it also made some of the other characters look kinda…ugly/really iffy. I hope they don’t hire this artist again for the future DLCs, it’s suffering to look at compared to the main game’s art x.x

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        1. They better do DLC with another artist 😦 I’ll just make a new post if they keep and gripe about the art πŸ’’πŸ’’
          We’ll see if they do fot Valentine’s, they didn’t do for Halloween

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