Winter 2017 Plans


I’ve been completely forgetting to do this, OOPs. I think it’s because tbh I never expected to blog for this long, or to actually be this consistent with both my schedule and with making these plans/goals hahaha

I love having clear goals for 3 months, instead of a full year, a full year means I can just say “oh, lots of time left, I can do it later” and guess what? I never do hah 😹😹 /buries self

I’m going to be adding goals to my blog content, Youtube, and as always, my studies heh.


My scheduled posts have dwindled, and I only have 16 posts scheduled, which is far from enough considering I have huge gaps to July. Currently only January and February are actually the ones full in my plans, so I clearly need to hustle hustle.

My goal for my blog this winter, and also this year /winks, is watching and making more anime posts. I know, I know. There’s so many anime blogs, and you’re all way better than me 💖💖💖💖, but having the clear goal of watching in order to make a post for my blog to grow actually motivates me, so bear with me pls 🙏🙏

Another goal is to try to do more BL posts, mostly because I know a shit ton of positive and great works that aren’t as known, and I really wanna share all the titles I love. I just have to get my butt up and do iiit, someone kick me to do it! :’D


I’ve been very bored of kanji drills, and any kind of grinding of language, so I’ve decided to stop studying. Instead I’m going to try to do immersion more this year. This means my goal for this year in my Japanese studies is to play TWO games completely in Japanese, wish me luck! Last year I only did one, so I know I can do this, I just have to put myself to it 🔥🔥


For this Winter I want to focus on only one game to finish on my portables, mostly because as you all might know, or not, I’ve started a YouTube channel and I’m doing Let’s Play’s in it, so I’m gaming quite a bit, all free games, but I do have quite a backlog I want to clear too. This Winter I want to focus on Persona 3, I’m so close to finishing it /crying emoji I just need to really force myself to grind, do the dungeons and side content, and finally advance from January 1, RIP.


I want to be able to have months ahead in schedule, but I’ll be happy if I can just get one full month ahead. I’ve been recording a lot, so I know I can do it, I just need to edit them and upload, but editing is the hard part tbh :””’D


And those are all my goals, aside from improving my health and also start studying again in school but those I don’t know exactly when it’ll happen so I can’t put them anywhere yet.

I’m curious: do you have goals for Winter? Or do you prefer annual goals? No goals? Or maybe weekly goals instead? Tell me all, I’m super curious how you go about it!


  1. I’m in awe, such a schedule! I always wonder how people can schedule the topics for their blogs, I have none. I just never know what gaming news will trigger my inspiration. I do try to keep up with Friday’s gaming news, and things like game of the Month, but other then that…no plans at all.
    I do have a secret wish to someday do a YouTube video as well, but I honestly have no idea where to start!


    1. Oh, I never schedule themes or the sort. I write whatever I feel like and end up having extra posts because I tend to write in a bulk when I get motivated. So I schedule them all into the future xP
      Trying to keep with things weekly is way too much for me tbh, I’m just really bad at it all. I’m the relax, slouch, forget about it, type so I never remember days 😹
      You should do it! Do whatever you want. Try everything out. See what you like from there. Don’t worry and just go for it!! 🔥🔥🔥


  2. /KICKS YOU/

    also YOUTUBE?! Where?! :000
    i’m going to try playing a bit more too but i just play regular games, been meaning to play some L4D again (which i might do tonight or tomorrow LOL) and Dishonored and Skyrim because i need a bit of distraction if only on the weekends these next few months :”D they’re going to be SO PACKED #ripme

    can you believe i bought a persona game for my xbox and NEVER PLAYED IT. It’s still on my shelf just collecting dust (like my Xbox) orz

    I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! and wow, you’re so right on the blogging for this long, i kind of just started one day bc i thought it would be fun and now here i am, about to be a 2yr blogger (though in terms of content, it’s def not 2 years worth xD)


    yessssssssss more BL content, I’m so down with that like pls I need more BL in my life!!!


    1. /gets sent flying
      here bb:
      ooh those are nice, good luck and have fun! my borrowed laptop could never deal with those games, RIP T_T
      rip u /puts a tombstone on it
      aww, criiiim, thanks <333!!!
      I've quit before, since I started this blog in 2014, spent 2015 without posting, returned this year in february because I got an idea of how and where to take the blog heh
      congrats on getting 2 years under your belt, what matters is you're still trying to do it bb!
      OHOHOHOHOHO, I'll definitely will try, that and sports anime, since I've seen so many and haven't done anything with them and they're my fave genre smh@myself
      Will definitely make a strong push for BL, or try to, wish me luck! :'''D

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      1. i was going to play it because everyone was saying it was good but then i got busy w school and had to put all my gaming stuff away, next thing you know im gaming on my computer Orz

        so all my xbox stuff is just collecting dust LOL and i’d go back to it but i recently lost my cable that connect the xbox to the tv like great me, how could you ALSO lose this xD

        YEAHHHH i’ll be watching you even more closely now >:D

        im just hoping my computer does ok with them Orz been meaning to get something better but that requires money and im kind of tight on cash right now o(-( such is life~

        when will your first video go up? 😀 ahhhh im excited!!! xD


        1. rip school, now you can finally enjoy yourself WOOO
          aw, poor xbox, unloved, untouched, fondle it good now /lewd wink
          Same girl same, I wanna buy a decent desktop so I can game everything and record, since this laptop does NOT have the power for it, but I’ll need 500€ OOPS, money where.
          maybe in 5 years i’ll get it from affiliates + youtube, but DOUBT it lmao
          starting on Monday, there’ll be one video per day, during the week, but none on weekends. I need to catch up on editing, uploading and all that. One of my goals is to have videos scheduled for one month or more for sure, just like I do with my blog. It’ll just take a while to build up :’D
          I’m so glad everyone is so enthusiastic and supportive of my new ventures <3333

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          1. Yesssss, it’s time to treat myself!!!…with things I already own bc i can’t spend money right now Orz man my list of things to buy is only getting bigger and bigger at this rate!! xD

            Oh yes I shall, gotta get that hand practice in again, think my grip is weakening 😉😉😉

            If you find where the money grows send me the secrets!! LOL

            OHPP, you’ve been added to my nightly routine for mondays then! It’ll be go to work=> be a zombie=> eat=> watch Cat like the stalker I am=> read fanfiction=> knock out=> repeat

            Or would it be tuesday HMMM need to figure out this time difference thing xD OF COURSE WE ARE!!! Do you feel the loves, should we send you more, should /I/ send you more 😈😈😈


            1. Oopa, hit send before meaning to ugh
              Money grows trees and minerals, but we can’t replicTe it rip
              Awww, nightly Monday’s, that’s so sweet that you’re adding me to it ffff ;v; /clings to you
              SEND ME MORE LOVE
              SHOW ME HOW YOU DO IT
              //coughs 👌😈😈

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              1. As it turns out, your monday is my sunday night so even better!! (since my weekdays are pretty hectic, now I can just sit down, relax, and see what you played xD)


                I think one of my life’s goals should be to get through my backlog because i want to see if thats even possible x”D


                1. Aw, really?! I always forget i tend to be in the future because of time zones 😹😹😹😹😹
                  Ofc it is, believe Crim and it shall happen 😹😹👌

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  3. Ah! Goals, those are all good goals! I think, for me personally is to really get more content onto my blog. I’ve been weary of getting things out just because I think it’s not good enough, but with the 30 day challenge i found myself thinking what the heck just get stuff out there! Write as much as i can and play with graphics as much as i can. the challenge was an eye opener for me. I’m glad i did it! I’m looking forward to what you have in store!!!


    1. Aww, thanks Zel!
      Oooh, looking forward to the new content on your blog.
      The more you write and publish, the more it gets easier. It’s why at the beginning I could only do like 1 post a month, nowadays I try to hit 3-4 posts a month scheduled, and if there’s any other stuff that pops up I write it out and bam, published hahahaha. it’s why you can find typos and missing words everywhere, I just don’t stress about perfection, I’d never publish anything because I’m really perfectionist if I start on it tbh ORZ
      Write lots, have fun with it, don’t let your head rule you, I LOVE YOUR GRAPHICS, LOVE LOVE THEM, I wish I was that good, all my shit is /coughstakenloudly from google images :””D
      I’m glad you found something to motivate and pump you up, i love your content so WOOOOOO
      awww, thanks Zel, I’ll try my best :’D

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      1. I’m too much of a perfectionist that’s my problem 😭😭 lol my graphics…photoshop or indesign! I have the most fun playing with that it reminds me of school! Thank you though!! I’m super flattered that you love them so much!!


        1. Aw bb, /pats Shake it off bb, shake the perfectionism off 🙏
          Aaah so jelly, it’s so good, i wish my blog had such good graphics, (made by me), sobs grossly
          I do! I can always tell your posts from others because of your beautiful graphics 😻😻

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            1. /cheers
              You can do it bb!
              Yes, just like orgasms, you do it, release it and let it go, don’t look back until months after, then it’s fine /winks

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  4. Best of luck in completing Persona 3. It’s an excellent game. Do I have any goals? Not really, I’m not that organized.


    1. Thanks, Judge! Yeah, it’s good, I’m just at that time where it’s boring to do stuff so I take forever and a day xD;;
      Really? No organization or thoughts at all? Ooh, interesting :0

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