Impressions: Destiny Ninja 2+

From the get go the prologue blew my mind away. Ayame has a sprite, expressions, appears in CGS, has a personality, is gorgeous and has a backbone, plus she’s a fighter and ninja like the guys.

Another thing that really stood out to me was that the effects of the game move on-screen, like autumn leafs dropping down, cherry ones, snow, mist covering the characters. The production values of this game are super great!

Another amazing thing is that the OST is actually super good, heavily using Japanese instruments, gave me vibes of Okami all over again, and I love it! Plus there isn’t just one-two themes, the game has at least 10 or more themes. One for each guy, one for each village, plus the tense moments, lightehwarted moments, and loveydovey ones.

This game could be easily ported to a console, and you wouldn’t be able to tell it was mobile!

The guys sprites also change, as in clothes change, just like Ayame’s, and there’s a dude for everyone, of course ;P  The art really stands out to me as super gorgeous.

Another thing is the system of gaining coins and etc is pretty forgiving, and you don’t even really have to do it, you get a ton of in-game currency from daily draws. The game also gives a ton of drawers, so you don’t have to constantly discard things!

This game is head and shoulders above 99% of the other free mobile games, and if you haven’t played you really need to!

Have you heard about this game? Have you played it? What do you think of it?

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  1. I’ve played about half of the S1 routes and none of the currently available S2 routes (only bec I wasn’t interested in the characters I didn’t play). The guys I’ve played so far are great, but I could do with a more legit badass ninja girl as the MC. IMHO: DN MC is supposed to be a top-level ninja, but Ninja Assassin’s (also by Solmare) MC seems more badass than she is considering the latter was really just a regular girl hanging out with ninja in the hopes of avenging her parents. The translation’s also a bit problematic for me and killed the mood many times, but I like this game overall.


    1. From S2 I wanna play Akira real bad, I’m a hoe for long haired ikemen 👀✨🔥🔥
      Ooh, do you recommend that one then? I do feel like she gets a bit of the sidelines because she can’t fight while she’s cleansing, but she’s emotionally strong so I like her. I do agree I’d like to see a side story focused on her trainings and fighting, and really see her kick ass too! 👀✨
      I didn’t have many issues with DN2 translation, but I’m still playing it haha 💦💦

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      1. Ninja Assassin is one of their older titles, but I like it ‘coz it’s pretty gritty — blood and gore, ninja-style, haha. The guys in her harem aren’t as suave or exciting as the ones in Solmare’s newer titles (maybe?), but it might still be worth a try 😊


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