Valentine’s Reaches Mystic Messenger but Not as Expected

This time, instead of being DLC or chats to go through, it’s just After Ending story for each character. You have to go there and unlock it.  Each character’s Valentine’s  costs 20 hourglasses, so it makes a total of 100 hourglasses.

I’ve been saving up for this, cause I knew they’d release something, so I’m nabbing all of them, of course.

One thing to point out is the new artist is in charge of the new sprites and CG’s still. Valentine’s is years after the main game, where they’re married for a few years already and are more mature.

Sadly I can’t say I like the new sprites or the new artist’s art still. I do notice they’ve tried to match the original, but it doesn’t reach the level of the main games artwork.


As an example, the new sprite for Yoosung:


^what Yoosung says, he has no idea how much he changed considering the art just doesn’t match the main sprites one.

I’m  still getting all the stories, I’m a bit of a completionist if it’s easy enough. But I’m really sad this is gonna be the artist for all future DLC and extras. We all got into MM because of the original artwork. I can only imagine it’s because the main artist is working on the new game Cheritz is making.

I suspect this artist is the same one that did all the side characters sprites for the main game, and those were not up to the standards of the main cast sprites, at all. Still I hope they improve more, and actually get as beautiful as the main game, because I don’t wanna have to look at slightly uglier versions of characters I’ve come it love ORZ

What about you? Do you like the new artwork or prefer the older? Or maybe you don’t care whichever way? Are you getting this extra/bonus content, or are you going to pass? Tell me all!


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  1. It’s been ages since I’ve been in the game, and I didn’t even reach the ending. So many good games to play and so little time! But thanks for the tip! A done deal I guess, they just can’t skip Valentine’s Day, right?


    1. Same, I hadn’t played MM since Christmas DLC, but this was very short and kinda disappointing. I wanted a bit longer for valentine’s.
      I wonder if they’ll do white day too 👀👀

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        1. White Day is for boys giving back gifts to the girls that gave them in Valentine’s. It’d be cool to see it on MM, but I don’t know if they will. They seem busy and kinda rushing stuff out ORZ
          Maybe they’ll do something for Easter hmmm


          1. Oh yeah, now I remember. Checked out New Love Plus some time ago and saw an article about that custom.
            Or maybe they are already on to the next project. 😉


  2. Its been so long since I last played MM and I’m just not okay with the new artist making new sprites. www

    Seeing the original artist is working on a new project with Cheritz, I’ll probably look forward to that. How are the Valentine episodes though Cat so far?


    1. They only did one two new sprites, Jaehee and Yoosung. Yoosung got done dirty for all CG ‘s and sprite too, so ORZ
      It might take a while for their new game to come out, tho I do wish they’d start releasing hype and some tidbit trivia to hype us ORZ
      They’re short tbh I’m disappointed. The third artist and the second artist did CG’ s for all routes, so the style changes and swaps between CG’s in the same route, ORZ
      Only one that didn’t get the third, and better artist, was Yoosung ORZ
      Seven and Zen got really good CG’s tho, horny ones, naughty ones 👌👌


            1. Oh yes, he has the most satisfying ending. Like happy ending for real, a closure and all 😭👌👌👌
              I wonder who your fave is gonna be after going through them all.
              I wish Sanan was a route, he will be one for the Vita version tho oho!! 👌👌👌

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