Destiny Ninja 2+: Shiroya is More than You Bargained For


Shiroya is the shota of the group. He’s an adorable bean that is pretty carnivorous, I mean first CG you get he’s hugging her naked stomach, and you can bet your ass it’s on purpose (^_<)~☆

He’s bright, cheery, cute and so supportive to Ayame, so of course I had to pick him as my first route for this game. I must say, do not regret at all! Shotas usually have better routes and stories, maybe because I love coming-of-age stories. Maybe it’s because their jovial, happiness masks darkness, sadness. They’re complex beans, and never what they appear like, so they’re intriguing.

Shiroya hides a lot of pain and hurt towards his parents, and rightfully so. When he was a child, around 6-8 years, he still didn’t have any power of his own, and so his parents thought it’d be good to send him to a special, hidden training facility. There he got tortured every day by brutal instructors in order to force his powers out, and the poor kid ended up developing a split personality because of it. So even after he left the facility he refused to go back to his parents home, certain that they’d done it because all they care for is power and that they never loved him.

I’m getting ahead of myself, since I have said nothing about the main plot of the game, which is purifying the tainted symbols in the four villages, of which Shiroya belongs to the summer one, because evil spirits spread from it and wreck havoc on the villages. But that isn’t what this game focus, per se.


So then what is Shiroya’s story about? We slowly meet his other self, which is symbolised by a cold personality and reddish/orange eyes, and he says cryptic stuff. Ayame first thinks Shiroya is possessed by one the evil spirits, that is until she learns about from what exactly made him come into reality. Tho a bit like an evil spirit, he was sprout from hate, rage and the desire for revenge. I did the good ending, which meant showing the other Shiroya that Ayame also loves him, and considers him part of Shiroya.

Shiroya matures a lot during his route, he also becomes sweeter and confident in his and Ayame’s feelings, which was great to see! Plus, this game actually has DICK IN THE HOLE, even tho off-screen it’s clearly told it happened, and we get to see some fanservice (^_<)~☆

I was actually really surprised by the twist near the ending, about who the villain was, and exactly what would happen to Ayame and what Shiroya had to do. I was so blown away, I think I crapped myself all over Twitter about it. To be honest…I don’t expect much from otome mobage, because I’ve experienced some bad ones, but this one not only has a solid story, it has really great artwork, and special effects that move in the screen! AND it also has more than the same 3 tunes, each village has their own unique theme and everything!

So I highly recommend playing this game AND this route, I’ve already done Ayu’s and I wasn’t as blownaway by his route :C

Have you heard about this game before? Have you played his route? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!

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  1. Haven’t played Shiroya myself ‘coz I don’t like the type, but your review of his route has me intrigued! (Why is it that this character type is also depicted with a split personality of sorts? I’m reminded of Kanato in DL and, heck, even Ieyasu in his SLBP incarnation.)


    1. I’ve done my job then, Shiroya’s was a real good route and you should play it 👌👌👌🔥
      I think it’s because it’s fun to do a nice, sunshine boy actually a darker, angrier side. Luckily both sides are interesting. I’m not biased at all from him having sex with Ayame or anything on his route, which never happens 😹😘

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  2. WHAT.A.CUTIE. I’ve been meaning to play this game, but wasn’t sure if I needed to play the first one to understand this one? I can’t wait to see your other posts on it ^_^


    1. HE’S CUTE AND OOHOHOHO, he’s a carnivorous one 👌
      You don’t need to play the first game. This one is like 500 years after the last one or something of the sort. Super newbie friendly! 👌
      I don’t have other posts for it yet haha, mostly because the other dudes haven’t compelled me to write about them. I’m also a slow player hah.
      If you do play, I’ll look forward to yours 👀✨

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