More Feels than Birbs in Hatoful Boyfriend


Okay, so this game is definitely a WTH AM I PLAYING, WHAT JUST HAPPENED, WHY IS, type of game, which makes it really interesting to me!

To start with, I found some guides in order to play it. OtogeMeow’s, by Neko-chan, who has done for Ryouta, SakuyaNageki, Yuyuya, Kazuaki, Shuu. For the rest, you have to find others that cover them. One is in Steam, covering from the Bad End to BBl Epiloge. And also this one in GameFaqs, done by our Krystallina from DaiyaManga!, which also covers from the Bad End to BBL.

Before I get to the guys/routes, let me just that WHAT THE HECK MAN, THIS GAME IS BRILLIANT BUT INSANE. Like the sprites are super big, so all I can think is GIANT PIGEON/BIRBS. The background art is gorgeous, and so so pretty, which makes the photographs of the pigeons even more hilarious www. The other really WTH thing is SHE LIVES IN A FUCKING CAVE. A CAVE GDI. And also loves to call herself a hunter-gatherer, which is funny tbh xDD She also seems to dig her own house and build its walls, so I suspect she’s actually naked and a cave-woman throughout the whole game!


Now for the characters, which I tried my best not to spoil :’D

I started with Ryouta, because I liked him and Nageki the best out of the bunch, while I wanted to fuck Sakuya because of his tail feathers but then his human sprite is a douchebag nothanks.

Ryouta is a cutie and sweetie, prone to getting sick. He’s working really hard to support his sickly mother, who’s in a hospital, so he needs lots of love and support ;_;

Sakuya, which has two ends, was actually better than I thought, considering his douchebag sprite. He actually has a dream he wants to fulfill, but that he isn’t sure he can because of his father’s expectations as the first born. He was actually really sweet, and funny too!

Nageki was next, and I took a shine to him since the beginning. I wasn’t expecting the truth about him, and he made me cry, and it was so sad and he’s so sweet, and he deserves better than he got T_T

Yuuya was actually more interesting than I expected, I wasn’t expecting much out of him and his route, but there were guns and agents and politics involved. All I wanna know is, how exactly do birds fire or hold a gun? Or for that matter, hold hands with a human??

Okosan has two endings, also his sprite is a pigeon too xDD, and one was really crazy. His route made no sense, and all I can say is, there’s so much pudding, lots of pudding, dominated by pudding, ruled by pudding. /stomach growls Now I want some pudding too T_T

The Bad ending was actually really surprising and made me shook. Our MC is a test/trial…Poor girl, she had no idea what was waiting for her :C

Kazuaki is the professor, and a narcoleptic, but he actually was really mysterious, and his route raised more questions than answers. I wondered if the in BBL route it’d be answered or not. Hint: it is!

Shuu, has two endings, one worse than the other, which I thought it was going to be hard to do, CONSIDERING HE IS PSYCHOTIC AND WHAT HE DID, AAAAH. Never trust psycho birds, never!

Anghel was one of the characters I had no idea existed, or could be romanced, since he only gets triggered if you choose certain things. I was WTF throughout the route, AND EVEN WORSE, I FELT EVEN MORE WTF AFTER IT ENDED. He’s actually a locked character, you need to do the other 4 pigeons first~

Azami is the only girl bird in this cock ring, and she SLAYS. Meet the mightiest sparrow you’ll ever get to know. She has two endings, in one of them you get jilted, the other you become the ultimate badasses together.

I’m not spoiling or talking about BBL end because it’s the true route, let me just say it is super worth it and that it made cry, snot everywhere, develop a headache from said crying, and that it turned into Zero Escape/Danganronpa-like, breaking my heart multiple times T_T

I have one big complain to talk about the system of this game, the skip function is absolute shit and skips EVERYTHING, no matter if you’ve seen it or not, which is just WTF, WHEN YOU’RE TRYING TO DO THE BBL ENDINGS WHICH HAVE NEW THINGS BETWEEN STUFF YOU’VE ALREADY SEEN AND AAAARGH.

/breathes deeply

It also has no backlog, so once you bypass it, you have to load it or say bye to that shit SMHGH. Give me options to skip what I’ve seen, or to skip it all FFS! Ugh /throws a huge jar of salt at everyone. I’m sorry but when even Ren’py, a free VN maker, has these features…smh /sighs deeply

In the end, even with issues, this game is super worth it, and you’ll be a changed person after playing it. You’ll never look at birds the same, that’s for sure!

Have you heard about Hatoful Boyfriend before? What was the first thing you thought when you were about bird dating? Did you get interested in playing it after reading this post or have you already played?  If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!


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  1. hehe yeah…
    my SO is always like smh when I played it. and talked about it. it has been months since but hell, today I had some DMMd thing up and at the time, Koujaku’s sparrow was the only thing on screen. He goes, D: “that’s not some Hatoful Boyfriend thing is it?” lol. he doesn’t care tho, the game just didn’t click for him.

    but I love it because it looks so dated and cheap with the free stock backgrounds. like yeah, seriously Moa did the first version probably on a whim and it just became a huge thing. they have/had a pet pigeon too (I think Okasan is him.) It gets me cuz it ends up being like a cast of actual serious characters and then… birds.


    xD I went for what’s his face, Sakuya’s half brother secret agent guy, first. I’m a sucker for friendly confident dudes I guess. and megane in his human ver.
    But wanted the blonde teacher …pheasant? next.
    I dunno. I remember the long-ass out of the blue true path pretty well. like WOW that knocked me off my butt, I had no idea what I was getting into (didn’t have any prior knowledge of the game really.) And it was getting late, and I ended up playing it in the dark. Extra creepy !!

    I am also a sucker for mad lab coat dudes so I adore Shuu’s fanart lol. his character was intense. I can see why he is popular.

    I haven’t played some of the extra Hatoful stuff tho, nor did I know Anghel had a route. not sure if I care enough to dive into it again haha. but Hatoful sure is special.

    Back when some new Touken Ranbu tumblrs popped up, I saw a pic of a bird that looked like a character. So I started editing them to look like those pink splash pages when the birds show up in Hatoful listing their name and CV. xD it became Hatoful Ranbu lololol. Hatoful sure got widespread cuz the TR fans were all over that garbage lol.


    1. Aww, make your SO play hatoful by force ohohohoho *evil snicker*
      Yeah Okasan is Moa’s bird and his sprite is his photograph hehe
      I do wonder how Moa came up with the idea, it’s just so…random but deep at the same time xD

      Oh you did Yuuya first, interesting cause that one gets more into the undercover & agents plot that we later see more fleshed out in the true route.
      Kazuaki was such a random route, but then it all makes sense why he is a route in the True route… *sobs*
      I followed a guide but I didn’t know what to expect or what i was getting into, completely in the dark and did the True route kick me in the nuts too :’D
      Man, Shuu is… such a crazy evil dude, I was so horrifying by both his endings. But I’ll admit he’s sexy… ohohoho.
      But you need to do all the endings to get the true route unlocked, and that includes Anghel and Azami :0
      Anghel was funny tbh, and so weird, but then the True route explained everything about why his route was so crazy!
      I wanna play Holiday Star, since I’m so curious what the sequel is about.
      Oooh, you’ve done edits?! Hatoful Ranbu, priceless! xDD
      I don’t think anyone could predict how famous and widespread Hatoful became, even people that don’t play visual novels know about it x)))


      1. I guess I was so bewildered by Anghel’s route that I forgot I played it? I only remember his part in the true route lol it’s been too long.

        oh dude I found the edits. i spent way too much time on something so ridiculous. It started with a photo that said “I found bird-Ishikirimaru”. He’s my no 1 Tourabu husbando so I went nuts lol. album here


        1. I completely understand forgetting everything, I was WTF the whole time through Anghel’s route too wahahaha xD
          If it’s been too long, this means it’s time to replay! 😛
          O M F G
          I love all of them, I’m giggling to myself and smirking, my family will think I’m crazy thanks to you! XD
          Good job, you’ve done the world some good! 😛

          Liked by 1 person

          1. lol your reaction makes it worth it. thanks xD
            oh yeah, the reason they have captions is cuz they were for a confession blog. so I used the font they had on their submissions. Users confessed to the holy sword Ishikirimaru (how could I resist? lol) and with that theme in mind, I ended up with the title “Hatoful Ranbu priest” . most unexpected nickname ever.

            And you are so right, I should replay Hatoful B soon!
            ….when my SO isn’t home. (nah, I can endure all his smh-nonsense)


            1. Hehehe, I’m glad my reaction amused you XP
              Ohlala, for a confession blog. I’m dying that they confessed that. Weird how the darnest things make the best things happen bwahahaha.
              Wait, wait, MAKE your SO watch while you play, force it on them, WIN-WIN 😀

              Liked by 1 person

  2. I heard a really cool person wrote that GameFAQs one… 😉

    Hatoful Boyfriend is like the greatest strange game in the world. If only a fully voiced version would grace us with its presence.

    I still need to play Holiday Star though.


    1. Was it you?! :0 💦💦 I’ll fix it then 💖💖💖👌
      Hear, hear! Greatest strange game for sure 💖💖💖
      A fully voiced version would have killed me 10 times more tbh 😭💔
      Me too, I haven’t played it yet, I’m nursing my brokoro still 😿😿😿

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It was funny timing because I JUST found the flash drive I put the original file on… and then I put it somewhere and can’t remember where. *facepalm* I need to find it again for Hakuoki Vita…


        1. Really, you lost it again?! 😹😹😹😹 smh at you krys, but hey I’m sure it’ll appear in a year or so 😹👌
          Ooh! You’ll do one for Hakuoki on Vita too?! Yay 🙌🙌🙌

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I’ll find it! …eventually. Hey, I got a month and half to find it again!
            Yep, hopefully so. From looking at the Japanese guides, it doesn’t seem like a whole lot has changed for the original guys. So why not since I have half of it done already.


            1. Good luck with finding it, and doing the new guide. The new characters & added routes are really where the new content is at for the guides~

              Liked by 1 person

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