50,000 Words Milestone Achieved on the Blog in 2016!!


I spent the whole year without keeping track of my writing, 90% because I had no laptop until a few months ago. I’ve never tracked my writing until around 3 years ago when I started investing more time writing fiction, because I wanted to an author/writer, and started reading stuff online. One of the things was to keep to track of your daily word count, but then my writing fiction thing got sidestepped for my other goals.

So just recently I remembered I did have a file with all my stories documentation, dates of when I started and finished them & also their total word count, and thought it’d be cool to keep track of my blog too. Mostly because this is where I’ve been writing the most.

I’ve never expected to write so much, let’s be honest xD, and so I decided to look back to 2016, and this is only counting 2016 and not 2014 posts nor Monthly Update posts, and see how that year went. Wow, am I surprised that I’ve actually written so much that it basically measures up to being a novel length thing, like WTF I’ve never been able to write 50k on a fiction story!

I’ve actually written more than 50k, because a bunch of the posts are being posted NOW/this year, and a bunch of others are in drafts, but I decided to only count published things.

I’m a bit blown-away atm tbh, cause like I’ve said, I’ve never been able to break 50k on my own fiction, most I’ve reached was 27k, which is a novella length hah.

I guess this means I do have words, and capability to write a lot as long as I don’t try to do it all in a day/week/month. Cause let me tell you, I’m a short burst person, I’ll go months without writing, which is why I’m so stoked I’ve actually written this much, like how?!

I fully expect that 2017, aka this year, won’t have as much output because I’ve been very under the weather/depressed, and also decided to try to lighten up my load by posting less while I try to deal with it. I’ve been in a very read-y mood, so I’ve been reading fiction novels, comics, and non-fiction/how to about writing lately. Might as well absorb something positive or worthwhile while I’m down in the trenches, right?

This feels so surreal, but I’ll also remind myself that it’s easier to reach those kind of numbers writing non-fiction, and especially when it’s various types of media and series, instead of just sticking to one or two things heh. Cause we all know there’s no way I’d be able to write 50k on a review pfft.


What about you? Have you reached or surpassed one of the goals or milestones you’ve never thought you could do, even if it was in a different genre/doing something different? Have you ever tried writing fiction? Tell me all!


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