Rooms: The Main Building is a Fun Puzzler While It Lasts


This is a deceptive game, I got it recced by Anna, a Skype friend, and I liked how it looked, plus it’s a puzzle game, which I quite like. So why is it deceptive? Because it’s highly addicting! I didn’t stop playing until I concluded all of it. Plus though it was a bit hard sometimes, it was never so hard I had to use a guide/walk to pass any of the levels. It also kept introducing new things, so it always felt fun and innovative to play. Though it has some 100 levels, they’re small enough to play a bunch in a row or play one on the go between breaks.

I was quite surprised by Rooms, so I felt I quite had to share my feelings about it.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t very well known (maybe it is, who knows?) which is a shame for a little puzzle game that was always engaging and fun. One of the things I dislike is when games drag on or raise the difficulty level just to make us burn time, and it never happened in this little game.

So if you want something to entertain you and grip you for a couple hours, this is definitely the game for you!

Have you heard about this game before? Have you played it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!

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  1. YES. This game was so good !!

    I actually had no idea it was originally on PC back when I saw the ads for it on Wii and DS. I picked the DS since the handheld is more convenient, and even though the screen was small, tapping it with the stylus to move and turn things was so very satisfying. x3

    I actually really dig Mr. X lol- his long coat is pretty cool. I totally agree about the difficulty. I really hit the sweet spot for me, it was challenging but didn’t get needlessly ridiculous. There are a lot of levels but they didn’t get bland, and there’s new mechanics and tools as you progress. They actually add to the experience and really made me scratch my head and think “ok… how many moves ahead can do this action? what kinds of new moves can I make thanks to my new tool?”

    I liked the little story elements that also added to the game, rather than convolute it. The simple music and sound effects were nice (and even helpful) since each tool makes a different sound. It is a puzzle game but I actually got kind of excited!

    I actually still need to go back and “perfectly” complete a few puzzles, and I think I had like… 5? left unfinished altogether. Not sure. I put it down and kind of forgot lol. If there was another Rooms game released I’d be all over it.

    This game is a rare gem. ❤


    1. Yay, someone that has played and enjoyed this game! 🙌

      I didn’t know either, I was just as surprised 😹

      Yeeees! Exactly what I felt, the levels were always fun yet challenging, and never got boring so I really enjoyed it. It’s why I ended up finishing it in 1 day 😹👌

      I actually wish there had been more story elements, it would’ve made the game even better (if the story added was good) since the gameplay itself was super solid and engaging~

      I believe I finished all of them, haha. I think they a Rooms 2 but wasn’t brought over here or it was on another console, I’m not sure. I’d have to check because my mind might be tricking me 💦 But yes, I’d love to play a sequel 🙏🙏

      It’s rare to find games that are a simple joy to play like this one for sure 👏


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