YowaPeda Grande Road Finishes Off Inter-High


Read my review of the first season here.

If you watched season 1, and you better have cause uh… you know this is season 2 which means spoilers for the first one… Either way, you’ll remember that the first season didn’t finish off its arc even though it was 38 episodes haha… Grande Road comes to finish off inter-high arc with 24 episodes.

Sohoku is gunning to defeat Hakone but did we really think it would be that easy or only them? Heck no, there’s twists of course! 😉

Midousuji grows as a person and character. I’ll still say he’s one of the best characters in this show, I dislike and like him in equal parts, he’s truly a morally grey character with a sad past that just makes me weak. Onoda budding friendship with him is so cute, I hope they’ll be good friends in the future.

It’s also great to see they keep fleshing out already set characters like Imaizumi, and exploring Manami as Onoda’s rival but also friend. It’s interesting to see it mirrors Makishima’s rivalry and friendship with Toudou.

The new team set out to defeat both Sohoku and Hakone is Kureminami, which is playing dirty. I’d say even dirtier than Midousuji, they’re despicable. Their so called charisma convinces everyone, even other teams, to form a pack to catch up to Sohoku and Hakone. Members of Hakone and Sohoku get swallowed up by the pack and end up making a pack because it’s impossible to escape the pack alone.

They end up duking it out with 3 bikers of Kureminami, which were just using the pack in order to catch up and not get tired since they were in the middle and could save energy. Not going to tell you the results of it, but it was a fiery battle 😉

Inter-High is savage, and waits for no one, it’s tiring, so the more time it takes and the more members have to pull, the more tired they’ll become. Members start dropping off from the race after doing everything they could during their parts, which made me real sad but also proud of their teamwork :((

It broke my heart seeing them give 101% of their capacities, to the point of not being able to move their legs or able to see anymore from too much effort and oxygen loss, biking holds no prisoners and bikers must sacrifice everything for the lead.

This season was even more intense than the first, from start to finish it didn’t let go, I sweated throughout it all and teared up in many occasions because of their pasts and sacrifices :((

Inter-High finishes with everyone crying and it’s a bittersweet ending because victory or loss, they all had to sacrifice and couldn’t cross the finish line together. In the end, only one member of each team could cross it instead of all together, and it’s just sad 😦


Did you like this season more than the first like me? Have you seen the third and fourth season? I’m still catching up with the 3rd one, so no spoilers for that one! 😉 What are your thoughts on this series? Tell me all!

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