5 Remakes I’m Dreaming Of

After the success of Devilman, FMA and Evangelion remakes, and older series getting sequels announced like CCS, I started thinking about series I’d love to see a remake of because it either didn’t have popularity back then, or the budget was pretty terrible and these shows deserve better.

So which shows would I love to see returning with a fresh new paint job and glorious animation? Let’s strap in for this journey.


Everybody has a dream, and for Shou Kazamatsuri, that dream is simple: he wants to be the best soccer player he can possibly be. He’s the spirited leader of the Josui Junior High team and everyone looks up to him. In turn, he tries to keep the team together at any cost!


From MAL

As you might know, or not, from my review of the manga here and my screaming at the news of a sequel here, I love Whistle. The manga, not the anime. The anime didn’t cover the whole series, which is a shame because the last arc made me sob into my pillow the whole night until I fell asleep. Not only that, the animation didn’t have the intensity of the manga, and the colors are dull.

Sports shows are one genre that older series tend to have a lot of issues with pacing or repeated animation for half of the episodes. Current ones have gotten dynamic, vibrant and gone straight to the juice, which greatly helped them achieve more success.

Whistle deserves a chance in the spotlight, and a remaster would not fix its issues.

Boys Over Flowers

Makino Tsukushi, a girl who comes from a poor family, just wants to get through her two last years at Eitoku Gakuen quietly. But once she makes herself known by standing up for her friend to the F4, the four most popular, powerful, and rich boys at the school, she gets the red card: F4’s way of a “Declaration of War.” But when she doesn’t let herself be beaten by them and is starting to fall for one of the F4, Hanazawa Rui, she starts to see that there is more than meets the eye…

From MAL

I adored this manga, so I was livid when I saw the first episode. It’s tremendously low budget and there’s none of the darkness, this is one of the darkest shoujos at the start so to see it being stripped of it bothers me.

Hana Yori Dango was one of the defining shoujo Mangas of the 90’s, and few even today can take its crown. It’s a pity when live-action adaptions are more popular and relevant than the anime. It deserve better treatment.

Please Save My Earth

Mystic dreams of a previous life in the moon lead to the bonding of seven students in an attempt to uncover the secrets behind what they have forgotten. As various truths are sought and avoided, Alice must hurry remembering if she is to save the fragile Rin from self-destruction. For only after facing the grave errors of the past, can they all move forward and live fully in the present.

From MAL

That this amazing sci-fi shoujo, which I’ve spoken about it here, only got a few OVA’s that don’t even make sense without being familiar with the original material, and that kills me.

This amazing tale deserves to be fully adapted and explored, a true classic of the 90’s that still has done successfully what very few shoujos have even tried.

Angel Sanctuary

Setsuna Mudo is a college freshman, just trying to get by without running afoul of his bullying seniors. It doesn’t help that he’s in love with his sister, Sara, who only sees him once a month. But there’s more to his life than just keeping his head down.

Setsuna is ambushed by mysterious beings, angels, and demons, all professing to know his true destiny. The angels say he is the reincarnation of their leader Alexiel, while the demons claim he led them to war against God himself.

As Setsuna struggles with his identity in such strange times, the eternal conflict between Heaven and Hell threatens to reignite. Will he be prepared when it does?

From MAL

Another mind-blowing shoujo that only got 3 OVA’s that were nonsensical unless one had read the manga. AS went where very few mangas go, much less shoujos, not because of the fantasy element but because of its angels and demons themes. Have I said that it’s the bible’s angels and demons? Yeah, this manga did that.

It’s another great classic which didn’t get the treatment nor spotlight it deserves, which is a pity.

And now for the fifth, and last one, dundundundundundun

If you were thinking it’s Escaflowne……………………… it’s not 😹

I might make one of these for remaster, because there’s classics that really just need a fresh coat of paint and they’ll still be good, just like Escaflowne.

My last one is dundun~


One night, a man named Shuuichirou Kudou comes across a tiny angel trapped on a tree branch. He frees her, and in return, she offers to grant him a wish. However, Shuuichirou is a successful doctor, with a home and everything he needed; he declined the angel’s offer. The persistent angel, named Kohaku, refused to give up, stating that “some wishes cannot be fulfilled by oneself.” After settling in at Shuuichirou’s home, Kohaku reveals her mission to track down the Angel Master of Wind, Hisui, who has abandoned heaven. That is if her devil rival and his two catty servants would let her leave long enough to do so…

From MAL

I’d love to put Clover on this list, but the truth is Clamp haven’t finished it and never will. Wish only got 1 OVA, which is bizarre, it’s a sweet cute story and not only that, it’s finished. It’s also a good story without being too convoluted.

While I’d like to put here RG Veda, but it’s their first story and was convoluted. I’d love to put here the great Tokyo Babylon, but the truth is it’s unfinished since it went on to continue in X, which never got completed either. In the end, because of that, I went with Wish.

It was one of the first mangas to not be drawn by the main artist, Mokona (who is the artist for CCSakura, TsubasaRC, etc), but by Tsubaki Nekoi who later went on to draw XXXHolic and Legal Drug.

Looking at this list I realize I have a lot of pent up feelings about OVA only series, and especially so for classic shoujo 😹😹

I’d love to do more of these type of posts, maybe one for BL, or for manga I love to see being adapted.

What are the shows you’d love to see a remake of? Do you agree with any of my picks? Do you know any of these titles? If no, that’s exactly why they need to be done justice to 😉 Tell me everything!


  1. Helooo, Cat! Não sei se preferes que comente em português ou inglês, mas hoje vou com o último! I must say that, unfortunately, I don’t know any of these shows… however, 2 of them seemed really interesting! “Please Save My Heart” and “Boys Over Flowers”! From the descriptions, the MCs don’t seem like your typical shoujo girls. It has always been a pet peeve of mine, especially when it comes to Otome protagonists. They are always so… just THERE, I guess xD They are always rather underwhelming for me and just a bunch of pushovers. Bleh. I would LOVE to see more “top” articles from you, and especially about BL! I must say that, as far as that genre goes, and regarding anime, I have to mention… “Ai no Kusabi”…. Just thinking about it know makes me wanna cry all night long 😥 Such a brilliant story and although it was fully adapted into an OVA in the 90’s, there was to be a remake in the 2010’s, but after only a few episodes, it ended up being canceled… The art looked so beautiful, too… Really, Iason and Riki are just unforgettable characters, for me, as well as their story. Now THAT was beautiful (if heartbreaking) BL! Besides that, I think I would like to see more volumes of “Koisuru Boukun” adapted to OVA’s. I absolutely LOOOVE that manga series and it was the first BL I fell “in love” with! Já agora, pensei melhor e decidi realmente escrever artigos em português, mas continuar a fazê-lo noutro blog que tenho. Se tiveres interesse, cá fica o link: https://saltadores-de-fe.blogspot.pt/
    Lá não escrevo só sobre jogos, mas irei começar a focar-me mais nisso. Também tenho que fazer algum “catching up” em jogos Otome. Tenho tantos para jogar mas ultimamente só tenho cabeça para os BL xD Excelente artigo e continua! Espero ver mais do género! (^∇^)/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Podes comentar em português, não faz mal e aprecio seja em pt ou en 😄

      Tens de ler boys Over flowers e please save my earth, as mangas são excelentes.
      Ah sim protagonistas de Otome costumam ser um tanto… Inexistentes, por isso gosto quando têm personalidades. Daí gostar muito da Saki de Sweet Fuse.
      Ai no Kusabi ambas OVA’s foram boas mas não tiveram os episódios necessários para abordar a história dos livros.
      Um top de BL destes de remakes, ou mesmo outro, terei de pensar.

      Esse teu blog não está aberto ao público, diz que é só por convite.
      Neste momento não ando virada para jogar, eu sou de estados de humor. Ando mais virada para ler.
      Boa sorte com o catching up nos otome, tens muitos para jogar 😋

      Obrigada, se ficar inspirada faço mais 😄

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Obrigada pelo comentário e desculpa! Pensei que já tinha aberto o blog! Duuhh… Agora já está! xD
        Eu ainda não li o livro do “Ai no Kusabi”… Até tenho receio de ler… A emoção é demasiada xD Por acaso gostava que houvesse um manga dessa história…
        Ah, já não me lembrava do “Sweet Fuse”! Até gostei bastante e o jogo foi muito engraçado xD A protagonista de facto era muito fixe, comparada com a maior parte delas, e também o eram os outros personagens. Esse jogo foi o otome mais maluco que já joguei xD
        Ah, eu também sou de apetites xD Também gosto muito de ler, mas para jogar é que tenho quase sempre vontade xD
        Vou ver então se dou uma vista de olhos nesses shoujo de que falaste!
        Tudo de bom para ti! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hei de espreitar agora que está aberto 😄
          De facto não é só 1 livro são uns 8 ou algo do gênero, por serem ligth novels. Ainda não li mas quero muito ler porque tem muito mais história e explicação, que as OVA’s saltaram.
          Se houvesse manga não vendiam tanto os livros, as adaptações de animação e live-action é para servir como promoção ao original.

          Sweet Fuse é muito engraçado, gostava de ver mais protagonistas como a Saki. Acho lhe muita piada.

          Eu quando estou numa de ler, ou línguas, ou jogar, o resto vai tudo fora. Por isso hoje posso ser muito de ler livros, e daqui a por uns tempos não toco em livros durante 6 meses 😂
          Depois quero ver o que pensas, e igualmente para ti!

          Liked by 2 people

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