Sadistic Beauty has been Discontinued as has On a Leash


I’m sad to have to announce this 😦

The author was part of the artists doing a strike against Lezhin for mistreatment and withholding payments, I did a piece laying it all out here, so they put their series on hiatus. Imagine my surprise when I checked Sadistic Beauty page in Lezhin and saw a discontinuation announcement. You can see it for yourself here.

After snooping around, the author wants to continue the story but is legally tied to Lezhin through contracts. They’ll be waiting for the contract to expire before they can continue the comic.

Sadly, they have not been the only ones which this has happened. On a Leash creator did the same, and has said they’ll wait for the contract to end before continuing the comic. In what form or way we don’t know, hope they find a better platform.

It’s sad that the malpractice of Lezhin as always impacts their artists, including making comics hostage for 3 years. For 3 years they won’t be allowed to continue to work on the comics in other platforms, or independently. This is a shame, nobody should hold any rights except the artist.

I hope artists are able to be paid and stop being abused by this company that seems set on blocking them out as much as possible.


Were you aware that series are being discontinued of those making protests over how Lezhin is treating them? Did you know Sadistic Beauty had been discontinued? Are you sad about it? I sure am 😦 Tell me everything~



  1. Shame since so many great comics have been discontinued from Reversi, On a Leashed and Phantasmal…….lezhin is korea’s answer to corrupt corporations in america it seems……


    1. Really a lot and most of them over being blacklisted, money withheld, overworked, etc, they really don’t deserve that 😦

      I hope the artists are able to find new places and continue their stories πŸ™


    2. Hold Up! You were telling me that we had to wait until 2020 for the author to continue the story?! I can’t wait that long…actually I can because its next year but I need it now :((
      I REALLY LOVED IT and was enjoying every single bit of it. I hope the author and release some of the chapters once they are free but seriously, do we need to wait until 2020?


      1. Yes, we’ll have to wait until the contract runs out for the artist to start it up again on another website.

        I know, it sucks, but I’m so invested I’ll wait until it restarts.

        But short answer is, yes we do need to wait :’D


  2. The only reason I signed up in lezhin was because of Sadistic Beauty. I liked the story so much. And the characters are awesome and I love them all. I got addicted to this. I would wait 10 days just for the next episode. I can’t believe it ended! I was so sad. I hope that as soon as the contract ends the artist will finish it! Please bring back Sadistic Beauty even after 3 years I will be waiting …


    1. I understand what you mean, I was on the hedge of my seat waiting for new releases so I got bummed out :/

      Sadistic Beauty really stood out in a good way, for the characters, themes and subjects, so it’s terribly sad it’s going to get in hiatus hell. I do hope it will get its popularity back once the artist can continue it. Crossing fingers πŸ™πŸ™


  3. Reminds me a bit of the struggles artists went through with Tokyopop. A lot of these companies give creators a platform, which is great, but creators also have to be careful.

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    1. Oh yeah I remember that :/
      Creators definitely need to be careful, what is more surprising is that there are other platforms like naver, line and daum comics, though I know why they decided to go with Lezhin. Lezhin said there’d be no risk and money spent by the creators, thanks to the coins but then things went South 😫
      I hope they’re able to go to other platforms and recoup from this :/

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    1. Completely, it’s ridiculous and upsetting that they have this much power when the only reason they’re being paid is that they host these works. The hard work is all by the authors, and they’re sadly the ones exploited and taken advantage of 😫
      I truly hope these artists can leave and go to another host, or their own website/place, and can pick up where they left from πŸ˜”

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    1. It’s been terrible see this unfold, artists having to cancel works because Lezhin is ignoring them and refuses to fix their issues and continues blaming the authors is so bad :/
      I feel you, I’m not sure if more will get cancelled, but there’s high chances of it. I didn’t expect On a Leash to be cancelled too :/
      I hope the authors are able to change to a fairer platform, because it just doesn’t right supporting Lezhin when they’re doing the most to fuck artists over 😦

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