Ace Attorney Trilogy PT2 Finishes Off With a Bang


That’s right, if you think about it, Apollo Justice and the two Miles Investigations make a trilogy themselves. They’re also ones that haven’t been brought/remastered to 3ds, and seem to have fallen through the cracks. Heck, Miles 2 didn’t even get localized, though fans put the matter into their hands and completely fan translated it! Bravo, fans 👏👏👏👏

So I’m just going to use this to compile this, since I’m replaying all of them (though Miles 2 I hadn’t played yet!)

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (which takes place chronologically seven years after Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations) is the first game in the series that does not feature Phoenix Wright as the main protagonist, though it isn’t the first time a different attorney has been playable. The game takes place in what seems to be a mock of Los Angeles.

New gameplay elements

The bracelet on Apollo’s left arm can be used to “zoom in on witnesses to gather information about them”, and is called the Perceive System. It is used primarily in court to look for motions or actions made by witnesses that show nervousness, like playing with one’s fingers. The move even comes with a new phrase, “Gotcha!”. The game also includes a “Crime Recreation Mode” that “allows players to reveal hidden clues by re-creating the scene of the crime.


Apollo Justice again is 90% about Nick, his past, and how important he is cannot be said. I know it might not look like it, we do get to meet in depth about Apollo, Trucy, Klavier, and Ema, who returns as an adult! That’s right, there’s been a time gap, 7 years to be exact. The first two cases feature Nick extensively, the third is connected to Apollo and Trucy. The fourth, and last, is again heavily featuring Nick. It is the conclusion, it is the answer to why is Phoenix Wright no longer an attorney? Also, how Nick became a Daddy. The best thing is how these seemingly unconnected cases become connected by finally unleashing/knowing the truth 😿

One thing I’m saddened about is that they didn’t redo the older sprites and they really clash with the new ones, mostly because of the very different coloring styles! :’D The judge and past Phoenix really needed at least some new coloring to not stand out so much ORZ

You can find the post I originally about Apollo Justice here.


Gyakuten Kenji is a spinoff game starring prosecutor Miles Edgeworth and detective Dick Gumshoe. The investigation portions are presented using a third-person camera view. The game takes place before and after the events of Trials and Tribulations.


Miles Investigation brings a new system, and way of dealing with things. Theres the Investigation portion where we use the logic to connect clues, find contradictions and deduce what’s wrong to get to the truth. Then there’s the Rebuttal part, going through testimonies and showing contradictions. Also the nifty new Partner button to get help with hints. Of course, the system got changed to investigate the scenes by moving the character instead of point and click.

I really enjoy being able to control Edgey and investigate the scene instead of point-and-click, though I’m fine with both, I’m not too picky! After being away for a long time, I’ve grown fond of this game. I know my original post put it down quite a bit, and I still stand for what I said that this game didn’t known quite how to be a spinoff and retain things from the original while trying to be its own thing. The whole Rebuttal part is just like cross examining, but it makes no sense since Edgeworth is a prosecutor, prosecutors don’t cross-examine testimonies in any of the AA games. I also feel like I’d really have enjoyed if instead of trying to prove someone innocent (as in trying to save and protect them from being imprisoned) it’d have been fun-er to just be trying to prove someone of guilt.

I really like all the new characters they added, they were fun and refreshing. They also brought back older characters, and they FINALLY GAVE NEW SPRITES TO EVERYONE, JUSTICE IS SERVED 🙌🙌🙌

This game continues to Miles 2, that though it didn’t get localized fans have released a fan translation 🙌🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏👏👏

You can find the post I originally about Miles Investigation here.


The story mainly revolves around Edgeworth’s struggle to determine the meaning of his job in relation to finding the truth behind a collection of cases. This is exacerbated when he becomes a target of the so-called “Prosecutor Purge”, an inquisition conducted by the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee intended to weed out and replace prosecutors who are judged to be incompetent or acting inappropriately.

Judge Hakari Mikagami is mysteriously sent to cases that Edgeworth is investigating and attempts to replace him with a younger, less competent prosecutor named Yumihiko Ichiyanagi. Edgeworth himself risks his badge in order to continue his quest for the truth.

In the meantime, he faces a personal conflict when he meets Tateyuki Shigaraki, a defense attorney who used to be an assistant to Edgeworth’s father Gregory Edgeworth and has taken over the Edgeworth Law Offices after his death. Shigaraki offers the younger Edgeworth the chance to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a defense attorney.


I was shocked, surprised, and not prepared to discover there’s a new system in Miles 2, called Logic Chess. To start with there’s a timer, you have to gather clues, do lots of wait and see for them to talk, as time ticks by. Saying it’s bad for my anxiety is exactly what it is, I always get stressed about time limits tbh! 😹😹😹💦Logic Chess is like Nick’s Magatama, first you have to Checkmate someone to make them fess up/give testimony.

I was surprised to see a really old character pop up again, Frank Sahwit, didn’t expect to see someone from Case 1 of AA1, but I love seeing cameos and old characters back. This game is full of them! 👌 You’ll see the Berry Big Circus again, but also new characters that will twist the good old heart.

John was such a sweet kid, and Sebastian really grew on me, Simon was adorable, and then I loved how Uncle Ray really served as a guide for Edgeworth alongside Justine Courtney. I liked everyone in this game, aside the bad guys.


Either way, definitely play this one, IT’S 5000 TIMES BETTER THAN MILES 1, PLEASEEEE.


And with this I’ve finished the original games for the DS and can go forth to the 3DS games, yay! :DDDD


I hope you enjoyed both this and the First Part that I did to celebrate my one year anniversary of consecutive blogging and also of reaching so many milestones, like 50k words on the blog, and also reaching 200 posts! 😀


Have you played all of these? Did you know Miles 2 had a fan-translation? Do you have a favorite AA game? If so, which one? Tell me all!


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