Another Code – Two Memories Could’ve Been Better


Uncover clues to a family’s dark mystery in the first true adventure game on the Nintendo DS. Featuring a riveting plot and unique puzzles that must be solved using the touch screen and microphone, Another challenges you to navigate detailed environments bristling with gritty characters. Another brilliantly exploits the DS’s dual screens, displaying conversations on one screen and character actions on the other.

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Note: In Europe this game is known as Another Code, in America it’s titled Trace Memory

Made by Cing, the same team of Hotel Dusk and Last Window, this has been called and considered the little sister of Hotel Dusk. I say this is a much better game and experience than Hotel Dusk and should’ve learned from this game, considering this game came out in 2005.

Ashley and D are really endearing, and their stories matter and are touching, even if this game only clocks at 4 hours. Far better to be shorter than to drag, and in fact I’d say I would’ve enjoyed if this game had been longer in the story sections. The mystery could’ve been more involving, at least some were pretty obvious, but others hit the right spot, like D’s lost memories and past.

The puzzles are actually interesting and matter to the storyline, in fact some involve unlocking D’s memories, which is really important for the ending. Though it has some cases of “first have to find all the pieces before attempting the puzzles” problem, they’re never too obtuse and are quite straightforward and simple. Maybe some would call them dumb puzzles, but if you play this game it won’t be because of the riveting puzzles, instead it’ll be for the mystery and story and characters.

The art style is gorgeous in full blown colors and the 3D backgrounds actually look like they were made for DS era, and not PS1. I must say it was a breath of fresh air after playing a monotonous/noir game like Hotel Dusk. Plus the style really pops and stands out even more in color. Or maybe I’m just a color hoe XP

It still has some of the same issues of Hotel Dusk, like recapping chapters when they’re 30 minutes long, but it’s a much better experience.

All in all, this is the Cing game to play. It’s actually enjoyable to play through, the characters might not have the depth that a longer game could evolve, but they’re still great and the mysteries are still intriguing. The gorgeous art helps immensely in the game having charm and impact, and it’s a breeze to start and finish it.

And while it may be a breeze to play through it, there’s still a nifty New Game+ after finishing it for the first time, where there’ll be new DAS card’s to get, which have letters and informations, which add more depth and at least some more time to the clock.

The only thing I’m sad about is that the sequel is for the Wii, and never got ported to the DS nor 3DS, which is a shame because I would’ve loved to continue this adventure 😦


Have you head about this game? Have you played it? If yes, did you find it better than Hotel Dusk like me?  Tell me all!

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