Helpful Links for a Better EnStars Hell


We all have been one way or another in mobile hell, but when you’re in mobile hell that’s in Japanese, it’s a special kind of hell for sure. I was in EnStars hell (Ensemble Stars) for a while, because of an event having 3 Hajime Shino cards /sobs grossly in need

Diamonds are needed for spinning them event wheels and get nice cards, and you get them by either spending $$$££££€€€€, or by clearing missions for each production. I don’t spend money in mobile games, so missions it is.

Problem is, I get some Japanese, but enough or know how to achieve certain things like raising Luck or making Fever happen, so I had to google. While I was googling I thought, wait, if I need these links, someone else must need them too, right??

Knowing what the missions are asking you to achieve from EnStars tumblr: Tips for recognizing the Missions

How to control the Fever Gauge to achieve the Activate Fever Twice or more mission, from Ensemble Stars Weebly: Fever Control. They also one for Collecting Diamonds, Collecting Fragments, Collecting Points. They’re an excellent website, and very well organized, if you’ve just started the game but never played any other rhythm or producing game, then their whole website is great. A good starting point is their Getting Started page!

I then changed from Japanese to Taiwanese version because: Taiwanese has all the Chinese version exclusive cards, events, and minigames, gives a TON of diamonds and so my thirst for my Hajime angel won out :’D Sadly there’s no official hub for it, that I’ve found, so if anyone knows, share please!

Do you know any others that are helpful? Shoot them at me, I need them and I’ll add them to this list, and put acknowledgement that it was you that shared <333

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