Act! Addict! Actors! aka A3! is Getting Localized~!


I saw the news through Siliconera, here, and then saw that TwoHappyCats also did a post about it, here, so make sure to check them out as they’ll provide more in-depth information than me~

Liber announcing a localization isn’t something I expected at all, truthfully. In fact, I’d lost all interest in the game since it has such a heavy focus on the storylines and the relationships between the boys and the Manager, which is hard for those of us that know only some rudimentary Japanese.

While I might have lost interest in the game since a long while back, this is still really exciting news and might be the reason I take up the game again. I did a blog post about the game a year ago which you can read it here.

The game is similar to Ensemble Stars, another game I also did a blog post about which you can read here. Basically, you make characters train as a team so they can level up and tackle missions. A3, as I said, was very hard for a non-fluent person to really get everything and enjoy it fully, which is what led me to drop it.

I hope Cybird does a good job with the translation, fingers crossed please for the love of all localizations let it be good TT

Have you heard about this game before? Are you excited for this localization? Who’s your favorite boy? Are you interested in the game now? Tell me everything~!

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